S. R. Smith poolLux Power Lighting Control

S.R. Smith is pleased to announce the launch of poolLUX Power—an ETL listed, UL379 power unit for swimming pool, fountains and spa lighting.  poolLUX Power features a built-in on/off switch that negates the need for a remote switch and a triple protected transformer that guards against power fluctuations. An oversized wiring area with terminal strip connections makes installation easy and comes in a polycarbonate housing that protects against corrosion. poolLUX Power comes in 60 watt and 100 watt models.
srsmith.com | 800-824-4387

i2M Mountain Slate Pool Liner

Mountain Slate is a new vinyl liner design for swimming pools that is printed uniquely on a grey film to give the design a truly realistic look of hand-laid tiles with grey grout. Using cool tones of grey and blue and accented with black and white highlights, the pattern matches the latest in deck pavers and coping and has a three-dimensional quality that stands out from other patterns. Mountain Slate is a part of the Mountain Collection of patterns by i2M available through pool liner fabricators and distributors.
i2m.us.com | (800) 242-3909

Evosus Software Analytics

Evosus Software now provides its customers with the ability to manage their business anytime or anywhere with Evosus Analytics. The new feature gives Evosus Software customers the ability to view real-time data on any tablet or smartphone device. Based on Evosus’ popular “Money Tree” report, users can view year-over-year sales data by product line, sub department, store or employee then break down data by percentage, quantity or dollar amount.
evosus.com | (866) 235-5103


CoolPV helps customers realize up to 4 times more energy output from their solar panels for powering their homes and heating their pools. The new technology is the first cost effective hybrid combination of solar thermal and PV, allowing pool owners to increase energy production while saving utility costs. By combining a PV module with a thermal collector, a CoolPV system can reduce a user’s electric bill and heat their swimming pool from the same roof. Electrical output is increased as the PV modules are cooled.
Coolpvsolar.com | 800-994-7652

TekTube USA NEU-GEN Flexible Pipe

Superior strength, greater crush and kink resistance and impressive flexibility make the NEU-GEN Flexible Pipe one of the best products on the market. This thicker-wall product provides superior strength while maintaining true Schedule 40 dimensions. Made with only the highest quality materials, the NEU-GEN flexible pipe is manufactured using an FDA non-toxic formulation that meets NSF standards while providing UV resistance and antimicrobial properties. Silicone and phthalate free.
tektubeusa.com | 877-782-3055

S.R. Smith Sentry Lifeguard Chairs

S.R. Smith has just added Sentry Lifeguard Chairs to their comprehensive line of lifeguard stands. Designed to complement any aquatic environment, Sentry Lifeguard Chairs provide a stylish look that will stand the test of time. Constructed from high-density polyethylene and marine grade hardware they are strong, durable and low maintenance. The 30-inch and 42-inch seat heights are in a range commonly specified for community, hospitality and resort swimming pools. Sentry Lifeguard Chairs come with umbrella and cup holders as well as a deck anchoring system. Both models are easy to assemble and UPS shippable.
srsmith.com | 800-824-4387

Automatic Pool Covers 365 System

Automatic Pool Covers has created a high-performance automatic safety cover system for vinyl-lined pools. The APC 365 System uses a slide-on polybox housing that saves installers hours of time, and keeps the housing’s lid perfectly flush with the deck. The complete unit includes a high-density poly box, coping, electric motor drive, flush lid, premium grade vinyl, Invisa-Rope and a personalized PowerTouch operation system to secure the pool in 45 seconds. Available in eight different colors and four corner styles: 90-degree square, three-inch diagonal, six-inch radius and two-foot radius. Comes with a five-year vinyl warranty and a 10-year component warranty.
automaticpoolcovers.net | 800-878-5789

ControlOMatic ChlorMaker

ControlOMatic now offers the ChlorMaker salt chlorine generator for spas. Uniquely designed to retrofit on existing spas, the control panel can be mounted to the spa skirt and offers easy to use, three-button controls to adjust chlorine or bromine. The ChlorMaker operates on a three-hour cycle and makes chlorine eight times a day so there is no need to manually add chlorine. Includes a ‘boost mode’ for increased chlorine production after spa use. Can be used on spas up to 1,000 gallons. This is an ideal up-sell product for service professionals and retailers.
controlomatic.com | 530-205-4520

TekTube USA Ultra Flex PVC Pipe

Designed specifically for use in pools, spas, hot tubs, jetted tubs and waterscapes above and below ground. The Ultra Flex flexible PVC pipe is the most flexible product in the market. This thicker-wall product provides superior strength while delivering superior flexibility in true Schedule 40 sizes. Made with only the highest quality materials, the Ultra Flex flexible pipe is manufactured using an FDA non-toxic formulation that meets NSF standards while providing UV resistance and antimicrobial properties. Silicone and phthalate free.
Tektubeusa.com | 877-782-3055

Zodiac Pool Systems Polaris PB4SQ

Polaris PB4SQ booster pump is engineered to set a new standard for energy efficiency, quieter operation and ease of installation and service. The Polaris PB4SQ is a high-performance booster pump built specifically to power Polaris pressure cleaners. The multistage design reduces energy use by more than 30%. A new Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled motor and innovative fan is designed for reduced noise. Quick Connect fittings and easy access to wiring makes it easy to install and service.
polarispool.com | 800-822-7933

DuraChlor Wipeout

DuraChlor now offers the new WipeOut, a fast acting, non-chlorine oxidizing treatment for pools powered by oxone. This powerful oxidizer will not raise chlorine levels in pool water while maintaining second-to-none clarity. Compatible with chlorine, bromine, copper-silver ionization and chlorine generators. Can be used in any pool but is particularly ideal for vinyl lined pools as it will not bleach or fade pool liners. Swimmers can return to pool water within 15 minutes of treatment with WipeOut. Available in a variety of quantities.
durachlorpool.com | 800-333-0400

Fox Pools In-Pool Benches With Jets

Fox Pools now offers straight and radius in-pool benches for pools. Created to meet the growing demand for in-pool features, the new in-pool benches provide a place to rest within the pool for consumers looking to stay in their pool while relaxing or to remain close to children swimming. Available in a straight or a radius curve to match freeform shaped pools. Benches also feature hydrotherapy jets, making them the perfect upgrade for any pool renovation.
foxpool.com | 800-723-1011

Hach DPD Pro Test Strip Kit

The new DPD Pro test strip kit offers a quick and easy method to obtain accurate and reliable test results for commercial pools in less than two minutes. DPD Pro comes with two bottles of multi-way test strips and a durable color chart. Test strip refills are also available. The free DPD Pro smartphone app logs, tracks, analyzes, and graphs test results, making it easier to identify pools or spas requiring extra attention. Hach’s DPD Pro is certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI Standard 50 for free chlorine and pH and meets MAHC requirements.
dpdproteststrips.com | 888-763-2435

