• The Dirt on Filter Cleaning

    by AQUA Editors July 2016

    Today, we take on the topic of filter cleaning — how, when, where (well, that's an easy one) and what works best with which filter type. We talked to five seasoned veterans and gathered some of their insights on aquatic filtration. There may be a trick or two here you haven't thought of.



  • How Big is the Largest Pool in the World?

    by AQUA Editors July 2016

    When training for triathlons at small health club pools, one big hassle is the large number of turns (as many as 80 to 100) it takes to swim a mile. But in the largest pool in the world, just one lap is enough to cover a mile and then some. That's because the world's largest pool — defined as a...

  • Study: Safety is Paramount for Customers Interested in a Pool or Spa

    by Barrett Kilmer July 2016

    Last fall APSP hired leading consumer research firm Gallup to poll pool owners and non-owners about their attitudes toward its members' products. The company gathered more than 4,000 completed surveys covering a wide range of pool-related issues, including key drivers behind decisions to buy and factors that prevented non-owners from considering pool purchases.

    Many results were predictable and positive, such as the value consumers placed on the family togetherness and health...

  • National Plasterers Council Launches YouTube Channel

    by AQUA Editors July 2016

    The National Plasterers Council recently announced the launch of its new YouTube channel. The content currently includes 13 videos that feature long-time NPC members such as Greg Garret and Alan Smith discussing often-controversial topics including spot etching and plaster-nodule formation.

    Assisting in the development of the channel is Randy Beard, a former pool builder and designer turned full-time videographer. According to Beard and the NPC, numerous additional videos are on the...

  • Why LED Lights are Taking the Industry by Storm

    by Eric Herman July 2016

    The explosion of LED (light emitting diode) technology can be seen through a variety of lenses, but the story is always the same: LEDs are taking over and revolutionizing the lighting industry across the spectrum of applications, including pools, spas and landscaping.

    According to manufacturers serving the aquatics and landscape industries, LEDs now account for well over half of the lighting market for both new installations and the "re-lighting" aftermarket.

    On the new...

  • San Antonio Man Donates Inflatable Pools to Local Families

    by Eric Herman July 2016

    In the heat of the Texas summer, even a simple inflatable pool can make a huge difference for families seeking shelter from the swelter. That’s what Todd Arredondo of San Antonio thought when he decided to gift inflatables to local families who can’t afford a pool.

    The idea came to him when he saw a local family’s Facebook page with pictures of a makeshift pool built with a tarp and other scrap materials. Although he admired the family’s ingenuity, he was saddened to see comments...

  • Dealing with Pool Stains? Identify Before You Treat

    by Terry Arko July 2016

    How YouTube Can Lead to More (And Better) Pool Customers

    by Al Curtis July 2016

    YouTube: It's the third-most visited website on the planet with more than a billion people using it. Those people spend an average of 40 minutes during each viewing session, consuming vast amounts of content on a wild range of topics. In 2014 it was officially declared the world's second largest search engine, and data shows that you could miss up to 70 percent of your potential mobile traffic by ignoring video.

    Given the massive scope and reach of this marketing channel, it still...

  • Burning Bright: Why Fire Features are Hot Right Now

    by Eric Herman July 2016

    "When water goes to bed at night, fire comes out to play." —Chris Anderson, Custom Design Pools & Landscaping

    Although it's difficult to quantify in specific numeric terms, few would question the notion that fire features have enjoyed a long period of sustained growth in the pool business. Once considered exotic, poolside fire is now a common addition to a project.

    Project Profile: A Steep Challenge

    by Rick Chafey June 2016

    We've always been one of those companies that takes pride in our willingness and ability to reach above and beyond the norm, but at times, that value system also leads to more than a few sleepless nights.

    Such was certainly the case for the project pictured here. In fact, this was our most technically challenging to date. We've installed larger projects and we've executed equally detailed designs on smaller scales, but this one stands out for both its complexity and size.