• From Barrel To Tub

    by Scott Webb September 2006

    The magic happens at the waterline. Above it are the spent efforts of an average working day. But as the body descends, slides down, and crosses the waterline, the petty injuries and small claims of life dissolve.

    As if by corrective lenses, we can now see more clearly the faces around us, where we are, what is real.

    We didn't invent that. But as a group,...

  • Tiny Bubbles

    by Scott Webb May 2006

    In the beginning, there was warm water, rushing over the outstretched legs and arms and across the muscles of the back. And that was good.

    But spa makers soon discovered that air could be mixed into the stream of water to create an even more scintillating experience. Spa users quickly acquired a taste for the sensation of bubbles against the skin. It's been in the...

  • Swimming Is Just The Beginning

    by Karen Erstad February 2006

    Once most people learn about everything a swim spa has to offer, they want one. That's unless they already have a pool and spa in their backyard. For those who don't, especially the millions of aging Baby Boomers, a swim spa could be the perfect fit. They can easily be used year-round, they take up much less space, and are more efficient to heat and operate than a...

  • Think Big

    by Elissa Sard Pollock January 2006

    What's bigger than Texas. How about the Canadian Rockies. In Texas. That defines big. In the imagination of one Dallas penthouse owner, they came together in a, well, big way. The main body of water is only 20 feet long, but it's part of a 10,000-square-foot entertainment area on the 18th floor of a Dallas high-rise.

    Craig Cameron of Natural Water Environments...

  • One Happy Family

    by Becky Strauss January 2006

    So many variables go into building a successful portable spa business. Your store looks great. Your spas are displayed in a manner both efficient and aesthetic, and when customers walk in your door, they feel instantly as though they want one of your beautiful tubs, right. And then, the biggest variable of all walks on the scene, the face of your product: your sales staff....

  • Concrete Or Acrylic?

    by Barrett Kilmer January 2006

    Looking through the pages of AQUA could give the impression that big backyards with high-end pools always come with custom spas, and standalone spas on patios or decks are always of the portable variety. But obviously that's not true in all cases. Sometimes the half-million-dollar pool customer wants the hydrotherapy experience that only a portable spa can provide,...

  • Beautiful Or Bust

    by Karen Erstad November 2005

    Everybody has a favorite place to shop. Maybe your favorite store has a product you really like — that special fishing lure you can't find anywhere else. Or maybe your favorite store has particularly friendly and knowledgeable salespeople. For many shoppers, their favorite store not only has products they want and helpful salespeople, it also looks fabulous....

  • A Spa Is Not A Tiny Swimming Pool

    by Scott Webb September 2005

    Water is water — two small atoms of hydrogen clinging to a single large oxygen atom. The formula is the same for both pool water and spa water. But when it comes to the chemistry and care of pool and spa water, you might as well be comparing apples and . . . pears.

    The two are related, of course. Both become contaminated during normal use. Both typically use...

  • Under Wraps

    by Scott Webb August 2005

    A new spa cover arrives at the customer's home in pristine condition, just like the spa it will secure and insulate. But you can bet it will be replaced, perhaps several times over, before the spa finally gives out.

    And some dealers, like Kim Steffenhagen, showroom manager for Benson's Pool & Patio in Middleton, Wis., have pondered this. He sells a lot of spas...

  • Uberdealers

    by Karen Erstad July 2005

    Careers are, ideally , about more than just making money. But for business owners, maintaining profitability is still the highest priority. For those selling portable spas, if they're any good at it, they're probably safely in the black these days, since people really are spending more time at home and investing in their nests. But if your goal is to be more than just good...