AquaCal New Style HeatWave Heat Pumps

AquaCal AutoPilot, Inc. has introduced a new look across their air source heat pump line. The HeatWave SuperQuiet, TropiCal and TropiCool heat pumps now sport a sleek and modern look. All 3 lines feature a lockable, flip-out control panel that is protected against the sun and weather as well as a built-in drain pan which provides condensate management. As inventory of the current stock is depleted, AquaCal will roll the new designs into production. Half of the models are already transitioned so you can look forward to seeing these eye-catching designs very shortly.
teamhorner.com | (800) 432-6966

ProTeam High-Tech Tabs

ProTeam High-Tech Tabs use advanced borate technology to produce the ultimate stabilized chlorine in a handy 3-inch tablet. ProTeam High Tech Tabs provide higher chlorine efficiency and keep feeders from clogging by utilizing a unique manufacturing process that eliminates the need for binders. In addition, the tabs cause less pH and alkalinity drift compared to standard tabs to reduce the amount of chemicals needed to maintain balanced water. Makes water gentler on swimmers’ eyes and skin.
proteampoolcare.com | (800) 333-0400

Leisure Concepts SMARTOP

Leisure Concepts is pleased to offer its popular SMARTOP cover with the option to upgrade with an elegant, high-performance decorative overlay that gives the cover a unique, chic flair. Designed to match the latest in backyard patio décor, the Deco Series mesh-vinyl fabrics are durable, UV resistant and available in six different color options. Made in the U.S.
leisureconcepts.com/products/smartop | (888) 965-6694

Syllent Pumps Gen II Circulation Pump

Syllent Pumps introduces the Gen II Circulation Pump for spas, baths, water features and small hydrotherapy systems. The Gen II features Syllent’s water-cooled induction wet-rotor design with heat exchange, sealed construction to protect against moisture and dust intrusion and, as its name implies, “silent” operation. Pumps are available in 1/3 and 1/2 hp in all world voltages for all world markets.
syllent.com | (877) 924-7867

Paramount ParaskimV Venturi Skimmer

As more pools include multi-speed pumps, conventional skimmers no longer remove debris effectively because of reduced flow at lower speeds. Paramount’s ParaskimV Venturi Skimmer works brilliantly with multi-speed pumps, generating effective skimming at a pump’s variable speeds so customers take full advantage of energy savings without sacrificing a clean pool. And since ParaskimV removes surface debris at lower pump speeds, you can direct 100 percent of suction to the main drain, maximizing removal of heavier settled debris.
1paramount.com | (800) 621-5886

Inter-Fab Vinyl Poor Liner Anchor

Inter-Fab now offers a vinyl pool liner anchor that allows pool professionals to easily add in-pool tables and stools to a vinyl liner pool. Ideal for mounting on sun shelves, tanning ledges and shallow ends, this anchor allows vinyl liner pool customers to have a table on a tanning ledge or a swim up table with bar stools. Inter-Fab’s anchor offers an exclusive ring seal (similar to return jet fitting) that provides a clean, finished look as well as a new bonding lug to bond the anchor to the pool floor.
inter-fab.com | (800) 737-5386

Simpooltec Skimmer Grille Cover UP

The all new Skimmer Grille Cover UP makes skimmers look great again by providing a quick and easy way to change the look of a skimmer or simply make it disappear. While concealing discolored faceplates and rusted hardware, the Skimmer Grille also prevents baskets from becoming blocked by toys, floats, etc. The Skimmer Grille Cover UP takes the Grille a step further with a decorative UV- and chemical-resistant vinyl peel and stick available in various patterns, including the grand old U.S. flag!
simpooltec.com | (800) 630-2456

SeaKlear Free & Klear

SeaKlear Free & Klear offers a three-in-one formula that simplifies weekly pool maintenance by combining the original chitosan clarifier, a phosphate remover and enzymes. This highly concentrated formula effectively replaces multiple bottle systems, saving time and effort needed for pool maintenance. Provides year-round phosphate control with enzymes and a chitosan clarifier to reduce oils and scum lines.
seaklear.com | (866) 995-5327

Natural Chemistry PRO SERIES Pipe Purge

Natural Chemistry's PRO SERIES Pipe Purge attacks the root cause of common pool and spa maintenance issues: buildup of non-living organic waste. Pipe Purge cleans inside pool and spa plumbing using SmartZyme technology which helps break down and remove oils, lotions, sunscreen, cosmetics, hair products and more. These non-living contaminants often build up in the plumbing and filters, leading to issues like cloudy water, clogged filters, foaming, unpleasant odors and tough scum rings. By purging the pool or spa of these non-living contaminants, problems can be reduced to allow for superior water clarity with less work.
naturalchemistry.com | (800) 753-1233

Coast Spas Infinity Edge Ultra

New from Coast Spas is the Infinity Edge Ultra, a 17-foot-long swim spa that boasts a ton of features. Levator jets help keep the lower body buoyant during workouts while swimline guide lighting from the river helps the user stay oriented during the workout. It also introduces fully variable swim jets that can be toggled from 0 to 100 percent, allowing each swimmer to customize his or her swim experience. Finally, the Infinity Edge Ultra includes a lounger and cool-down seat so swimmers can enjoy the hydrotherapy benefits hot tubs offer.
coastspas.com | (604) 514-8111

Coast Spas Element

The Element is a new 7-foot model from Coast Spas. Features seating for up to six adults, a newly developed non-float lounger and integrated internal steps for entry and exit — all with a tight footprint, making it ideal for space-conscious homeowners. Comes standard with Coast Spas’ commercial-grade Hydro Cyclonic filtration system and several variations of jet quantities and standard features.
coastspas.com | (604) 514-8111

Brilliant Wonders 4-inch LED Bubbler

Introducing the Award-winning 4-inch LED Bubbler with precision RGBW LED technology. This patent pending water feature includes a premier beam-focusing lens. The lens focuses the LED light directly on the “flume” for maximum LED light transfer and eye-popping brightness with minimal wattage. It is serviceable from inside the pool with a Quick Disconnect for service without pulling 150 feet of cord. The integrated Smart Sync Technology is compatible with most major pool automation. Installs in Gunite, Fiberglass or Vinyl Pools.
c-m-p.com/brilliant | 800-733-9060

Polaris 9650iQ Sport

The new Polaris 9650iQ Sport provides premium robotic cleaning performance with the convenience of iAquaLink control. By connecting to a home’s Wi-Fi network, the Polaris 9650iQ Sport makes life easier for pool owners, builders and servicers by allowing access to real-time scheduling, programming and troubleshooting from any smart device using the iAquaLink app. The Polaris 9650iQ Sport is part of Zodiac’s Trade Series Exclusive lineup of products intended for sale only by brick-and-mortar dealers, and is not available for resale on the internet.
polarispool.com | (800) 822-7933

Magic Plastics Magic Wrench

The new Magic Wrench removes nine different pump lids and numerous equipment lids. Don’t risk damaging your pump lid by using hammers and 2-by-4s — instead, safely remove your pump lids with the Magic Wrench. Each unit is made with super-tough glass filled nylon.
magicplastics.com | (800) 369-0303

NSPF Operators Handbook, 2017 Edition

The National Swimming Pool Foundation has announced the release of its eighth installment of the Pool & Spa Operators Handbook.  The 2017 edition includes needed updates and additions that were provided by NSPF instructors and industry experts since the 2014 edition. The new version features a refreshed look from cover to cover, as well as updated Model Aquatic Health Code information, a modified volume formula, data on VGB and more.

