• The Disney Waterpark That Sank

    by AQUA Editors August 2016

    The Disney conglomerate is so successful and well-run, it's hard to imagine one of its parks sinking into the...

  • An Expert's Final Word on Rio's Green Pool

    by Bob Lowry August 2016

    After the flood of speculation and analysis that followed the now-infamous Green Olympic Pool Incident of 2016, chemistry expert Bob Lowry provided AQUA the following concise summary along with a couple takeaways in the hope that future embarrassments may be avoided. Lowry is an acknowledged authority in the field of pool chemistry with more than 40 years of experience; he co-owned Leisure Time Chemical and Robarb and has invented more than 110 new products. He is also the author of ...

  • Olympic Lifeguards Go Viral

    by Eric Herman August 2016

    They’ve become an internet sensation – for doing close to doing nothing at all!

    Lifeguards at the Olympic aquatics training and competition venues in Rio De Janeiro have captured worldwide attention in the form of viral videos and memes across social media and scores of news reports online and in print. The reason for the widespread attention: the inescapable irony and some might say absurdity, of having lifeguards on hand to potentially rescue the word’s greatest swimmers, athletes...

  • Case Study: How Stray Current Caused Extreme Corrosion

    by Mark Holden August 2016

    Editor's note: this discussion is not about electrical safety or prevention of shock hazards, but instead looks at very low levels of electrical energy that typically pose no threat to people, but do present possible corrosion problems.

    Sometimes the best way to truly understand a complex issue is to learn about it by way of extreme example. That was certainly the case when I recently encountered a catastrophic corrosion problem in an over-story stainless-steel pool...

  • Water Problems Aside, Rio's Aquatic Stadium A Tech Wonder

    by AQUA Editors August 2016

    While the world has been transfixed and astonished by the failures of the maintenance staff at the Olympic Aquatics Stadium, the technical achievement embodied by the stadium itself has gone relatively unnoticed. It is a truly innovative venue.

    The building itself was constructed using "nomadic"...

  • UPDATE: Green Olympic Pool Diagnosed, Drained

    by AQUA Editors August 2016

    After much speculation in the pool industry and beyond, officials at the Rio Olympics have finally explained why the diving pool and water polo pool took a green turn: hydrogen peroxide.

    RELATED:Rio's Olympic Diving Pool Turns Green Overnight

    As the

  • How to Design with Purpose

    by Bradley Renken August 2016

    Have you ever wondered why some exterior environments are used and others go virtually ignored? Or why some backyards become huge points of pride for the homeowners while others don't?

    I've come to believe the answers boil down to a simple, yet profound concept: designing with purpose.

    Specifically, I've noticed that the majority of my customers (and, by association, my competitors) seem to focus on the elements contained within a design instead of what exactly those...

  • Rio's Olympic Diving Pool Turns Green Overnight

    by AQUA Editors August 2016

    Yesterday at the Rio Olympics, divers and attendees in the Maria Lenk Aquatics Centre were surprised by a big change: the diving pool, overnight, had turned green.

    Images of the green pool went viral online yesterday, including this post by Tom Daley, an Olympic diver from Great Britain:

  • Pump Replacement Made Easier

    by AQUA Editors August 2016

    Manufacturers report that anywhere between 80 and 90 percent of pump and motor sales are for the replacement market — an unsurprising estimate given the ratio of existing to new pools at any given time.

    With so many pumps replaced each year, and so many service companies relying on pump sales and labor for a large chunk of their annual revenue, it only makes sense to establish practices that both ease the replacement process and ensure the best results in terms of performance and...

  • AOP + Pools: For Some, the Perfect Match

    by Barrett Kilmer August 2016

    What's the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of a YMCA pool? If it's not piercing lifeguard whistles or the echoing laughter of children, chances are you thought of the smell. Most people call it a "chlorine" smell, but pool pros know it's really caused by chloramines.

    Keith Williams is vice president of facilities and properties for the YMCA of Boulder Valley, situated at the base of Colorado's Rocky Mountains. So he knows all about that smell. Six years ago, one...