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PQN Audio
P.O. Box 6351
Ventura, CA 93006

Phone: (805) 794-6475
Fax: (805) 653-1022

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PQN Audio understands that there are few things that bring more enjoyment to the spa experience than the sound of music.

Because not all audio speakers and transducers are created equal, the PQN goal is its innovative in-spa speakers and waterproof transducers designed specifically for the spa environment. Special Performance Audio (SPA) products combine performance, quality and innovation. New for 2016 is the Spa34. The Spa34 is the larger 3.5” 50W waterproof wall-fitting audio speaker with a threaded body and bulkhead nut for single hole installation and 360° seal.  The Spa34 is available with an internal LED show. 
From Classic Rock to Classical to Country, listen to quality audio products from PQN Audio. The vision is pure - innovative audio products. The goal is simple - to provide quality & value. PQN is the new OEM source for speakers and transducers. PQN offers full OEM support.

Categories listed in:

  • Spa25
    The Spa25 is our patented 2.5” compact audio speaker delivering outstanding sound while providing chemical and UV resistance. Includes an integrated audio driven accent Blue LED.
  • Spa24 w/LED
    True spa audio innovation with its wall-fitting design for installation as other common spa components. Includes an integrated audio driven accent LED show. Also available w/o LED show.
  • Spa22
    Special Performance Audio Spa22 delivers true 2-Way crisp clear performance. Ideal for new product designs where quality & size are essential.
  • Spa24TR
    The Industry’s 1st LED Accent In-Spa Speaker, the SPA24TR allows integration w/ the most popular LED systems. The Spa24TR accepts up to 4 LED bullet lights. No additional trim ring needed.
  • SpaTFX
    SpaTFX Audio Transducers transform spas, baths, tanks & saunas w/ superb audio performance. Hi-temp Waterproof construction. Rated 50W.
  • SpaT
    SpaT Waterproof Audio Transducers are designed for all spa, bath & flotation installs. Hi-Temp construction for full range audio projection. Rated 30W.