IPSSA Releases Spanish Chemistry Manual

In an effort to help educate Spanish-speaking service professionals about proper water chemistry maintenance, IPSSA has released a Spanish version of its recently published "IPSSA Basic Training Manual 2016 Revised Edition, Part 1," written by Robert Lowry. (Manual de Capacitación Básic Edición Revisada del 2016, Parte 1.) Lowry oversaw the painstaking translation to ensure no meanings, processes or definitions were altered. The same information is located on the corresponding page in each version in order to facilitate translations between the two.
www.ipssa.com | (888) 360-9505 

RenoSys PVC Pool Shell

The RenoSys PVC pool shell offers pool professionals a solution to effectively contain water, seal structural cracks and solve problems such as leaks or rough concrete on deteriorated residential swimming pools. Crafted from a thick, 60 mil, custom-textured, reinforced PVC material, the material is applied on-site to make pools watertight. PVC pool shells have been effectively installed on hundreds of commercial swimming pools constructed of concrete, steel, fiberglass and aluminum and is quickly becoming an excellent solution for residential applications. 
renosys.com | (800) 783-7005

Rola-Chem Mounted Control Systems

Rola-Chem has refined its sanitation management systems to make installation and management faster and easier for installers and users. System controllers are brought together and securely mounted to rugged polypropylene panel. Each system is fully integrated and configured to control sanitation in pools up to 500,000 gallons using both pH and ORP (oxidation reduction potential) microprocessor-based monitoring and control.
www.rola-chem.com | (800) 549-4473

Splash-A-Round Pools Aqua Cycle

Splash-A-Round Pools Aqua Cycle provides an excellent low-impact cardiovascular exercise that is easy on the joints, while engaging a variety of muscle groups that makes it perfect for a full-body workout. Standard features include marine grade stainless steel tubing and hardware construction, suitability for most types of pools and swim spas, simple assembly and easy storage.
splasharoundpools.com | (909) 980-7709

Bobe Pure Flow Scupper

Bobe Water and Fire Features' Pure Flow scupper is engineered to flow based on pressure, resulting in a beautifully thick sheet of water that can gracefully flow up to 3 feet into a pool. Constructed of marine-grade stainless steel that is 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch thick, you will never again worry about warping or caving. Bobe's in-house designed and built filter prevents rocks and debris from clogging the scupper, making it easy to maintain a beautiful sheet of water.
bobewaterandfire.com | 888-388-2623

Bobe Tiki Torches

Bobe Water and Fire Feature's tiki torches are made of hand formed copper and measure 80 inches tall. The tiki torch head alone weighs 15 pounds and is constructed with 10 in-house machined parts that fit seamlessly together. Engineered and built in the USA, we offer two unique style torch heads and two different post options.
bobewaterandfire.com | 888-388-2623

CMP Powerclean Ultra VS

Variable speed systems are great for energy efficiency, but not for chlorine flow. Most feeders don’t begin to create chlorination flow until the system reaches 40 gpm while generating high levels of system back pressure at lower flow rates. The Powerclean Ultra VS is the new chlorinator family from CMP capable of maintaining chlorine flow with system flow as low as 20 gpm, and is engineered to perform without creating high levels of back pressure.
c-m-p.com/power | (800) 733-9060

The Preston Sauna, by Almost Heaven Saunas

The Preston Indoor Sauna provides multi-level seating for up to six people, and its solid, thick lumber sections, featuring sections of high-grade Nordic spruce and hemlock help provide insulation. This distinctive, light-colored wood comes from Sweden and is a perfect choice for sauna construction. A closer look at this model reveals top quality throughout, like stainless steel hinges and hardware and thick, sturdy tempered glass.

S. R. Smith TrueTread Diving Board Series

S.R.Smith’s new, patent pending TrueTread diving board series features a revolutionary surface that offers a modern, sporty look and feel. The unique texture is both durable and functional. Diving board users will appreciate the exceptional feel that provides a superior launching grip, yet is still gentle on the feet.  TrueTread diving boards come in 6-foot and 8-foot lengths and are an excellent replacement board option, or can be paired with many S.R.Smith diving stands.  They are available in blue, red and gray.
srsmith.com | 800-824-4387 

The Logan Sauna, by Almost Heaven Saunas

The Logan Sauna is Almost Heaven Sauna's smallest indoor model. This one-person sauna is a great choice for tight quarters and unused corners. It will use existing flooring as the floor inside the sauna and can sit on many different suitable surfaces including tile, laminate, concrete and vinyl. We don’t recommend placing it on carpet. This sauna features thick, solid sections of Nordic spruce and hemlock. These light-colored lumbers are not only beautiful but you’ll also notice the exquisite contrast of the Western red cedar accents against the Nordic spruce. All hinges and hardware are high-quality stainless steel.

Century VGreen VLink

Regal Beloit now offers wireless capability for Century VGreen variable speed pump motors with the release of VLink, a retrofit wireless user interface control. The VLink wireless motor interface enables the pool operator to set, adjust, and monitor a pump motor schedule from virtually anywhere in the world with the use of a smart mobile device. In addition, the programming flexibility allows the user to monitor, manage and calculate energy consumption and savings. Energy conscious pool owners now have the ability to wirelessly monitor and manage their VGreen pump motor anytime and anywhere.

Almost Heaven Nordic Spruce Barrel Saunas

Almost Heaven Saunas is excited to announce that all of its popular outdoor Barrel Saunas are now available in Nordic spruce. Nordic spruce is naturally resistant to the elements and is durable, ensuring that customers will be able to enjoy their home sauna for years to come. The company’s Barrel Saunas accommodate anywhere from two to eight people.

SeaKlear WinterPill

The SeaKlear WinterPill provides a pre-measured, all-in-one formula with an exclusive four-part blend that makes spring openings faster and easier, the company says. The patented release delivery system allows this four-part blend to be distributed into the water throughout the winter. The formula includes clarifier to maintain sparkling clear water, scale inhibitor to reduce scale buildup, stain inhibitor to help prevent iron, copper and manganese stains plus it's enzyme-enhanced to reduce unwanted non-living organics, control water rings, and enhance filter performance. 
aqua-pill.com | (800) 753-1233

The Pleasure Spa, by Passion Spas

The Pleasure Spa from Passion Spas USA showcases exceptional attention to detail. New 2017 models feature improved reclining capabilities, extra lumbar support, and updated massage functions. The Pleasure Spa comes with the innovative Aqua Rolling Massage, a feature that generates an intense, adjustable stream that works its way up from the lower back to the base of the neck. Standard features include soft air massage and StarBrite LED lighting.

