• Dealers Make The Call

    by Christina Dimartino September 2003

    As the popularity of residential spa use increases, so does the number of chemical products that insure consumers have clean, clear and safe water. Chemical manufacturers now vie for the increasingly precious retail shelf space — precious because there are more chemical products than ever competing for the same amount of space. The ones that win are the ones that...

  • Going With The Flow

    by Marj Schultz September 2003

    Once used mainly for rehab, swim spas are no longer just for the training room. They've joined spas and in-ground swimming pools as a viable option for families seeking fun in their backyards.

    As customers become more aware of swim spas, they will become an easier sell. But for now, retailers say that in-store displays, educated sales staffs and directed...

  • Jet Set

    by Kirstin Pires July 2003

    Consider the jet. Jets lead double lives, delivering all-important hydrotherapy and carrying more than their fair share of the marketing burden as well.

    While some manufacturers are scrambling to differentiate their tubs from the pack by adding lights, televisions and sound systems, others are marketing with a medical focus and an emphasis on hydrotherapy. But...

  • Spas: The Straight Story

    by Barrett Kilmer January 2002

    Last spring, hot tubs made headlines in the Northwest as utilities, local governments and the media, looking for something to blame in the face of a potential energy crisis, painted portable hot tubs as major energy wasters, tying them to the perceived "California Lifestyle" of selfishness and decadence. The negative image stuck, and the industry scrambled to find ways to set the record...