• The Singer and the Swan

    by AQUA Editors September 2015

    Almost everything Taylor Swift does feeds into popular media, so it was only a matter of time before she created a small sensation for the aquatics industry. The...

  • Comin' Down Fast

    by Eric Herman September 2015

    From the classic blue fiberglass slides of the '60s and '70s to the composite materials and dynamic variety of today's models, waterslides have without doubt come a long...

  • At Last — The Fun Issue Is Here

    by Scott Webb August 2015

    Likely coming in the mail today is an historic issue of AQUA Magazine — The Fun Issue.

    It is the first issue in the history of the industry to focus on the reason for its existence — the joy of pools and spas and the...

  • August 2015 New Spa and Pool Products

    by AQUA Editors August 2015

    This month, we take a look at a new hot tub model, an exciting new line of outdoor structures, a fun basketball hoop for the pool — and more. Want to see your products in AQUA? Send an email to


  • Dear Tom Brady: Winter Pool Covers CAN Come in White

    by AQUA Editors August 2015

    Tom Brady has once again made headlines — not for football, but for his winter safety cover.

    As Brady fights his four-game suspension ruling for his role in the Deflategate scandal, a massive collection of his emails has been made public — and it turns out, there’s some pretty interesting stuff in there.

    Last October, the NFL quarterback looked into getting a winter safety cover for the backyard. Upon learning the cost of the cover ($8,300) and the installation ($240)...

  • Cover Up: 2015 Spa Covers and Lifters Roundup

    by AQUA Editors August 2015

    Looking for a new spa cover or lifter system to carry? Check out the latest models below:

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    Calif. PG&E Announces 1st Motor-Only Rebate

    by AQUA Editors August 2015

    Motors using variable-speed technology have come on the market in recent years that are designed to be installed as replacement motors on traditional pumps. These replacement motors are a great way to achieve variable speed-type savings without replacing the entire pump. That is, the existing impeller and water section of the pump are retained while upgrading the system using a variable speed motor.

    However, until now, the rebate programs that have dramatically spurred the...

  • 7 Tips for Spa Cover and Lifter Sales

    by Cailley Hammel August 2015

    When someone is considering a hot tub purchase, they're really focused on that lovely idea of relaxing in some steamy water. But as a retailer, it's your job to help your customers make the entire hot tub experience a relaxing one. In that respect, a hot tub cover or lifter is a priority. After all — how can a customer enjoy a hot tub after a wrestling match with a waterlogged cover?

    We asked spa cover and lifter manufacturers to pass along their best sales advice to retailers....

  • SLIDESHOW: Pool House Rock

    by Cailley Hammel August 2015

    As the outdoor room movement continues to blossom, outdoor structures like pergolas, gazebos and pool houses are flourishing as well. For George Arp, owner of Seacoast Pool Design in Jupiter, Fla., they're especially popular in the high-end market he serves.

    "Coming off the recession, customers were really looking at bare bones installations, which just included a basic pool and/or spa and decking. But now, things are really opening up. Construction is gearing up again. So it just...

  • Mermaid Fins: Pleasure or Peril?

    by Eric Herman July 2015

    Mermaid fins, a popular pool accouterment, were a hot topic at the annual Alberta Association of Recreation Facility Personnel Conference in April.

    Although kids have taken to the slip on fins in a big way, officials in Alberta decided to establish a policy aimed at ensuring kids wearing the fins will do...