Pool Chem Dose Calculator

Robert Lowry's new Pool Chem Dose Calculator will calculate the exact chemical dose needed for 38 chemicals in 11 categories for any size pool in U.S. imperial or metric measures. To use it you enter the pool volume in gallons or liters, select U.S. imperial or metric, select which item to change from the drop-down list and then enter the desired change in ppm or mg/l. Pool Chem Dose Calculator will list all of the chemicals that can be used for that item change and the doses for each one. No brand names, just the exact dose of the chemical you want to use by chemical name. Use it while you are at a pool or in the field to find out how much chemical to add to make a correction or increase or decrease a condition. Available as an Apple or Android app.

SpaPure Simply Soft EZ Enzyme

SpaPure has created a safe and naturally biodegradable product called EZ Enzyme that reduces spa maintenance and produces naturally cleaner spa water. EZ Enzyme removes contaminants that cause odor, water lines and cloudy water while helping keep spa filters clean. Simply apply to the spa while circulating at the lowest setting. Compatible with all sanitizing systems including chlorine, bromine, mineral cartridges, ozone and non-chlorine systems. EZ Enzyme is excellent alternative to traditional treatments for clean water and surfaces, and helps reduce overall chemical usage and time spent cleaning filters, the company says.
spapureusa.com | (800) 333-0400

Inter-Fab In-Pool Tables

Inter-Fab has responded to consumer demand by expanding its line of in-pool tables to include optional matching seats. The Pool Lifestyle Sundeck tables and seats mount into a 1.9-inch bronze anchor or can be retrofitted into a 1.5-inch umbrella anchor with Inter-Fab’s proprietary adapter. Tables are available in 30- or 16-inch diameters, assemble in minutes and are easily removed without tools. Can be installed in both vinyl liner and gunite pools and spas. Available in 10 color choices including solid and granite colors.
inter-fab.com | (800) 737-5386

Endless Pools Swim Machine

The all-new Endless Pools Fitness Systems combine the Endless Pools Swim Machine with optional underwater treadmill and features that bring rowing, strength-training exercises and relaxing hydrotherapy to the backyard. The thoughtful, contemporary design of the acrylic shell and all-season cabinet stands above in both form and function. Built for durability and beauty, the 14-gauge galvanized steel frame and ABS base pan are standard on all models. 
endlessfitness.com | (800) 999-4688

Pleatco FilterWash

Pleatco has introduced Pleatco FilterWash, a new fast-acting fizz cleaning tablet specially formulated to penetrate deep into any reusable filter cartridge and remove accumulated materials including suntan lotion, oils, grease, dirt, soap scum and other organics. Unlike other cleaning agents, Pleatco FilterWash comes in individual formulas, one for pools and one for spas, each scientifically engineered for each environment. Pleatco FilterWash is environmentally friendly and requires no measuring and no messy chemicals.
www.pleatcofilterwash.com | (800) 886-5160

Evosus Software Vendor Integrations

Evosus software now has comprehensive vendor integrations with 12 different partners including POOLCORP, Watkins Wellness, WaterLink by LaMotte, Horizon Spa & Pool Parts, ClearCare Expert by Arch, Alex Millennium by BioGuard, United Aqua Group, Carecraft, Inc. and Optimus Pool and Spa Parts. These integrations are designed to streamline interactions between pool retailers and their distributors, manufacturers and buying groups, and also work seamlessly with water testing programs such as ClearCare, WaterLink and Alex Millennium.
evosus.com | (866) 235-5103

Spec Chem Direct Sparkle Pill

New from Spec Chem Direct is the powerful Sparkle Pill that quickly clears cloudy pool water. The convenient toss-n-go pill is particularly effective with sand filters and is compatible with all sanitizer systems. This no-mess product leaves no sticky residue and is dissolves quickly; simply drop in skimmer to maintain water clarity. Perfect for retail-counter sales. Available for immediate shipment.
specchem.net | (425) 443-0082

SwimCross Exercise Systems

SwimCross Exercise Systems introduces a jetted swim option. From the makers of Endless Pools, SwimCross Exercise Systems stand out from other jetted options because the five swim jets are air-free and produce a current with less turbulence than a typical jetted swim spa. Built for durability and beauty, the 14- gauge galvanized steel frame and ABS base pan are standard on all models. From novice to expert swimmers, all will enjoy the system’s five output levels, in addition to the workout options of rowing, resistance exercise, and relaxing hydrotherapy that are available with models X200 and X500. 

Advantage Manufacturing Portable Fire Pump Cart

For homeowners in dry climates, fire can be a risk. With the Portable Fire Pump Cart from Advantage Manufacturing, homeowners can have peace of mind knowing they have a fire-fighting package on site that uses water from their pool (or nearby stream, pond or shallow well) to extinguish a fire or help control it until help arrives. Ideal for use on buildings, brush and wooded areas.
advantageman.com | (800) 636-8866

Pentair Aquatic Systems ScreenLogic Interface

Pentair has introduced the world’s first wearable swimming pool automation interface to make controlling pool and spa operation simpler and more convenient for pool owners. The ScreenLogic Interface for Apple Watch allows users to control water temperature, lighting, fountains, waterfalls and other pool features. Users whose pools are equipped with IntelliChem Water Chemistry Controller can monitor sanitizer levels while wrist-wearable control extends to the IntelliChlor Salt Chlorine Generator. The new Apple Watch interface is now included with the ScreenLogic Connect iOS app, available free in the Apple App Store.
pentair.com | (800) 831-7133

RicoRock Ledger Waterfall

Rico Rock now offers a modular waterfall composed of just four modular pieces that create a consistently beautiful feature for any size pool renovation. Unlike real stone that is heavy, cumbersome and can be hard to manipulate into a functional, aesthetically pleasing feature, this modular package is designed to always look great without the worries of leaks or awkwardly stacked stones that aren’t aesthetically pleasing. It’s made of lightweight, cast concrete that is easily mortared together, requiring minimal effort for installation. Available for immediate shipment in a variety of colors to match today’s backyard décor. 
ricorock.com  |  (888) 717-3100.

Water Tech Pool Blaster PRO 1500

The Pool Blaster PRO 1500 is a battery-powered cleaner made specifically for pool professionals. It has two interchangeable, rechargeable battery packs that each provide up to an hour of run time, giving the PRO 1500 up to two hours of vacuuming at a time. The system allows one battery pack to charge while the other is in use, and it features a quick charge charging system. The Pool Blaster quickly vacuums debris as large as golf balls and filters small debris with its included micro filter bags. The PRO 1500 is self-contained and can be attached to a standard pool pole or can be maneuvered using the integrated handle for greater precision. The product comes with an industrial-grade, 19-inch vacuum head/adapter and a flexible vacuum head with 12 polyurethane ball-bearings The wider more powerful head means greater suction and less time spent cleaning. It comes complete with three filter bags (reusable extreme multi-layered filter, all-purpose, sand and silt).
watertechcorp.com | 800-298-8800

Nature’s Care Open-Close Enzyme

Nature’s Care is pleased to offer an environmentally-friendly product that uses a concentrated enzyme formulation that is ideal for pool openings and closings. The product naturally treats the water at pool closings to prevent waterline rings and staining that may form during the off-season. It also helps keep liners supple and protects other vulnerable surfaces from decay. In addition, the product can be used at pool openings to naturally break down and remove non-living contaminants left over from the previous season. It’s also biodegradable and non-toxic and proudly made in the USA. 

