• 10 Industry Leaders Named APSP Fellows

    by AQUA Editors October 2016

    The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals welcomes its fifth cadre of Fellows. These individuals may be nominated from any segment of the industry and may be honored posthumously. The peer-nominated honor was developed by the APSP Board of Directors to recognize leaders whose contributions have enhanced the professionalism of the pool, spa and hot tub industry through teaching, research and/or exemplary service to others.


  • APCs: A Pool Owner's Best Friend

    by AQUA Editors October 2016

    For many pool owners, the automatic pool cleaner is an indispensable part of the backyard.

    Those who work full time, for example, and bounce from the office to soccer practice to the dinner table, simply don't have time to worry about manually vacuuming the pool. At the same time, there's much to be said for the convenience of an APC — just toss it in for a few hours and come back to a sparkling pool, all without lifting a finger.{bglink 3831}

    It's unsurprising, then, that...

  • Aquatic Freedom For Children with Special Needs

    by Eric Herman October 2016

    For most of us, aquatic exercise and recreation represents a healthful and often pleasurable respite from the rigors of daily life. For people with with disabilities, however, time spent in water can mean much more.

    In the words of Jodi Powell, aquatic instructor for children with disabilities, the water represents nothing less than freedom — “aquatic freedom” to be exact. I came across

  • Sauna Pants: They're Real, and They're Spectacular

    by AQUA Editors October 2016

    Since the dawn of civilization, man has longed for the sensation of sauna in his loins, but was disinclined by the time and hassle of actually stripping down and taking a sauna. Equally...

  • Sand Filters: Tips for Top Performance

    by Scott Webb October 2016

    It's the simplest of the pool filter media, a material with which anyone who's ever walked on a beach is familiar. And generally speaking, the granular medium just lies there filtering out gunk, but there are still a few sand pitfalls to watch out for and a trick or two you can use to boost filter performance....

  • Introducing APSP’s CBP, CSP, Chapter of the Year Award Winners

    by AQUA Editors October 2016

    Every year, APSP recognizes individuals who have done exceptional work in their field. Below are the honorees of this year's CBP award (builder), the CSP award (service) and APSP Chapter of the Year:

    CBP of the Year

    Jason Schallock, CBP, CSP
    General Manager,

  • October 2016 New Spa and Pool Products

    by AQUA Editors October 2016

    Wondering what's new in pool and spa products? Wonder no more! This month, we have quite a selection of innovative items, from a cool new Apple Watch interface and a multipurpose swim spa to four new chemical offerings. Scroll down for more.


  • Pool Industry Expo Celebrates Its 30th Edition

    by Eric Herman October 2016

    Pool Industry Expo celebrated its 30th installment in Monterey, Calif., Sept. 29 to Oct. 1, with a downsized show floor but enthusiastic attendance.

    Although this year’s show was confined to a compressed exhibit layout, due to an in-progress expansion of the Monterey Conference Center, organizers reported strong attendance of 4,513. Because...

  • AOE: It's Gallery Month

    by Scott Webb September 2016

    October is Awards of Excellence month at AQUA, our opportunity to show off fabulous pool and spa designs from builders across North America.

    We set aside this time to focus on the devoted work of the artists whose creations took honors in APSP's annual Awards of Excellence contest. I use the...

  • We're More than 'Suppliers' — We're Partners

    by Chris Golden September 2016

    Sometimes the terms we use to describe things impart meanings that aren’t always accurate, even when those words are widely accepted and used all the time.

    For example, I have to admit that I have a problem being called a “vendor.” Yes, I have been a supplier of products since 1982—and am proud of my role with Taylor Technologies supplying water-testing products to the pool and spa industry and others—but I always...