• Do Rivalries Help or Hurt Our Industry?

    by Eric Herman June 2016

    It’s human nature – some of us, sometimes, become rivals. Whether it’s in business, the arts, sports, spelling bees or cake-baking contests at the county fair, wherever people compete, rivalries are inevitable. The classic irony, of course, is that as much as we may come to resent them, our rivals are quite often engaged in the same exact pursuits as we are, and as such, they are often those with whom...

  • Time is Running Out to Submit AOE Entries

    by AQUA Editors June 2016

    Each year, APSP honors the most stunning examples of workmanship, creativity and beauty in the pool and spa industry with the annual Awards of Excellence. Thinking about submitting one of your projects for consideration? Act fast — submissions close June 30.

    "Why should I enter?" you may wonder. Several reasons. First: the more submissions APSP receives, the more they can promote the benefits of the pool and spa lifestyle to consumers, which means everyone wins.

  • Will Zika Virus Impact Swimming Pools?

    by AQUA Editors June 2016

    In what could potentially become a common measure in preventing the spread of Zika virus, health officials in New Jersey’s Middlesex County have begun sending crews into abandoned homes to drain — and in some cases demolish — swimming pools and other bodies of water that could harbor mosquitoes, which could carry the virus. As reported online June 8 by New Jersey 101.5...

  • A Glass-Bottomed Pool in the Sky

    by AQUA Editors June 2016

    You're strolling through Linear Park in London when a friend says, "Hey, check out that pool!"

    You look to the right. You look to the left. You turn a complete circle. Seeing nothing, you shrug. She points straight up.


  • Hot Servers Heat Paris Pool

    by Scott Webb June 2016

    For years, the role of computers in recreational water has been growing. From smartphone apps that turn on spa heaters to CAD-based design programs and 3-D virtual renderings to online shopping for pool supplies, computers have become an omnipresent feature of the pool and spa business.

    Until now, however, they had not been used to heat pools.

    That is about to change. A pool at the Butte aux Cailles centre, a health and wellness facility located in one of Paris' historic...

  • The Unreal Future of Pool Design

    by Cailley Hammel June 2016

    Watching Noah Nehlich demonstrate Structure Studios' latest innovation is like watching a magic trick. First, he puts on the floor something that resembles a mouse pad. Then he holds up an iPad. Suddenly, a pool appears on the screen as if it were installed into the very floor on which we stand.

    As Nehlich walks around the mouse pad on the ground, called a track pad, he can see the pool from all sides. With a press of a button, he can swap the pool for a different shape, size,...

  • Test For Success

    by Scott Webb June 2016

    Good news: Pool and spa retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada continue to report growth this year from pool and spa sales to accessories and outdoor living products. But the biggest challenge to industry retailers remains protecting their share of the market against competition from big box retailers and online merchandisers.

    In the battle for today's pool and spa customer, too many retailers try to take on the behemoths head-to-head in the price arena, the home stadium of Amazon...

  • The Basics of Buoyancy

    by Eric Herman June 2016

    The fact that humans float in water is at the heart of why pools and spas exist in the first place. Yet, for as critical as buoyancy may be, do we really understand how it works? For most, including those of us in the pool and spa industry, the honest answer is we probably don’t, at least not with any scientific specificity.

    In the spirit of sharing basic information about aquatics and the science behind it, here’s a brief primer on buoyancy.

    For starters, buoyancy is...

  • ...And the APSP Award Goes To...

    by AQUA Editors June 2016

    We all want to belong to something. And making that something better, stronger and more successful is what association membership is all about.

    Traditionally, awards programs are a way to show gratitude to volunteers, encourage achievement and reward accomplishment. This year, APSP is enhancing its awards program to honor and recognize the many people who contribute to the success of the industry through their involvement with the Association. Mixing traditional categories with new...

  • Florida Homeowner Finds 100+ Frogs in Pool

    by AQUA Editors June 2016

    Spring is traditionally the mating season in the animal kingdom, and while the sight of baby geese and deer can bring a smile to our faces, it can also on occassion cause some serious frustration.

    Tony Summa of Edgewater, Fla., knows from experience. Last month, while checking on the backyard pool, he was shocked...