Eric Herman
A writer/editor with 32 years experience covering a wide range of business, technical, scientific and cultural topics, Eric joined the AQUA staff in August 2011 following 12 years as editor and co-founder of WaterShapes Magazine. He now serves as AQUA's senior editor. He can be reached at
  • Wednesday, April, 20, 2016 Is Fiber-Reinforced Concrete the Material of the Future?

    Back in January, leak-detection and repair specialist Nathan Weston of Naples, Fla., reached out to AQUA with a simple observation:

    "I've been in this business since 1992 and have broken through something in the neighborhood of 3,000 decks. A normal deck is not hard to get through; you create a hole with your jackhammer and then pieces start easily breaking off and it goes pretty fast. But when I have to break through a fiber-reinforced deck, it's at least twice as hard, if...

  • Monday, April, 18, 2016 5 Common Fiberglass Concerns, Addressed
  • Tuesday, April, 05, 2016 An Olympic-Size Metaphor

    How many times have we seen the comparison? A volume of liquid of some kind is expressed in the number of Olympic-size swimming pools it would fill. Over the years some of the examples I’ve personally read or heard include the amount of guacamole consumed on Super Bowl Sunday, tears cried after JFK was assassinated and beer quaffed during Oktoberfest. Without revisiting those calculations, suffice to say in each case, it was a lot...

  • Tuesday, March, 22, 2016 Making the Perfect Wave

    In the highly specialized world of creating the perfect man-made wave, legendary surfer Kelly Slater may have just pulled off the equivalent of the Manhattan Project.

    In December, Slater released a video called

  • Thursday, March, 17, 2016 The Western Pool & Spa Show: A Comforting Tradition

    I attended my first Western Pool & Spa Show way back in 1990, when it was held in Pasadena instead of its current long-time home in Long Beach, Calif.Over the ensuing years, I’ve attended (I think) 11 installments, the latest being this past March 10-12. 

    Right as I walked into this...

  • Tuesday, March, 01, 2016 Eric Herman Blog: Filling the Information Gaps

    One of the enduring knocks against the pool and spa industry has long been what many see as a lack of quality educational opportunities. It's certainly true that there is no four-year college degree in aquatic design and construction, for example, which I've always viewed as one of the...

  • Tuesday, February, 02, 2016 A Soaring Achievement

    Located near the Whistler Mountain ski resort in British Columbia, this project was part of the original construction for a luxurious custom home. The daring cantilevered design and the precise engineering pushed custom pool builder Alka Pool to its creative and technical limits, resulting in one of the firm's most unusual and spectacular projects to date.

    Everything about this project was unusual, says Raphaelle Sorvinigo, COO for Alka Pool (Vancouver, B.C.). Built during...

  • Thursday, January, 21, 2016 Drought and Pools: The Long View

    It's raining in California and that comes as welcome news for a state badly impacted by the recent historic drought. Unfortunately, no matter how much it rains and snows in the Golden State this year, it won't be enough to replenish reservoirs and aquifers that have been badly depleted over the past four years.

    Through this drought and others in recent memory, the aquatics industry has learned the hard way that when the weather turns dry, recreational bodies of water are among the...

  • Tuesday, January, 12, 2016 Eric Herman Blog: Inside the Storm

    It was one of the longest, coldest and scariest drives of my life. On Sunday January 3rd I was making a 1,041-mile journey northward from Santa Cruz, Calif., to our new home in Gig Harbor, Wash. – but Mother Nature seemed to have other ideas.

    When I left the forecast was for clear, cold but dry conditions. I was soon to learn, however, that in the peripatetic ways of the great Pacific Northwest climate, predicting the weather is an imperfect science. As I made my way into southern...

  • Wednesday, December, 23, 2015 A Most Happy Holiday

    As the song says, Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year. The season of giving, family and togetherness, it’s when we show those closest to us how much we love them and how important they are in our day-to-day lives.  

    It’s also a time that reminds us of our childhood and...