Inter-Fab BYOS Custom Slides

Inter-Fab BYOS Custom Slide product is now available in 10 different color options to stylishly coordinate with almost any backyard landscape. The “Build Your Own Slide” is a modular custom slide system that makes it easy for builders to create water park-style slides for residential pools. The new slide colors are perfectly matched to diving boards, barstools and two sizes of in-pool tables, all to create a perfectly coordinated pool environment. Color options include new “Autumn Sun & Safari Sunrise” in a brown rock color scheme as well as “Starry Night,” which provides a rich, dark grey granite look.
inter-fab.com | (800) 737-5386

RenoSys DuraTech Pool Grating

RenoSys, manufacturer of renovation products for the aquatic industry, now offers a full range of DuraTech Pool Grating to accommodate almost any pool-gutter trench width or style. The grating adapts to T-Bar, I-Bar and Interlocking construction and is certified slip-resistant. It’s made of colorfast, UV resistant outdoor grade polymers and is available in fiberglass, PVC, polymer, granite and stainless steel. Ideal for pool professionals repairing and renovating aquatic facilities, many styles are in stock for immediate shipment. Made in the USA.
renosys.com | 800-783-7005

i2M iFlip Vinyl Sheeting

New iFlip combines i2M’s iSparkle material with their new Boss textured material to provide a truly exceptional vinyl liner. i2M’s new material is textured to give the look and feel of gunite and uses a proprietary blend of inks imbued with golden sparkles that capture sunlight when submerged in water to make the pool water shimmer. Designed for builders and installers of vinyl swimming pool liners that will help them sell more pool liners and make more profit on each installation. Available through pool liner fabricators and distributors.
i2m.us.com | 800-242-3909

Evosus Dynamic Kits

Evosus Business Management Software now offers a sales feature known as Dynamic Kits. The feature provides retail staff with a list of the right questions to ask customers when selling spas, all designed to take advantage of up-sell opportunities. Each question is associated with an inventory item and stock status that can be checked throughout the selling process. Dynamic Kits supports the ability to easily add and remove items as needed as options change during the sales process.
evosus.com | 866-235-5103

Red Leopard Flexi-Frame Deep Net

Red Leopard offers its Flexi-Frame Deep Net product that is designed to easily clean debris from hard-to-reach areas of the pool. The unit offers an extra large net with rounded corners for easy debris removal. Its unique design bends around steps and ladders for superior debris collection, then bounces back into shape. This product conveniently fits standard telescopic poles and was created with a soft leading edge that will not damage pool surfaces.
red-leopard.net | (800) 753-1233

Natural Chemistry PRO Series Liquid Cover

Natural Chemistry offers the PRO Series Liquid Cover for pool professionals who want to offer a product that extends the swimming season for their customers by decreasing water evaporation and heat loss. It’s important to point out to pool owners that every gallon of 80°F pool water that is lost to evaporation is the equivalent of losing 8,729 Btus of energy. So for consumers to save money into the fall, PRO SERIES Liquid Cover’s advanced mono-layer technology offers a terrific way to dramatically decrease evaporation and heat loss.
naturalchemistry.com | (800) 753-1233

AquaFinesse Spa de Luxe Crystals

AquaFinesse has announced the addition of Spa de Luxe Crystals, luxury bath fragrance salts that release elements of nature into the bathing experience. The assortment pack contains four jars of crystals (370 grams each) infused with subtle scents of nature: air, water, fire and earth, to accommodate a variety of moods.

Salt Support System Start

Salt Support System Start uses borate technology to help buffer pool water, reduce chlorine demand and protect both swimming pool liners and pool equipment against the extreme conditions of salt water. System Start uses Chlorine Shield to decrease salt generator cell activity and is designed to be added at the start of each swimming season to keep water balanced longer, inhibit corrosion and scale, improve filter maintenance and water clarity and inhibit algae growth. To use, add 25 pounds for every 10,000 gallons of water.
saltsupportusa.com | (800) 333-0400

Rico Rock Mini-Cave System

Rico Rock has created a new mini-cave component system that creates a comfortable shaded area using minimal space. The mini-cave has a 4-by-4 foot interior space that can be installed as part of the pool or in a dry area. The system’s steel-reinforced concrete core creates an incredibly strong structure. The boulders and columns provided in the component system are engineered for quick installation so builders can complete projects in less time while being assured a consistently attractive final look.
ricorock.com | (888) 717-3100

Inter-Fab The Edge Diving Board Base

Inter-Fab has created The Edge, a diving-board base that provides a rust-resistant solution perfect for pools using saltwater chlorine generators. The Edge fits existing steel base jigs and is available for use with both 6-foot and 8-foot long diving boards. Manufactured of composite materials to resist rust, the base comes in white, tan, grey or black to match backyard décor and is also available with an AquaBoard waterfall option.
inter-fab.com | 800-737-5386

Pleatco PureStart Pre-Filters

Pleatco has introduced PureStart Pre-Filters, a revolutionary product range engineered to overcome problems associated with tap, ground and well water used for filling and topping off pools and spas. PureStart cartridges attach to a garden hose in order to capture dirt particles, filtering the water before it enters into a spa or pool. These new disposable, sediment filter cartridges are made from unique melt-spun filtration technology for perfect depth filtration down to 5 microns trapping elements such as magnesium, iron and calcium deposits.

LaMotte Phosphate WaterLink Spin Disk

LaMotte Company announces the new Chlorine/Bromine Plus Phosphate WaterLink Spin disk, which includes 50 disks per box. Each disk measures 10 different tests including free chlorine, total chlorine, bromine, pH, calcium hardness, alkalinity, cyanuric acid, copper, iron and phosphate. All tests can be measured in 60 seconds when using the WaterLink Spin lab.

Laticrete PERMACOLOR Select

PERMACOLOR Select is an advanced high-performance cement grout that offers the industry’s first dispensable dry pigment solution. Designed for virtually all types of residential and commercial installations, PERMACOLOR Select offers optimum performance on the most demanding exterior or interior applications. Easy to mix, grout, and clean, PERMACOLOR Select is fast setting and is suitable for joints 1/16-inch to 1/2-inch (1.5 mm – 12mm) wide on floors or walls.

Pigro Felice Modul’Air Collection

Pigro Felice’s signature Modul’Air collection consists of a variety of inflatable pool and patio furniture that is easy-to-use, innovative, modular and elegant. Pictured is the sofa, which can easily transform into a double lounger for both in-pool and poolside enjoyment. The sofa is equipped with the company’s specially designed magnetic cups and cup holders, making it ideal for socializing. It consists of four base parts, one double backrest and two pillows.

