Eric Herman
A writer/editor with 32 years experience covering a wide range of business, technical, scientific and cultural topics, Eric joined the AQUA staff in August 2011 following 12 years as editor and co-founder of WaterShapes Magazine. He now serves as AQUA's senior editor. He can be reached at
  • Tuesday, April, 17, 2018 Rising Above the Flood

    Last August when Hurricane Harvey ravaged the Houston area, Jennifer and Tom Parison, owners of Texas Tom's Pool Supply in Kingwood, Texas, were among the thousands dramatically impacted as chest-high floodwaters wrecked their business.

    "We walked into...

  • Thursday, April, 12, 2018 Build A Package Pool in Just a Few Clicks

    Online shopping has transformed the way consumers behave. The combination of instantaneous access to product information and reviews, combined with the ability to purchase virtually anything you want in a matter of seconds, has created an unprecedented level of consumer empowerment. The numbers are impressive: According to, e-commerce sales reached $400-billion in 2016, growing 15.6 percent from 2015....

  • Tuesday, April, 10, 2018 The Evolution of Package-Pool Marketing

    Package pools have come a long way in recent years. As has been widely reported in AQUA and elsewhere, package pools have evolved to the point where they offer most of the same features available in custom concrete pools. And many dealers offering package pools have moved into the total backyard business, offering luxury amenities such as custom hardscape, outdoor kitchens and shade structures.

    As the product and distribution continue to evolve, marketing and advertising have been...

  • Wednesday, April, 04, 2018 Design in Place: Pacific Northwest

    The Alderbrook Resort & Spa (Union, Wash.) is designed to bring people into almost constant contact with bodies of water, both natural and man made. With its inspiring setting, beautiful indoor swimming pool, multiple water features and sustainable landscape, Alderbrook is both defined by aquatics while also serving as a perfect example of design that harmonizes with the surrounding environment — in this case, the landscape and waters of the Pacific Northwest.

    In terms of...

  • Thursday, March, 22, 2018 The Birth of the Automatic Pool Cleaner

    In 1957, Andrew L. Pansini made a curious observation. While cleaning his pool in Greenbrae, Calif., he noticed a garden hose that had fallen into the pool was moving back and forth, lifting the dirt on the floor of the pool up into suspension, which would then settle down closer to the main drain at the deep end of the pool.

    That's when it struck him: He had discovered what would become the basic concept for the automatic pool cleaner (APC). A year later, Pansini founded Jandy...

  • Tuesday, March, 13, 2018 Creating Your Legacy

    Planning succession is one of the greatest challenges business owners face — even more so for smaller companies where the owner, founder, CEO or head honcho often remain integral to daily operations. Finding, grooming and handing over control to the right person or set of people requires careful forethought and deliberate action over years. How you approach that all-encompassing process is at the heart of building a legacy.

    That’s the core message in “

  • Thursday, March, 01, 2018 Mediterranean Inspiration

    Juliet Wood and her fiancée Manuel Diaz see great opportunity in the world of pools and spas. This project, located in Duluth, Ga., an upscale suburb of Atlanta, presented a golden chance to demonstrate some design flair.

    The home features a Mediterranean design with a tile roof and stucco walls. The yard measured approximately 40 by 75 feet, relatively small given the client's wish list.

    Despite the fact that the space now includes a large cabana complete with a kitchen,...

  • Thursday, February, 22, 2018 A Fiberglass Lazy River

    For all of the innovation and creativity that has come to define the fiberglass pool industry, size has remained a limitation. Manufacturers point out that, after all, you can only ship shells up to a...

  • Thursday, February, 22, 2018 Apps Will Help Define the Future of Aquatic Management

    For the past few years, one of the most ballyhooed categories of aquatic innovation has been the seemingly ubiquitous “app.” All of the major equipment manufacturers now offer apps that can be used to monitor and control important pool and spa functions. There are apps for monitoring chemistry and calculating dosages for sanitizing and water balance, and consumers can test their water and order chemicals just by tapping that little screen.

    Managers of high-use commercial aquatic...

  • Tuesday, February, 13, 2018 Case Study: Winterizing vs. Auto-Cover

    There are various reasons why a homeowner might choose to forgo winterizing and leave their pool open all year. Perhaps they want to continue to swim through the cold months, or maybe they just like the way the pool looks when it's open. Saving money, however, is not usually the motivating factor.

    Steve Kenny, president of SRK Modern Pool Solutions, a design, construction and service firm based on Long Island, N.Y., makes a different case. Three years ago, it dawned on him that when...