Kathryn Howard
Kathryn (called KT) is getting her feet wet in the pool and spa industry as the newest editor for AQUA. She joined in 2017 after spending a year in New Zealand where she acquainted herself with Kiwi cinema and Kiwi aviation history. A livelong lover of travel and books, she has a library card in four different cities. When she is not reading, writing or traveling, she is probably stuck and requires help. She can be reached at kathryn@aquamagazine.com.
  • Thursday, August, 17, 2017 How to be Successful in Retail (According to A Retailer)

    Pittsburgh’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies is an award for privately-owned companies that have seen the most financial growth in the Pittsburgh, Pa., area. To enter, nominated companies have to submit three years’ worth of financial information that is then audited by a third party. The final list includes law firms, pharmaceutical companies, education companies and other large, multimillion-dollar enterprises.

    Also on that list? Valley Pool & Spa, a firm with five locations in...

  • Thursday, August, 10, 2017 Life is Sweet in a Pool of Sprinkles

    Children love to share their...

  • Tuesday, August, 01, 2017 Beer Spas Around the World

    People soak in a pool or spa to relax. People also like to have a drink or two for the same reason. So it's natural, then, that these two worlds would collide with...

  • Thursday, July, 27, 2017 Shop Talk: What's the Best Advice You've Ever Received?

    Shop Talk is a feature in AQUA in which we ask a question to a few pros from all corners of the industry. Have a question you’d like to see your industry colleagues address? Pitch us at editors@aquamagazine.com.

    Today's question: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

    FSPA Creates Technical College Course to Attract New Industry Pros

    To help draw more job candidates to the pool and spa industry, the Florida Swimming Pool Association is developing a 600-hour course that will be offered at Manatee Technical College (Bradenton, Fla.).

    Plans for the course began when Mary Anderson, education program manager for FSPA, met with MTC’s president at a conference.

    “We started talking and came to the realization that there has not been a program specific for the swimming pool industry,” she says. “We could create...

  • Wednesday, June, 21, 2017 Pool Builder Creates Industry Apprenticeship Program

    Of the challenges today’s pool and spa professionals face, the biggest may be hiring (and keeping) qualified employees. Tim Coleman, managing partner of Augusta Aquatics (Fishersville, Va.), knows firsthand. After years of trying online job listings, he decided to take a stand and try solving the problem himself.

    “Online resources like Indeed, Craigslist, Monster and Facebook posts have produced lackluster results over the past few years,” Coleman says. “My high school motto was,...

  • Thursday, June, 01, 2017 Should Pool Pros Worry About Drought in Florida?

    While California’s historic five-year-long drought has finally lifted,...

  • Tuesday, May, 30, 2017 Michael Phelps Joins the Pool Safety Movement

    Michael Phelps may have retired from swimming professionally, but that doesn’t mean he’s leaving the pool life behind. Phelps is now the new face of pool safety thanks to a partnership with Pool Safely, a campaign created by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to educate the public about child drownings and entrapments in pools and...

  • Thursday, May, 25, 2017 How to Apply Color Theory to Landscape Design

    Good pool design fits in with the landscape. Great pool design, however, does more than that: It expresses emotion, it lures you in, it coalesces with the home’s design, it creates a mood.

    How can a pool designer achieve such depth? One answer is color theory, which both sets a tone for the backyard and imparts a subconscious emotional impact.

    “It’s not just about the aesthetic,” says Feras Irikat, creative director for Lunada Bay Tile in Harbor City, Calif. “Understanding...

  • Thursday, May, 11, 2017 Hot Tub Products Launches E-Commerce Service

    Hot tub consumers don’t just shop online for low prices, they shop online because it’s convenient. But managing an e-commerce website is hard, especially for specialty retailers who may not have the resources to build such a website, let alone maintain inventory and fulfill orders.

    Enter E-Commerce Licensing, a new company designed to help hot tub retailers easily set up and maintain an e-commerce presence, which in...