AquaFinesse After-Spa Lotion

AquaFinesse announces the addition AquaFinesse After-Spa Lotion, a unique, skin-nourishing body lotion that contains natural Dead Sea minerals, which are well known for their therapeutic and rejuvenating benefits. Enriched with the delicate, refreshing fragrance of apricot or papaya-lemon, these luxurious body lotions provide the perfect pampering for the skin after a relaxing soak in a hot tub or bath.


Hydrocliner patented floating recliners keep your body down in the water where it’s cool during the heat of the day, and where it's warmer than the chilly night air. Sit upright to talk and drink, or lean back for a little flotation therapy. Form fitting for all sizes and ages, super light at around 16 oz., will not pop and folds up small for the closet, luggage or the boat.

Inter-Fab Deck-Mount Rails

Avoid core drilling with Inter-Fab’s complete line of deck-mounted rail goods, including deck-to-deck mounted stair rails as well as ‘deck-to-stair’ mounted handrails. The rails are available in stainless steel, five powder-coated color options or you can upgrade to the company's thermo-plastic, corrosion-resistant coating. Inter-Fab offers hundreds of deck-mounted standard off-the-shelf rail goods.


S.R. Smith New LED Treo Bulk Packs

S.R.Smith is pleased to announce that Treo and Treo Micro LED pool lights are now available in bulk packs. The Treo LED Pool Light Bulk Pack offers eight Treo lights for the price of seven, in color or white, with an 80-inch cord. The Treo Micro LED Pool Light Bulk Pack offers ten Treo Micro lights for the price of nine in color or white also with an 80-inch cord. Both bulk packs ship free of charge via UPS Ground. The goal is to make it easy for builders and service professionals to have the product they need, when they need it and at a competitive price.

Zodiac VersaFlo Heater Bypass

Zodiac Pool Systems has announced the release of VersaFlo Integrated Bypass technology for use with Jandy JXi gas heaters. VersaFlo maximizes the hydraulic efficiency, up to 20 percent, for pool equipment pads by dramatically reducing the pressure drop across the heating system when the heater isn’t being used. It features automatic actuation that is based on call for heat. The flow bypass valve is integrated into the JXi header, requiring no external plumbing modifications. VersaFlo is available in two versions: factory-installed on a JXi 400K BTU model or as an easy addition to any JXi by field installing the VersaFlo Bypass Assembly Kit.

DeltaUV Quick Lock

DeltaUV has responded to pool professionals and has launched a new Quick Lock mechanism for its UV units. The new and improved design allows the UV unit to be opened with a simple turn of the top without removing multiple screws, making it easy to open UV units to inspect and clean the UV bulb.
deltauv.com | (866) 889-8765

Coast Spas Aromatherapy Infusion System

Coast Spas’ new Aromatherapy Infusion System, available on nearly all Coast models, works by loading the system with a spa scent and simply pressing a button. Then, a small amount of spa scent is injected directly into the water at high speed, infusing it with the water near the surface of the spa. This provides immediate diffusion, better distributing it to all bathers. The system is compatible with Coast Spas’ selection of six premium scents.
coastspas.com | (604) 514-8111

SpaPure Simply Soft

New SpaPure Simply Soft is the newest addition to the SpaPure line of products. Simply Soft is the one-time use product that makes water feel silky smooth while improving clarity. Spa owners will realize reduced sanitizer consumption and less pH bounce as well.

S.R.Smith pooLUX Premier

S.R.Smith’s new pool LED lighting control system, poolLUX Premier, provides up to 49 color options and the ability to control brightness with multiple dimming levels. Designed to work exclusively with S.R.Smith’s Treo Series lights, poolLUX Premier has a built-in 50-watt power supply and requires no installation programming – simply control the lights from the base unit or the handheld remote. In addition, poolLUX Premier kits featuring S.R.Smith Treo and Treo Micro lights are also available for added convenience and savings.
srsmith.com | (800) 824-4398

Rico Rock Stream Section

Rico Rock, makers of innovative, cast-concrete rock for use in waterfalls stairs, deck and landscaping applications, now offers builders a one-piece, cast concrete panel that allows water to fall away from the swimming pool’s edge. The new section provides an easy way to control the water pathway off of water features using a simple, pre-designed formation of smaller rocks, imitating the rock pathway found in a natural stream. The piece is 7 feet wide by 4 feet deep, weighs approximately 300 pounds and is available in several color options. Designed for easy installation using mortar or concrete.

S.R. Smith Fiber LED Pool Lighting Conversion Program

S.R.Smith is pleased to announce the launch of its new Fiber to LED Re-lighting Kits to convert legacy fiber optic lighting to LED. The kits offer the core components necessary for an LED lighting upgrade, including a PT-6000 power center, base, and 1, 2 or 3-color Treo LED pool lights.  Color Treo lights allow you to select from 6 colors (white, blue, green, red, amber, and magenta) or two color changing modes including slow color change or party mode.  The Re-Lighting Kits allow for two groups of lights to be independently controlled via a manual on-off switch or a wireless remote control.

ChlorKing NEX-GEN

ChlorKing has announced recent improvements to its NEX-GEN series of onsite batch-chlorine generators that have increased production efficiency by 10 percent, dropping the cost for bleach production to $0.43 per gallon, less than a third of the cost of chlorine. NEX-GEN uses a patented technology to produce pH-neutral liquid chlorine (bleach) from salt stored in a feeder in the pump room. The system does not require salt in the pool and eliminates the need to add salt and test salt levels. The four NEX-GEN models produce 10 to 80 pounds of chlorine per day and is the only commercial onsite batch chlorine generator in the United States that is NSF-50 certified.

chlorking.com | (770) 452-0952

Leisure Concepts EAS Life & Assist

Leisure Concepts is excited to announce the release of their patent-pending EAS Lift & Assist to the Smartop product line. This new system makes lifting the front half of the cover finger-tip easy and feather light and is an inexpensive option that can be added to every new Smartop upright as well as existing Smartop covers. Manufactured of rust-free, powder-coated aluminum, the EAS system uses hydraulic shocks allowing the cover to open and close gently and easily.

SkimDoctor 2.0

The SkimDoctor 2.0 improves skimmer performance up to three times using the Venturi principal, and it screws onto the skimmer basket for easy emptying. Manufacturer Totally New Technologies also offers specially designed SkimDoctor branded socks as well as the SkimDoctor 2.0 vacuum attachment. The vacuum attachment screws into the SkimDoctor 2.0 ring so that the skimmer can be used to power a pool cleaner or manual vacuum. The design prevents the vacuum attachment from floating off the basket and makes it easier to prime. The attachment also includes an elbow and holder for storage.  

Merlin Industries AquaLuster

AquaLuster liners are Merlin Industries’ newest addition to their vinyl liner collection for 2016. Merlin AquaLuster liners create a glimmering brilliance in any pool with iridescent ink crafted into the liner pattern. Viewing from different angles and varying sunlight positions creates several different lustrous looks in the pool. Merlin AquaLuster liners are 27 mil.  San Clemente (pictured) is an all-over embossed (textured) AquaLuster pattern.  AquaLuster Liners come with the same promise of all North American-made vinyl and the professional manufacturing that Merlin is known for.

