• Tips for Firepit Safety

    by Scott Cohen October 2012

    photo of Cohen family around fire pit
    The author’s family enjoys the warmth of their fire pit in comfort and safety. (Courtesy: The Green Scene Landscaping and Pools)

    For homeowners and commercial property owners seeking to enhance the outdoor experience, fire pits provide an opportunity for close interaction with the flames, explains Scott Cohen,

  • AQUA's Roundup Of Pool And Spa Safety Products

    by Barrett Kilmer June 2011

    To co-opt and slightly alter a popular advertising adage, safety sells. The following companies offer a wide range of safety products that do the double duty of keeping customers safe while keeping registers ringing. One really can do well by doing good.

  • Safety In The Spotlight

    by Becky Strauss February 2007

    With the tragic drowning death of Graeme Baker in June of 2002, pool and spa safety issues hit the spotlight in a big way. A granddaughter of former Secretary of State James Baker, the 7-year-old was the victim of suction entrapment at a family graduation party. Since her death, the Baker family has strongly advocated for pool safety, including testifying in May 2006...