Kathryn Howard
Kathryn (called KT) is getting her feet wet in the pool and spa industry as the newest editor for AQUA. She joined in 2017 after spending a year in New Zealand where she acquainted herself with Kiwi cinema and Kiwi aviation history. A livelong lover of travel and books, she has a library card in four different cities. When she is not reading, writing or traveling, she is probably stuck and requires help. She can be reached at kathryn@aquamagazine.com.
  • Thursday, May, 25, 2017 How to Apply Color Theory to Landscape Design

    Good pool design fits in with the landscape. Great pool design, however, does more than that: It expresses emotion, it lures you in, it coalesces with the home’s design, it creates a mood.

    How can a pool designer achieve such depth? One answer is color theory, which both sets a tone for the backyard and imparts a subconscious emotional impact.

    “It’s not just about the aesthetic,” says Feras Ikirat, creative director for Lunada Bay Tile in Harbor City, Calif. “Understanding...

  • Thursday, May, 11, 2017 Hot Tub Products Launches E-Commerce Service

    Hot tub consumers don’t just shop online for low prices, they shop online because it’s convenient. But managing an e-commerce website is hard, especially for specialty retailers who may not have the resources to build such a website, let alone maintain inventory and fulfill orders.

    Enter E-Commerce Licensing, a new company designed to help hot tub retailers easily set up and maintain an e-commerce presence, which in...

  • Thursday, May, 11, 2017 Transparent Pools: Over the Edge of Pool Design

    If you have been anywhere around the internet in April, you’ve probably seen this video of a glass bottom pool in Texas.

    The sky pool, featured in the video, is located at the Market Square Tower in Houston, Texas, and features 8 1/2 inches of monolithic cast acrylic. It was designed and built by Hammerhead International, a company that specializes in building aquatic...

  • Tuesday, May, 09, 2017 The Chillbo Baggins: For Epic Adventures on Land and Sea

    Why defeat dragons when you can chill with them? Pool and spa retailers now have a new, inflatable outdoor furniture option that enables their customers to enjoy the outdoors both in or out of the water: the Chillbo Baggins.

    "Our mission is to inspire more people to get outside and connect with the world!" the company says on its website. "We wanted to create a product that complements and enhances all the awesome places that you might find yourself."


  • Tuesday, May, 02, 2017 Up In Your Grill: The Basics of Selling Grills

    From neighborhood tailgates to elaborate backyard installations, grills are everywhere you look. In fact, according to a story from the L.A. Times, three out of four U.S. adults own a grill or smoker. Given that impressive statistic, it’s no surprise pool and spa retailers are increasingly adding grills to showrooms, eager to tap into a thriving market.

    However, retailers who wish to venture into grills are faced with an abundance of options, with gas, charcoal and wood pellet...

  • Thursday, April, 20, 2017 Spring (Pool) Cleaning: Your Pool Opening Checklist

    Spring has sprung, and the busy opening season is beginning in northern climes. For service pros perhaps returning to active service after the off-season, we provide this brief pool opening checklist, courtesy of Kris Schmitt, department manager for the design/build department at Neave Pools, Westchester, N.Y.

    Everyone needs a checklist to make sure nothing is overlooked — even NASA engineers use checklists before a launch. With that in mind, here's a recap of what you need to keep...

  • Wednesday, April, 05, 2017 Sweating It Out On A Lake

    There are few things in life that are not improved by sailing. Eating, drinking, sleeping, reading, fishing, playing chess and thinking are just a few of the millions of activities that are enhanced simply by sitting onboard some type of watercraft. You can now add "taking a sauna" to the list, as...