Kathryn Howard
Kathryn (called KT) is getting her feet wet in the pool and spa industry as the newest editor for AQUA. She joined in 2017 after spending a year in New Zealand where she acquainted herself with Kiwi cinema and Kiwi aviation history. A livelong lover of travel and books, she has a library card in four different cities. When she is not reading, writing or traveling, she is probably stuck and requires help. She can be reached at kathryn@aquamagazine.com.
  • Tuesday, November, 07, 2017 The Artist Behind the Pool of Dreams

    The Pool of Dreams, also known as the largest hand-painted pool in the world, is looking for a home.

    Artist Sergio Furnari had been hand-painting pool tiles for years before he came up with the idea for the Pool of Dreams in 2005. The vision of a colossal hand-painted pool grew in his mind until three...

  • Monday, October, 30, 2017 6 Spooky Ways to Dress Up a Pool for Halloween

    Happy Halloween! Pinterest is a goldmine of spooky DIY ideas for bewitching décor, and that includes the swimming pool. Here are just a few ways to get a pool in ghoulish condition for the holiday:


    1. Spooky Soak...

  • Thursday, October, 26, 2017 Dining, Nightlife and Attractions: What to Do in Orlando

    Pools by the Hour

    The sharing economy has expanded into the pool industry with the launch of Pool For U, a service where pool owners can rent their pools to swimmers on an hourly basis. In other words, it's Airbnb for pools.

    "Our slogan is bringing summer closer to home," Bunim Laskin, Pool For U CEO, told App.com. "We...

  • Tuesday, October, 10, 2017 Shop Talk: What's the Worst Hot Tub You've Ever Encountered?

    Shop Talk is a feature in AQUA in which we ask a question to a few pros from all corners of the industry. Today's question: What's the worst hot tub you've ever encountered?

    Eric Cassidy

    Vice President | Valley Pool & Spa
    Pittsburgh, Penn.


  • Tuesday, October, 03, 2017 Pooling Together Volunteers

    When Ryan Johnson, owner of Suburban Pool Service (Folsom, Calif.) stopped by the property for the first time, he was taken aback by what he saw — grounds in disarray:

    "The fence was falling over, the grass...

  • Thursday, September, 07, 2017 Toddler’s Brain Damage Reversed 162 Days After Drowning

    On February 29, 2016, two-year-old Eden Carlson almost drowned in her family pool in Fayetteville, Ark. While mother Kristal Carlson was in the shower, Eden climbed past a baby gate and got through the heavy door to the pool. She was in the water for ten minutes when Kristal found her and immediately started CPR.

    Shortly afterward, EMTs arrived at the scene, taking over CPR efforts and rushing Eden to the emergency room. Two hours after drowning, Eden’s heart started to beat on its...

  • Thursday, August, 31, 2017 Swim Like a Navy SEAL

    You've probably heard of most of the competitive swim strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and dragonfly. Then there's the sidestroke, which is used in recreational swimming, and the doggie-paddle, just about...

  • Tuesday, August, 29, 2017 Floating Your Troubles Away

    Have you heard of floating? No, this isn’t a relaxing float in the pool — it’s a certified spa treatment.

    In “float therapy,” guests lay in an enclosed water tank (also known as a pod) filled with enough Epsom salt to keep a body afloat without tensing any muscles. The sensory deprivation of floating is meditative and comes with a slew of benefits, such as stress reduction, pain relief and improved blood circulation. It can even help relieve PTSD symptoms in military...

  • Thursday, August, 17, 2017 How to be Successful in Retail (According to A Retailer)

    Pittsburgh’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies is an award for privately-owned companies that have seen the most financial growth in the Pittsburgh, Pa., area. To enter, nominated companies have to submit three years’ worth of financial information that is then audited by a third party. The final list includes law firms, pharmaceutical companies, education companies and other large, multimillion-dollar enterprises.

    Also on that list? Valley Pool & Spa, a firm with five locations in...