• Alice Cunningham: On Outside Influences

    by Alice Cunningham January 2017

    Education. We hear about it all the time in the hot tub and pool industry. We're told it's the way to increase our professionalism, deliver greater value to our customers and ultimately grow the industry as we compete for consumers' discretionary dollars.

    Yet for all of the obvious importance of professional education and the hopeful rhetoric that surrounds it, I can't help but think, as an industry, we've come up short. That's not to say that we're entirely lacking in educational...

  • Are Chip Readers Here to Stay?

    by Phillip M. Perry December 2016

    Retailers can protect themselves against fraudulent transactions by installing point-of-sale systems that process the new chip-enabled credit cards. Criminals are increasingly targeting those retailers who have not yet performed the upgrade. Yet many merchants are opting to delay what can be a costly and time-consuming procedure.

    Shoppers love credit cards for quick and easy purchases. Retailers? Not so much. One big problem is fraud: Transactions with bogus plastic...

  • How to Offer Constructive Criticism

    by John Tschohl December 2016

    Giving positive feedback is easy. But what about those times when an employee is not performing as well as you need them to, and you need to give negative feedback? That can be a different story, especially for those who do not like confrontation. Managers need to be careful when dishing out negative feedback and need to make sure that it is done constructively – the last thing you want to do is demoralize your employee.

    While these conversations can be a bit awkward, when done...

  • What the Heck are 'Wave Balls'?

    by AQUA Editors December 2016

    While adults love a smooth glassy pool surface to cut through with their steady swim strokes, kids who play in the water just want some wave action. But creating waves requires the movement of enormous amounts of heavy water, which takes a great deal of energy.

    Unless you use...

  • PSP Expo 2017 Accepting Presentation Proposals

    by AQUA Editors December 2016

    The 2017 International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo has issued a call for presentations to educators, consultants and specialists all around the world who want to share their knowledge and business expertise as presenters for the educational conference program. 

    The conference program will be held October 29 to November 3, 2017, with exhibits taking place on November 1 to 3 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla....

  • Trending Now: Nearly Invisible Outdoor Furniture

    by Margie Grace, Houzz December 2016

    Successful retailing amid the outdoor living boom means staying abreast of rapidly changing consumer tastes in backyard products. To help keep your product lines up to date, AQUA has partnered with design megasite Houzz to bring you more content about outdoor living, from pools and spas to outdoor kitchens and patio furniture. Here, a Houzz expert explains a rising trend in patio furniture: the barely-there look.

    Outdoor furniture is an integral part of a garden, providing...

  • Key Misunderstandings and Problems in Pool Water Chemistry (Part II)

    by Bob Lowry December 2016

    Welcome back our discussion of key misunderstandings in pool and spa water chemistry. In our first installment, we covered a variety of issues that all interrelate in the overall water chemistry scheme. We continue examining these key facets of pool and spa water treatment here.

    We'll begin with misunderstanding No. 5 — to see the first four,

  • Key Misunderstandings and Problems in Pool Water Chemistry (Part I)

    by Bob Lowry December 2016

    Welcome to this overall look at the problems facing service techs regarding pool and spa water chemistry – presented here in two parts.

    Before we get started, consider this: If we think about all of the following issues together, we can come up with an easy way to take care of pool water that makes sense. By contrast, when we try to fix one of these without considering the way it affects other chemical constituents, we often create another type of problem.

    We’ll start off...

  • The Pool Retailer’s Off-Season Checklist

    by Ted Lawrence December 2016

    It probably feels like yesterday when you were slammed with summer business — the phone ringing off the hook, your techs’ schedules filled with maintenance requests and repairs. Now that you made it through, you’ve probably been enjoying some hard-earned time off. Maybe you’re even going on one of those supplier vacations, right?

    While you entirely deserve a chance to breathe, don’t make the mistake of cutting out work entirely. Even though it’s the slow season, there’s still much...

  • Sales Promotions to Boost December Revenue at Your Pool and Spa Store

    by Dan McManus December 2016

    For most of the country, pool and spa sales slow in December. However, that doesn’t mean retailers can’t take advantage of the holiday shopping experience!

    Here, we share just a few creative ways pool and spa retailers can boost sales in December.

    Gift Cards

Everyone has that hard-to-buy-for friend or relative. But do they own a pool or spa? If so, gift cards are ideal. Try setting up a special offer: Buy $100 in gift cards and receive 10 percent off the next...