Eric Herman
A writer/editor with 32 years experience covering a wide range of business, technical, scientific and cultural topics, Eric joined the AQUA staff in August 2011 following 12 years as editor and co-founder of WaterShapes Magazine. He now serves as AQUA's senior editor. He can be reached at
  • Thursday, June, 11, 2015 Vinyl-Liner Pools: Looking More Like Gunite All the Time

    The evolution of liner pools from the cookie cutter to custom stands as one of the industry's true success stories. The rising tide of liner options has been driven by equal parts technical innovation from manufacturers and business chutzpah from forward-thinking builders. Here AQUA's senior editor discusses a segment of the pool construction market that many believe has changed more than any other.

    Of the three common types of pool structures – vinyl liner, fiberglass and...

  • Thursday, June, 04, 2015 In a Time of Dryness
    photo of an empty pool | David H.Seymour

    California's current four-year drought, the worst in 125 years of recorded precipitation, has created a dust storm of rhetoric and a whirlwind of both enacted and proposed restrictions. The governor has issued a statewide mandate for 25 percent reductions of residential and industrial water...

  • Wednesday, April, 29, 2015 Historic Restoration Tour: The Pool at Robinson Gardens

    Our final stop on this tour led us to the exquisitely beautiful Virginia Robinson Gardens, the very first estate built in the legendarily opulent enclave of Beverly Hills. Although also perched on a hilltop and only a few miles away from downtown L.A., it felt like we were in a completely different world.

  • Wednesday, April, 29, 2015 Historic Restoration Tour: Fort Moore Pioneer Memorial

  • Wednesday, April, 29, 2015 Historic Resoration Tour: "Hey Rookie" Pool

    photo of Gaffey Street Pool

    A month later I found myself again joining Bill for a round of visits to three historic sites in and around Los Angeles. As was the case for the Neptune Pool, all three have significant cultural value and are in need of renovation. And they are all coincidentally situated on hilltops with dazzling views of the surrounding areas.

  • Monday, March, 16, 2015 Historic Restorations

    Recently, I had the pleasure of joining Bill Rowley on site visits to four historic aquatic installations where his prowess as an engineer is being used to breathe new life into bodies of water badly in need of renovation work. It was an honor to watch one of the most revered and influential figures in the industry. Here is a brief report on the commencement of the work.

  • Tuesday, March, 10, 2015 Pool Covers as Art
    swimming pool cover thumbnail images

    The automatic pool cover offers exciting possibilities as a medium for art or personal expression. It has taken a while for the idea to emerge, but sooner or later, almost every practical invention becomes part of the designer's canvas.

  • Wednesday, February, 25, 2015 Principles and Methods

    photo of a pool waterfall

    In this month's edition of AQUA Architecture you'll find a terrific project profile by my good friends Sheri and Roger Soares, owners of HydroScapes, a custom design/build firm in Scottsdale, Ariz. Like just about all the stories we run in this section, there are some useful ideas that can be taken away and adapted to your own business.

  • Wednesday, January, 28, 2015 Natural Origins: The Pursuit of a Chemical-Free Pool

    "Natural swimming pools," or pools that replace chemical treatment with natural processes, have been around nearly 30 years. And while they are widely accepted in Europe and elsewhere, they remain obscure in the U.S. The man widely credited with inventing the Natural Pool, Austrian Peter...

  • Thursday, January, 22, 2015 Keeping Pace with Technology
    photo of an alternative pool sanitizer

    Back in late October of last year, AQUA Executive Editor Scott Webb asked me to research and write a story about UV sanitation systems in spas and hot tubs. That piece, which appears in this issue, is essentially a follow up to a feature I wrote for our July 2014 issue covering alternative sanitizers, specifically ozone, UV and...