Eric Herman
A writer/editor with 32 years experience covering a wide range of business, technical, scientific and cultural topics, Eric joined the AQUA staff in August 2011 following 12 years as editor and co-founder of WaterShapes Magazine. He now serves as AQUA's senior editor. He can be reached at
  • Thursday, September, 28, 2017 The Jigsaw Waterslide

    There's more than one way to build a water slide.

    On the DIY front, there's the plastic or vinyl sheeting with a garden hose, an approach that will probably live on indefinitely in backyards occupied by enterprising children. Some homeowners opt for the far more elaborate inflatable slides that are rented like bounce houses for birthdays and other special events. For use with pools, there are the familiar drop-in manufactured slides that bolt onto the deck, which are typically used...

  • Tuesday, September, 19, 2017 The Wide World of Custom Spas


  • Tuesday, September, 12, 2017 Former Jandy CEO Authors Family Biography

    This past summer I had the privilege of editing a book about one of the industry’s true pioneers. It’s called “Fathers of Invention: An American Story of Faith, Family and Innovation” by Andrew A. Pansini, former CEO of Jandy. 

    The story focuses mostly on Pansini’s dad, Andrew L....

  • Thursday, September, 07, 2017 Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? No, It's a Spool!

    It's a term that begs a question. Is it a really small swimming pool? Or is it a reference to vessels that combine small pool compactness with the ability to function like a spa?

    Then there's the other moniker for these diminutive hybrids, "cocktail pools" — does that mean a pleasure-inducing mixture of pool and spa functions? Or is it something else?

    According to Robert Blanda, the New York designer/builder credited with coining the phrase, "A

  • Tuesday, August, 29, 2017 The History of Hot Water Wellness

    You don't have to look very far to see we're inundated with information about the health benefits of soaking/bathing in hot water. Some might even go so far as to say we're currently in a Golden Era of hydrotherapy research.

    What makes much of this fluid discourse feel so new is that it runs counter to the hedonism, party lifestyle and brazen sexuality that defined the "hot tub" experience of the '70s and '80s, the period when modern portable spas and hot tubs became modern...

  • Tuesday, August, 29, 2017 When the Powers of the Sun Combine

    While solar heaters have maintained a steady niche in the swimming pool market, solar manufacturers and installers over the years have had to adapt to evolving technology and consumer preferences. A new technology invented by FAFCO called CoolPV, a hybrid technology that combines solar water heating with photovoltaic...

  • Thursday, August, 10, 2017 Ozone Vs. Cryptosporidium: Fighting a Wave of Outbreaks

    Despite widespread efforts to eradicate water-related illnesses, outbreaks of cryptosporidium in public pools, splash pads and waterparks doubled between 2014 and 2016, according to a recent report from the U.S....

  • Thursday, July, 20, 2017 Adolph Kiefer: A Life Aquatic

    When Adolph Kiefer passed away at his home May 5 in Wadsworth, Ill., at age 98, the world of aquatics lost one of its most enduring icons. Among his many accolades: at the time of his death, Kiefer was America’s oldest living Olympic champion.

    He rose to fame at age 17 at the 1936 Olympic games in Berlin, known as “the Nazi Olympics,” where he won the gold medal in the 100-meter backstroke. Hitler shook his hand in congratulation, but Kiefer later said that if he had known what...

  • Thursday, July, 06, 2017 National Reflections in Washington, D.C.

    As we celebrate our nation’s independence, we thought it would be appropriate to offer up an AQUA salute to what is arguably the most prominent water feature in the U.S.: the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool in the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

    If you visited our nation’s capital between November 2010 and August 2012, you would have noticed the iconic reflecting pool was undergoing renovation on a truly historic scale. How big was the project? The price tag ran $34...

  • Wednesday, June, 21, 2017 Fire as the Focal Point