• FSPA Creates Technical College Course to Attract New Industry Pros

    by Kathryn Howard July 2017

    To help draw more job candidates to the pool and spa industry, the Florida Swimming Pool Association is developing a 600-hour course that will be offered at Manatee Technical College (Bradenton, Fla.).

    Plans for the course began when Mary Anderson, education program manager for FSPA, met with MTC’s president at a conference.

    “We started talking and came to the realization that there has not been a program specific for the swimming pool industry,” she says. “We could create...

  • Tales from the Service Route

    by Cailley Hammel July 2017

    Every day in pool service is an adventure — and no one knows that better than fellow service techs. That's why Steve Sherwood of Sherwood Pool Consulting Group (Culver City, Calif.) created a Facebook group just for CPOs called Certified Pool Operator - CPO. (If you'd like to join, visit

    In this group, which is about 2,000 members strong, CPOs from all over the country come together to...

  • How Do Ionizers Work?

    by APSP Recreational Water Quality Committee (RWQC) July 2017

    Ionizer Facts

    • Silver ions act as a bacteriastat, but the action is slow compared to the action of sanitizers such as chlorine or bromine.
    • Copper ions are an effective algaecide
    • Copper/silver ionizers require a sanitizer such as chlorine/bromine for daily sanitation and a supplemental oxidizer to
  • July 2017 New Spa and Pool Products

    by AQUA Editors July 2017

    Looking for ways to revitalize your showroom or make your job easier? This month's new products roundup has a little bit of everything, from trendy outdoor living products to new building products and service tools.

    The Service Program
    The Pool Service...

  • 6 Things a Pool Guy Hates to Hear

    by Steve Goodale June 2017

    As a pool and spa professional, you learn very quickly that people are "funny" about their swimming pools. Perhaps it's due to the relatively high cost of pools, or perhaps it's due to the tenuous operational understanding that most pool owners have, but you must choose your words wisely when speaking to people about their beloved swimming pools. When I say, "It looks like there might be some damage to the pool," some pool owners hear, "Your pool is broken and you're going to go bankrupt...

  • Time for Tech: P/S Industry Software Roundup

    by AQUA Editors June 2017

    For today's pool and spa professionals, the key to continued success comes down to one word: efficiency.

    Saving time on the job can open up a number of opportunities — the chance to sell more products or clean more pools, to look for new customers, or just to knock off a little early and relax.

    For all those reasons and more, there's a growing market for software products specifically for pool and spa pros. Inventory management, service route generation, emailed invoices,...

  • Registration Opens for International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo

    by AQUA Editors June 2017

    Registration is open for the 2017 International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo, which returns to Orlando, Fla., for the first time since 2014. The exposition, sponsored by APSP, will be held November 1 to 3 at the Orange County Convention Center. Pre-show conference begins October 29 with extensive educational offerings throughout the duration of the show days.

    The largest exposition of its kind in North America, the 2014 event attracted 11,103 total attendees and 552 exhibiting...

  • Free Marketing Training Offered at 2-Day Online Conference

    by AQUA Editors June 2017

    Interested in learning more about modern marketing strategies and how they can help your small business thrive? Pool and spa retailers, builders and service pros are invited to attend the Local Business Marketing Summit, a free two-day online event for local business owners June 27 to 28. Hosted by the Local Marketing Institute, a...

  • Chemical Basics: Cyanuric Acid

    by APSP Recreational Water Quality Committee (RWQC) June 2017

    Commonly known as "stabilizer" or "conditioner," cyanuric acid is a chemical used to help prevent the degradation of active chlorine by sunlight.

    Without CYA in the water, bright sunlight can cause decomposition of most of the chlorine in pool water within an...

  • ASP Launches 2017 Veteran Program

    by AQUA Editors June 2017

    America’s Swimming Pool Company is excited to announce the 2017 ASP Veteran Program is open for entries. The program, now in its third year, seeks to thank a distinguished veteran for his/her service by helping them get their own ASP franchise off the ground — and waiving the franchise fee.

    (For perspective, 2016 winner Brad Baglio's$65,000 franchise fee was completely covered by...