Eric Herman
Eric Herman, former editor of WaterShapes, is senior editor at AQUA magazine.
  • Tuesday, June, 03, 2014 Builder Voice 2014: Debra Smith

    Debra SmithDebra Smith Co-owner and President/ General Manager Pulliam Pools | Fort Worth, Texas

    Texas’ venerable pool builder, Pulliam Pools, has been in business since 1916, making it perhaps the oldest pool construction firm on the planet. Co-owner and President/General Manager Debra Smith has been with the company since 1992 and takes

  • Thursday, May, 29, 2014 State of the Industry 2014: Builders, Building Momentum
    photo of pool construction
    Alfonsodetomas |

    In preparing last year’s edition of AQUA’s State of the Industry issue, the phrase “cautiously optimistic” was so common among builders it sounded like an industry-wide mantra. The reasons behind those qualified assessments were not obscure. In short, the prevailing...

  • Thursday, May, 29, 2014 Builder Voice 2014: Paul Porter

    Paul PorterPaul Porter CEO Premier Pools & Spas Sacramento, Calif.

    As CEO of Premier Pools & Spas, Paul Porter has led his company to a level of success that is by any measure unusual and extraordinary for a pool construction company — their 2013 sales passed a dizzying $120 million. Here he shares his thoughts on how others can also

  • Thursday, May, 22, 2014 Eric Herman Blog: Gold in the Wetlands

    It’s one of nature’s miracles that resides at the heart of balanced ecosystems on every continent except Antarctica. Known generally as the “wetlands effect,” it’s the process through which plants absorb nutrients from water and, among other things, it’s why natural wetlands associated with lakes, rivers and oceans are so critical environmental health. 

    Wetlands are loosely defined as areas where soil is saturated with water giving rise to...

  • Tuesday, April, 22, 2014 Eric Herman Blog: Infinite Character
    photo of glass of water splashing against a clear glass bottle
    Shutterstock | Alex Norkin

    “You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water, my

  • Thursday, April, 10, 2014 The Storied Board
    photo of a man and a boy at a diving board

    Like many Baby Boomers, especially those in the Sun Belt, AQUA Senior Editor Eric Herman was raised in the near-constant presence of swimming pools, almost all of which had a diving board. Here he takes a look back at the iconic nature of the diving board, issues that have led to a decline in their use in residential settings and why...

  • Monday, March, 24, 2014 Why You Need People in Your Pool Project Photos
    photo of kids jumping off of a diving board
    Photo courtesy of S.R. Smith.

    One of the themes I’ve repeatedly shared both in these blog posts and in print has...

  • Thursday, March, 20, 2014 Capturing the Scene
    photo of 1963 pool project

    In this edition of AQUA Architecture you’ll find an unusual piece, “Time Passages” by veteran mid-Michigan builder Dave Beattie. Last year, he received a wonderful set of photos from 1963 depicting the...

  • Tuesday, March, 18, 2014 Covered Concerns: The Inescapable Logic of Automatic Pool Covers
    photo of an automatic pool cover
    Courtesy Aquamatic Cover Systems

    Back in the salad days of my college education, one of the better classes I took was Logic 101. It was a terrific course that taught a level of mental discipline and thought structure that has served me quite well over the years. There’s a lot to be said for breaking down questions,...

  • Thursday, November, 14, 2013 Shining a Light on Energy Star
    digital photo of sun shining warm colors on a pool
    Yakobchuk |

    It’s been around for more than 20 years: The Energy Star program was first established in 1992 by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under the authority of the Clean Air Act. In those two decades, the program has certified products in more than 65 different...