Spec Chem Citrus Stain Eliminator

Spec Chem Direct now offers Citrus Stain Eliminator, a new stain-and-scale solution. This new product is an all-natural, citric-acid, phosphate-free formula that eliminates tannins, copper, iron and manganese stains from pools and spas. It is compatible with all sanitizer systems and pool surfaces. 

AquaPill Offers Summer Pill

AquaPill’s SummerPill features a patented, pre-measured release-delivery system made for maintaining water balance throughout summer. SummerPill’s multi-action formula is designed to keep water clear, help prevent scum line formation from suntan lotions and optimize filter efficiency. SummerPill treats up to 15,000 gallons of water and can be used with all types of sanitizers and all pool surfaces.

Jack's Magic Surface Magic Point of Purchase Display

Jack’s Magic has introduced a point-of-purchase display for Surface Magic one of the company’s most popular products. The display features the headline, “skim your time, not your pool.” A set of before-and-after pictures shows the product in action. The display holds 24 Surface Magic bottles, and can be used on the counter for add-on sales, or on the shelf.
jacksmagic.com | (727) 243-8650

CCEI Plug-in-Pool

CCEI, a French company now based in Montreal, has invented Plug-in-Pool, an underwater electrical outlet that works without contacts. The outlet works on the principle of transmission of electrical energy by induction. With no wires, no contacts and, above all, safe, the Plug-in-Pool consists of a waterproof base fixed in the wall of the pool serving as socket for the plug. Whenever it is disconnected, the power turns off automatically and you can remove the light and plug accessories. CCEI engineer team is developing robotic pool cleaner and speakers will work with the same outlet.

ccei.ca | (514) 963-4226

Coast Spas Carbon-Fiber Corners

Coast Spas has introduced carbon-fiber corners, a new upgrade to its line of Coast Spas Synthetic Cabinet Finishes. The company’s cabinet styles are all formed using the same durable composite material as its line of Luxury Slate Cabinet Finishes. The new carbon-fiber corners are color matched to accentual the synthetic cabinet color. Each corner includes three exterior lights that are illuminated using an ambient light sensor. The corners feature a detailed fiber texture that contrasts smooth acrylic finishes as well as textured synthetic finishes.
coastspas.com | (604) 514-8111.

Eco Pool Drain

The patent-pending Eco Pool Drain provides an environmentally friendly, economical, easy-to-install way to lower a pool’s water level and dispose of backwash water. With the EPC, excess water is sprayed into the air, like a fountain, which is then gently absorbed into the soil without erosion or penetrating waterways. The device then self-drains as to avoid attracting insects or rodents. The Eco Pool Drain is tough, time-tested and tranquil to watch, the company says.
ecopooldrain.com | (732) 523-4221

Rico Rock Spa Surround Coping

Rico Rock, makers of innovative, cast concrete rock, now offers a 13-inch coping/waterline stone that is designed specifically to cover 12-inch pool beams; it also extends below the water line. This coping stone creates a rustic, old-word look and allows drop-in spas to be fully integrated into the overall pool look. Available in four different colors to match any pool and deck design.
ricorock.com | (888) 717-3100

ProTeam Supreme

ProTeam now offers ProTeam Supreme as a once-per-season pool additive that will change the way pool owners think about pool maintenance, the company says. EPA-registered ProTeam Supreme controls algae, reduces eye and skin irritation and maintains a more stable pH and alkalinity environment. ProTeam Supreme improves sanitizer efficiency and reduces the amount of chlorine the pool will require each season. Additionally, the amount of time between cleanings will be reduced. Compatible with any filtration system and all sanitizers and oxidizers, including salt chlorine generators.
proteampoolcare.com | (800) 333-0400

Backyard X-Scapes

Backyard X-Scapes is the nation’s leading supplier of synthetic thatch roofing products. African reed and palm styles resist extreme weather, birds and other pests, and boast a lifespan up to five times that of natural materials. Produced with high-density polyethylene, an earth friendly, 100 percent recyclable plastic that poses no threat to humans, animals or sensitive water tables.
backyardxscapes.com | (858) 643-9030

LaMotte Insta-TEST Biguanide 5 Test Strip

LaMotte Company has announced its new one-dip Insta-TEST Biguanide 5 test strip. The new formula is designed for stable color development and allows adequate time for the user to match very distinct colors along with preventing cross-contamination between pads. The test strip measures biguanide (0 – 90 ppm), biguanide shock (0 - 360 ppm), peroxide (0 - 100 ppm), alkalinity (0 - 240 ppm), pH (6.2 - 9.0) and hardness (0 - 800 ppm). The test strips offer users accurate, instant results and are simple to use. There are 25 test strips packaged in the unique, hinged, waterproof PopTop bottle with desiccant liner that protects the test strips from moisture intrusion.
lamotte.com/insta | (800) 344-3100

Leaf Bone

Leaf Bone is a simple, inexpensive product used to automatically skim floating debris from the swimming pool. It is a patented, versatile clip that easily attaches a leaf rake net to the pool ladder handrail and uses the pool’s natural circulation to direct leaves into the net. Because the leaf rake net holds a surprising volume, it can be left unattended for days or weeks. Helps keep pools clean, which cuts down on manual cleaning time, and prevents skimmer basket blockage.
leaf-bone.com | (704) 692-7132

Syllent Pumps

New for 2016, Super Syllent pumps are available with higher flow and more hp options. Syllent pumps move water without noise or vibration; all you hear is the water. Features electrically isolated, integrated wet rotor motor and pump while the water-cooled motor heats and maintains water temperature through heat exchange. Other features include electronic water run sensor, conventional plumbing architecture, air switch option, cord and plug options.
syllent.com | (800) 487-2224

Zodiac MX8 Elite

Zodiac announces the release of its MX8 Elite suction pool cleaner, the first cleaner of its kind to use cyclonic scrubbing action. This innovative system brings customers a deeper level of clean with brushes that stay in constant contact with pool surfaces to spin, scrub and remove fun and stuck-on debris. The MX8 also features a wider cleaning path for quicker, more comprehensive coverage, a flow regulator valve and a twist-lock hose with a reach of up to 39 feet.
zodiacpoolsystems.com | (800) 822-7933

LOOP-LOC PearlEssence Liners

The most exciting revolution to emerge from the vinyl liner industry has been the introduction of LOOP-LOC’s exclusive PearlEssence line. Luminous Soul, Opalescent Blues, Platinum Onyx, Moonstone, and new Bronze Reflections (pictured left) and Silver Cloud (pictured right) patterns are infused with iridescent inks to make them shimmer and sparkle, transforming any pool into a glittering oasis. LOOP-LOC now has 31 patterns to choose from, including 20 exclusives.
looploc.com | (800) LOC-LOOP

A&B Accessories

A&B Accessories now offers a lifetime warranty on all 2016 spa accessories. The latest in material technology utilizing HDPE and anodized aluminum combined with advanced manufacturing techniques have this made this achievement possible.
aandbaccessories.com | (800) 637-0609

