• Sensory Sales for the New Consumer

    by Ted Lawrence June 2016

    June 2016 New Spa and Pool Products

    by AQUA Editors June 2016

    Water treatments, spas, rail goods and more — these new products have the industry talking this summer. Check 'em out!

    For thousands of years, people have been using water from the Dead Sea to treat skin problems, rejuvenate their appearance,...

  • Prevent Fraud with Proper Cash Drawer Management

    by Christina Braks May 2016

    Over the years, I’ve been surprised at the stories I’ve heard from business owners that experienced employee fraud or embezzlement.  Many times, the situation was preventable with a little oversight and tight process control.   Believe it or not, the easiest place to start is your cash drawers.

    Below are a few simple pointers for proper cash drawer management that will reduce your risk and hopefully make your bookkeeper a little happier.

    1. Always – and I mean always...

  • Single Family Home Sales Jump

    by AQUA Editors May 2016

    New, single-family home sales shot up 16 percent from the previous month to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 619,000, according to a joint report from the U.S. Commerce Department and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. It was the fastest pace of new home sales since January 2008.

    This is welcome news for pool builders and the leisure aquatics industry in general, as housing starts are a leading economic indicator of the health of the pool industry. New home...

  • California Eases Water Conservation Restrictions

    by Eric Herman May 2016

    In a major shift in water-conservation policy, California state regulators voted Wednesday, May 18, to lift conservation targets put in place last year as a result of the state’s recent historic drought. In place of the statewide 25-percent conservation rule for all residents and businesses, the State Water Resources Control Board adopted a new policy allowing individual water agencies throughout the state to adopt their own policies based on anticipated local demand and overall health of...

  • Confessions of a Scaled Up, Stressed Out Pool Guy

    by Al Curtis May 2016

    In our business — really in any business — the idea of leaving money on the table is abhorrent to most people. We’re taught in business school that scale is the way to riches. If you can build one thing and make a little money, you should build tons and make tons.

    The logic is undeniable, and so is the fact that many people in this industry are making a great living doing just that. It was the dominant paradigm when I became the owner of my pool company several years ago.


  • Easy Pool/Spa Chemical Formulas

    by Bob Lowry May 2016

    I know what you are thinking when you see a chemical symbol, equation or formula. You are saying to yourself, "Oh no! I hate chemical formulas." And you immediately scan the rest of the article to see how many more of these formulas there are. If there are a lot of them you usually decide not to read the rest of the article or at least skip the formulas. I used to be the same way and I still...

  • APSP Fights For Industry Recognition

    by AQUA Editors May 2016

    The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals went back to Capitol Hill last month to ensure that pools and spas are not left out of the energy and tax incentive debate.
    APSP Energy Efficiency Coalition members Scott Petty, Hayward Pool Products; Jeff Farlow, Pentair Aquatic Systems; Joe Valentino, Speck Pumps; and Shajee Siddiqui, Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc., talked with members of Congress...

  • Covers for the Cure

    by AQUA Editors May 2016

    To support the fight against breast cancer, safety cover manufacturer LOOP-LOC (Hauppauge, N.Y.) recently announced a $25,000 company donation to Susan G. Komen, a leading non-profit that provides cancer screenings, counseling, support and research funding.

    LOOP-LOC has also initiated a program whereby...

  • Build a Great Online Reputation

    by Phillip M. Perry May 2016

    More consumers than ever before are sharing their good and bad shopping experiences on Internet review sites. And the public is reading those reports before making buying decisions. Retailers must protect their brands by responding appropriately to negative reviews, promoting positive ones, and posting helpful information for an Internet-connected public.

    Time was, a retailer could build a solid...