Cailley Hammel
Cailley joined the AQUA team in August 2012, and serves as the magazine's managing editor. She commonly writes about the hot tub industry, marketing and retailing. Follow her on Twitter @CailleyH or send her an email at
  • Tuesday, February, 09, 2016 A Sunny Disposition: Everything Under the Sun Expo Preview

    For Floridians, pools and spas are a way of life. Of the top states for inground pool ownership, Florida ranks second — making it a hotbed for pool and spa professionals, each of whom need to stay on the cutting edge to succeed. That's why each February, these professionals pack their bags and head to Orlando for the annual Everything Under the Show Expo, presented by the Florida Swimming Pool Association.

    So far, show organizers say it's going to be a big one.

    "The show is...

  • Thursday, February, 04, 2016 The School for Mermaids

    Move over, Ariel. The chance to be a mermaid is no longer a fairytale (make that "fairy tail") thanks to the Sirenas Mediterranean Academy, located in Tarragona, Spain.

    As the Washington Post reported last summer, the Sirenas Mediterranean Academy was founded in 2013 by Susana Seuma. A former salesperson, Seuma suffered a shattered leg from a car accident and needed a less physically demanding position. That's when she decided to turn to her lifelong dream — being a mermaid — and...

  • Monday, January, 18, 2016 Hiring for Summer: How to Write a Better Job Listing

    When summer rolls around, many pool and spa retailers face the same conundrum: Finding seasonal help. You're looking for a few entry-level employees, high-school students or college kids home for break, who have that rare combination of work ethic, intelligence and professionalism.

    The problem? So is every other business in town.

    Yet competition is just part of the issue. Millennials are picky with their job opportunities; they're less interested in grunt work and instead...

  • Tuesday, January, 05, 2016 The 3 Keys to a Hot Tub Sale

    The door to your store swings open. The familiar chime from the door sensor rings through the air, instinctively pulling your eyes to the entryway. You see someone standing there, looking curiously at the hot tubs on your floor.

    This person could be your next hot tub sale. Are you prepared?

    When it comes to hot tub sales expertise, it's hard to beat Juliet Phelps. Co-owner of Ajax Pool and Spa in the competitive Aspen, Colo., market, Phelps has decades of spa sales under her...

  • Tuesday, November, 24, 2015 5 Ways to Make Your Water Testing Station Pop

    For the past several months, Gigi Carder has been on a mission.


  • Thursday, November, 19, 2015 The Award for Best New Product Goes To…

    pHin, a new tech-focused product for consumers and professionals in the pool and spa industry, won the coveted best new product prize at this year’s PSP Expo.

    As we chronicled in October, pHin is a smart sensor for pools and spas that floats in the water and sends measurements — including pH, ORP, free chlorine, total alkalinity, total hardness, cyanuric acid and...

  • Tuesday, November, 03, 2015 These Guys Heart Hot Tubs

    TV advertising for hot tub dealers can look similar. It's the spokesman standing in a showroom with a cheesy smile. It's the assortment of photos with splashy bursts: "Just $5,999!" "Financing available!" "On sale now!"

    Marq Schramm, marketing manager at Spa Inspectors in Houston, Texas, sees a problem with that approach.

    "That doesn't really stick in your head," he says. "We wanted to do something that was story based and just made hot tubs look fun."

    Schramm took...

  • Thursday, October, 29, 2015 Premier Pools Completes Abandoned Pool for Newlywed Couple

    While the majority of pool builders are honest and reputable, the unfortunate truth is that there are a few bad apples in the industry. Newlyweds Lauren Sotomayor and Elvin Sotomayor found out the hard way when they hired the now-defunct Bellar Pools to build their dream backyard pool. Partway through construction, Bellar went out of business, leaving the Sotomayors and other Houston-area homeowners with a hole in the backyard and a hole in their pocket.

    “It’s that betrayal of...

  • Tuesday, October, 06, 2015 The Smart Pool Solution?

    Internet disruption has turned the economy upside down. From taxi drivers to travel agents to ticket scalpers, nearly every profession has been transformed by the digital revolution. In fact, modern entrepreneurship mostly amounts to asking the question: How...

  • Thursday, October, 01, 2015 Hot Tub, Haute Look