Eric Herman
Eric Herman, former editor of WaterShapes, is senior editor at AQUA magazine.
  • Tuesday, April, 10, 2012 Managing Saltwater Pools Requires A Cocktail Approach
    photo of underwater view of a pool ledge with a ladder

    Once considered the perfect solution to pool and spa sanitizing challenges, saltwater chlorination systems have come under fire from some who express concerns about corrosion of metal components and damage to deck materials due to splash out. In this special feature, Senior Editor

  • Thursday, March, 29, 2012 The Finer Points Of Creating Bodies Of Water That Mimic Nature
    photo of a waterfall
    © Linda Oyama Bryan

    In next edition of AQUA Architecture, we're taking a walk into an area that doesn't draw much coverage in pool and spa magazines — the water garden. In this section you'll find "Natural Details," written by a good friend of mine, Tim Krezminski, founder of Laughing Waters, a Chicago-based firm...

  • Wednesday, March, 21, 2012 Selecting Soothing Settings For Portable Spas
    photo of patio area surrounding a hot tub
    photo courtesy Spas by Renee

    As homeowners demand more from their hot tub systems, manufacturers have responded with almost infinite combinations of jets, seating contours and other elements including lighting schemes and sound systems. For many homeowners, however, that level of luxury is just the beginning as they...

  • Friday, March, 09, 2012 The Experience Factor
    photo of lady with a hat lounging by a pool
    Flickr | Andrew Sorensen

    If you're like, me you've likely become fed up wondering when these economic doldrums are going to mercifully come to an end. Conjecture as to whether or not we're still in a recession, or entering into a double-dip, or on the way out has become so shopworn and tiresome it's hard to...

  • Wednesday, January, 25, 2012 The Water Proofing Conundrum

    Eric HermanI’d like to revisit a subject I dove into last summer in a blog titled “A Question of Compression,” which dealt the issue of compressive concrete standards for shotcrete and gunite installation. It’s a topic that seems to always draw strong opinions and one that remains at least in part unsettled for some, especially as it relates to the need...

  • Wednesday, December, 21, 2011 Powerful Reinventions
    photo of pool tile art
    photo courtesy Randy Beard | Pure Water Pools

    There's something wonderfully empowering within the concept of renewal. The idea that we always have an opportunity to improve the way we do things, that each day is a new beginning and that future is never lost so long as we believe we can make it better — such meditations always...

  • Friday, October, 21, 2011 Spa Enclosure A Key Component In Today's Better Backyards
    photo of gazebo

    The relationship between spas and the structures that surround them dates back to ancient societies. Today spa enclosures remain a key component in providing customers with comfort, privacy and at-home luxury. When coupled with gazebos and other non-aquatic shade structures, which also provide many of the same...

  • Monday, October, 17, 2011 Beating Pool Drain Entrapment With Proper Plumbing
    photo of swimming pool drain
    Photo courtesy of Flickr | Stephen Jones

    With the summer of 2011 and the great drain recall in the rear-view mirror, issues surrounding suction-entrapment accidents continue to challenge the pool and spa industry. Here senior editor and long-time industry observer Eric Herman raises some lingering questions and applies a

  • Friday, September, 30, 2011 New Designs
    photo of David Tisherman project
    Courtesy David Tisherman Visuals Inc.

    Welcome to the first installment of AQUA Architecture, a brand-new special section covering the cutting edge of aquatic design and construction – content we hope will inspire and educate those who create all forms of recreational, therapeutic and decorative bodies of...

  • Tuesday, September, 13, 2011 Chlorine Under The Gun

    photo of Eric HermanThroughout my more than two decades covering various aspects of the aquatics industries, the use of chlorine to sanitize pools and spas has consistently stood as one of the most controversial subjects, if not the most controversial. Even the most cursory of retrospectives reveals a convoluted history of academic studies, both pro and con, and a constant...