TrueSwim Swim Spas

The revolutionary TruSwim technology swim spa design is unlike any other on the market, the company says. This patent-pending dual prop propulsion system provides a wider, smoother swim lane and fitness area. With 4 hp and 5,000 gallons per minute, TruSwim is engineered to meet the demand of athletes, beginner fitness enthusiasts and those seeking a therapeutic experience. Offering 15-foot, 17-foot, 19-foot and 19-foot dual-zone models with designer cabinet, underwater LED lighting, water spouts, pressure side filtration, cabinet sconces and sound system.
truswim.com | (800) 451-1420

ControlOMatic SmarterChlor

ControlOMatic now offers a new saltwater chlorine generator called SmarterChlor, which uses chlorine-detection technology — meaning chlorine control is built right into the cell. SmarterChlor knows when to turn on, and then produces chlorine for a fixed amount of time. When it turns off, it remains off until the chlorine level indicates it needs to turn on again. SmarterChlor protects against over-chlorination of spa water and also eliminates the guesswork when setting the power level. In addition, vacation mode and temperature compensation are not needed, as control is based on the chlorine level. With an easy-to-use control box that mounts to the spa’s skirt, this economical spa salt water system generates continuous, around-the-clock spa sanitation without moving parts, separate buttons, control boxes, or timers — it’s all built into the device.

Card on Guard

Card On Guard is a flat, lightweight, unplugged solar cell that keeps water clear and helps users cut down on chemicals by a minimum of 50 percent. This is accomplished through light conversion technology, by which Card on Guard captures, retains and re-emits light energy in the form of photons. That energy is magnified to split water molecules, which form low levels of free radicals that weaken and inhibit reproduction of bacteria and fungi.
cardonguard.com | (317) 413-3865

Clear Comfort

Clear Comfort is pleased to announce its chlorine-free pool sanitation system. This new technology offers complete, non-toxic pool sanitation — both primary and residual disinfection. The system creates powerful, broad spectrum and short-lived hydroxyl radicals that oxidize contaminants on contact, including the chlorine-resistant microorganism, cryptosporidium. As a byproduct, the system also generates a low level of hydrogen peroxide that spreads throughout the pool, providing residual pool protection.

www.clearcomfort.com | (303)-872-4477

Kover Kritters

Kover Kritters are "the world's first pool vacuum cleaner cover." These covers, available in a fun octopus shape (with more options to come, including a turtle, a frog and a fish), slip over your customer's pool cleaner to give it a fun, friendly, attractive look — all without compromising the unit's functionality. Designed to fit popular commercially available pool cleaners. No assembly required.

Inter-Fab Mobile App

Inter-Fab is offering an all-new mobile app designed to help pool professionals easily incorporate all the latest Inter-Fab products into their sales presentations, making it easier to upsell rails, slides, tables and water features. Easy to install and set up, the mobile apple allows the user to quickly select sizes and color options available for each product. Can be integrated into existing sales presentations or used as a stand-alone system when on the go. Just a few easy steps will get you on your way to selling more, high-profit items on every job, the company says.


AquaFinesse Dead Sea Mineral Spa Water Kit

For thousands of years, people have been using the Dead Sea water to treat skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis, rejuvenate their appearance, detoxify and pamper themselves. Now, your customers can experience the same luxuries from the comfort of the hot tub with the new AquaFinesse Dead Sea Mineral Spa Water Kit. The kit contains a special mix of Dead Sea salts and minerals as well as two 2-liter bottles of the patented AquaFinesse water care solution, all in one easy kit.

Natural Chemistry Pool Perfect Total

Natural Chemistry announces the next generation of enzyme product: Pool Perfect Total. Designed for the needs of today’s busy pool owners, Pool Perfect Total is designed to triple clean for a perfect pool. First, its naturally based enzymes work to break down non-living organic waste buildup, reducing the frequency with which filters need to be cleaned. Second, it removes phosphates, which reduces time and effort needed to maintain the pool. Finally, the product contains an advanced clarification formula to polish the water to perfection.
naturalchemistry.com | (203) 295-2300



Basecrete is an all-in-one cementitious waterproofing and bondcoat that preserves, repairs and renovates concrete. Engineered for all water containment vessels and concrete structures, Basecrete is job-site ready for easy application. With a 24-hour cure time and a 10-year limited warranty, Basecrete combines PSI, adhesion, tensile, shear bond and flexibility, which gives Basecrete its international reputation for reliability.

Evosus 6.4

Evosus Business Management Software, designed specifically for the pool and spa industry, has announced the release of version 6.4. Dealers on v6.4 can now merge duplicate inventory items, add new inventory items on the fly and create schedule rules based on day of week, technician, quadrant, route, task or product category. Back office staff will save time with automatically recurring accounting transactions and mass printing/email capabilities. 

S.R. Smith Velocity Starting Block Series

New from S.R.Smith is the Velocity starting block series, which features a sleek, strong fiberglass footboard made with resin-injected transfer technology. The unique TrueTread non-slip platform surface is a composite material with a raised diamond pattern. The track start wedge is adjustable to five positions and can be tucked beneath the footboard when not in use. The Velocity’s patented RockSolid anchor virtually eliminates frame movement. Compatible with both Colorado and Daktronic electronic timing systems, Velocity Starting Blocks are compliant with FINA, NCAA, NFSHSA, USMS and USAS competition pool rules and guidelines.

Aqua Creek Spa Lift Ultra, Spa Lift Elite

Aqua Creek is proud to introduce a new generation of spa lifts designed to provide greater access to residential and commercial pools or spas. The Spa Lift Ultra and Spa Lift Elite feature added clearance capabilities, making them ideal for taller swim and exercise spas. With their streamline design and unique features, the Ultra and Elite not only meet ADA compliancy requirements, but offer an optional solar charging system. With simple push-button operation, these lifts give anyone the ability to improve their individual health and performance. Like other Aqua Creek lifts, the Ultra and Elite come standard with a five-year limited warranty.

SeaKlear Solar Shield Display

SeaKlear is pleased to offer pool retailers a new standalone display for its new SeaKlear Solar Shield product. The display comes with easy-to-assemble shelving and signage to educate consumers when store staff cannot attend to customers immediately. SeaKlear Solar Shield provides an ultra-thin, invisible barrier on the pool water surface, reducing water, heat and chemical evaporation. One dose lasts up to 30 days.

Almost Heaven Bluestone Sauna

Almost Heaven Saunas’ latest offering is the Bluestone indoor sauna, a two-to-three person sauna that’s ideal for homeowners with limited space. Measuring 47 inches deep by 70 inches wide, the Bluestone is the company’s most space-efficient indoor product, making it a fantastic addition to a master bath, a personal fitness area or any unused corner that could use some fresh appeal. In addition, the Bluestone is the company’s first product to feature LED interior lighting, installed behind the Western Canadian red cedar back rest, that runs the length of the room. This lighting provides a soft, diffused glow that creates a subtle ambiance and encourages deep relaxation.