Erik Taylor
Erik Taylor is the owner of Chlorine King Pool Services, Seminole, Fla. Go online to check out his successful and entertaining YouTube channel ( and podcast (
  • Thursday, June, 07, 2018 How to Keep Employees Motivated

    This regularly recurring column is brought to you by APSP’s Manufacturers Council, featuring hot issues impacting today’s industry, business insights and tips you can use to enhance your personal development and business success.

    There are few things that better affirm how your business is run than when someone from another company asks for a job because they’ve heard how well your employees are treated. If you’re worried your employees are starting to slack and lower the...

  • Wednesday, February, 07, 2018 Filter Basics: Cleaning is Fundamental

    Want to make sure you land an estimate for a pool you really want on service? If the client is there with you during the estimate, offer to clean their filter. Why, you ask? It's simple. The filter has probably been neglected, which is why they are looking for a new service company in the first place. (Well,...

  • Tuesday, January, 09, 2018 Boost Your Net Income

    Have you ever heard that phrase, "Time is Money?" Yeah, I have too. We all know what that means, but do we actually apply it in our pool businesses? If not, we are leaving money on the table, plain and simple. If you are not as time efficient as you would like, then read along and see if you can't save some time and make more money!

    Below we'll work through a few scenarios and see potentially how many pools a day poor time management is costing your company. For easy math we'll use...