• Conserve and Protect: A Close Look at the APSP-13 Standard

    by Barrett Kilmer February 2017

    Early in 2016, as Californians braced themselves for another hot and dry summer, the clouds opened up and rain poured on the state, temporarily easing the squeezed water districts who had threatened homeowners with backyard pools. Fall brought further relief, buoying hopes that a good rainy season could even bring the historic drought to an end, at least in the north.

    But for Dan Johnson, a builder and consultant in Sarasota, on Florida's water-wealthy Gulf Coast, the rain did...

  • Tracking the Elusive Business Loan

    by Phillip M. Perry January 2017

    Thanks to a strong real estate market and rising interest rates, banks are more eager to lend than at any time in recent memory. Business borrowers, though, must lay the groundwork for a successful loan application by improving cash flows and initiating communications with bankers long before money is needed. Smaller banks can help fill the gap when larger ones refuse...

  • Taylor Technologies Partners with Blake Sales Associates

    by AQUA Editors January 2017

    Taylor Technologies, an industry leader in the development and manufacturing of water test kits, reagents and test strips, is teaming up with Blake Sales Associates, Inc. Located in Vista, Calif., Blake Sales Associates will be serving as Taylor’s sales representative to resellers in the Western region of the United States. Until now, Taylor staff handled distributor and retail sales in the West internally. However, the...

  • Sauna Troops Win The Battle To Stay Warm

    by AQUA Editors January 2017

    An army cannot go to war without rifles and ammunition, tanks and artillery. If it's the Estonian army, it will need its saunas, too.

    On the Baltic country's list of essential equipment for martial operations, the sauna is found amazingly close to the top. That's because Estonian soldiers...

  • Amplifying the Backyard with Audio/Visual Design

    by Mike Nantz January 2017

    In some ways, working with outdoor audio/visual systems might be equated to providing outdoor kitchens or dining areas. AV systems add experience and value to the outdoor setting and offer opportunities for pool designers and builders to expand the scope of what they offer.

    The Winning Ways of Atlantic City's Pool & Spa Show

    by AQUA Editors January 2017

    I first came to the Atlantic City Pool & Spa Show (now known as simply "The Pool & Spa Show") back in 1991. Candidly speaking, the notion of a show focused on outdoor fun staged in the dead of winter struck me as somewhat ironic.

    Yet it’s an event that has also always made perfect sense in its own distinct way. The seasonal nature of the Northeast market means that industry members aren’t busy building, servicing and selling products for pools and spas. And Atlantic City is...

  • 6 Pool Shapes That Complement Their Surroundings

    by Josh Atkinson, Houzz January 2017

    To be successful amid the outdoor living boom, it's critical for retailers and builders to stay abreast of rapidly changing consumer tastes in backyard products. To help keep your product lines up to date, AQUA has partnered with design megasite Houzz to bring you more content about outdoor living, from pools and spas to outdoor kitchens and patio furniture. Here, a Houzz expert shares just a few examples of pool designs that harmonize with the existing home.


  • Clean, Balanced, and Ready: Pool and Spa Chemical Roundup

    by AQUA Editors January 2017

    Once water is properly tested, a prescription of chemicals is needed to leave it ready for use. Here, we take a look at pool and spa chemicals from manufacturers throughout the industry as you look to top up your chemical inventory.

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    4 Keys To A Solid Heater Choice

    by Jeff Holmquist January 2017

    Pool heating is widely considered a luxury in the residential pool market. Sure, a pool heater isn't needed for the swimming pool to be clean and functional, but when you think about why people have swimming pools, it's not because they are a necessity. It's because they add to a pool owner's quality of life. As pool professionals, we're tasked with ensuring that our customers' quality of life is always improved through the perfect pool experience, and to do that, pool heating cannot be...

  • A Red, Red Wine Spa – And More!

    by AQUA Editors January 2017

    Cleopatra was known to have bathed in wine, an indulgence one might expect of one of history's most decadent figures. These days, modern bathers have the same opportunity at Japan's Yunessun Spa Resort where owners have decided...