Kathryn Howard
Kathryn (called KT) is getting her feet wet in the pool and spa industry as the newest editor for AQUA. She joined in 2017 after spending a year in New Zealand where she acquainted herself with Kiwi cinema and Kiwi aviation history. A livelong lover of travel and books, she has a library card in four different cities. When she is not reading, writing or traveling, she is probably stuck and requires help. She can be reached at kathryn@aquamagazine.com.
  • Thursday, March, 01, 2018 A Redesigned Snorkel for Athletes

    One of the hardest aspects of swimming is learning when to breathe during each stroke. AMEO, a German company, has unveiled a product that may help: the Powerbreather, a redesigned snorkel.

    Powerbreather's design is simple: two tubes wrap around the swimmer's head, where they inhale fresh air from...

  • Thursday, February, 15, 2018 This Household Robot Cleans Your Grill

    Robotic assistants for the home have been a fixture for quite some time now. It’s only natural, then, that a robotic assistant would make its way to the backyard.

    Enter Grillbot, a tool that, as its name suggests, cleans your grill so you don’t have to. In other words, a Roomba for the grill.

    Grillbot is equipped with a timer, so you can tell it how long to clean, and an alarm, so it can tell you when it’s done. It also works on both hot and cold surfaces, so it can clean a...

  • Wednesday, February, 07, 2018 The Hidden Swimming Pools 
Of Philadelphia

    Philadelphia is full of carefully hidden secrets, one of which is a set of abandoned swimming pools underneath the Fairmont Water Works.

    Originally built in 1793, the Fairmont Water Works has almost a century and a half of history before the swimming pools were constructed. The Water Works made...

  • Thursday, February, 01, 2018 Virtual Reality Helps Children Overcome Fear of Swimming

    With virtual reality becoming more and more common, its use as a tool for things other than entertainment is still being explored. One such use is exposure therapy, which exposes an individual to a phobia in a safe environment.

    Take swimming, for example. One in five Swedish children are anxious around the...

  • Thursday, January, 25, 2018 Customer Service in the Digital Age

    Ten years ago, Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone, a device whose slogan promised to "reinvent the phone." In the decade since, smartphones would indeed live up to that premise: They're now our cameras, our alarm clocks, our calendars, our way of communicating. For many, grabbing the smartphone is the first thought of the day.

    As smartphones and tablets have grown more sophisticated, so too have customer expectations of the businesses they frequent. Today, your customers are more...

  • Tuesday, January, 16, 2018 Furniture Store Sees Booming Success with Artificial Intelligence

    Albert is not your average salesperson — he’s an artificial intelligence program designed explicitly to increase sales leads.

    Albert uses complex algorithms to assess existing marketing strategies and implement new ones, like landing pages, social media posts, email campaigns and more. Better yet, “he” does it completely autonomously, meaning companies that use Albert can spend less time on marketing and more time on lead follow-ups. 

    If you’re skeptical, you’re not alone....

  • Thursday, January, 11, 2018 This Airport Takes a Swimming Approach for its VIPs

    When you're going to the airport, you can always count on seeing a few things: a humdrum newsstand; bland, yet overpriced food and drinks; and stressed-out passengers.

    Travelers passing through the Dominican Republic, however, can enjoy a far more luxurious experience: swimming on the airport's...

  • Tuesday, January, 09, 2018 Cauldron Hot Tubs: Old World Charm for the Modern Age

    It's one of the most imaginative designs in the history of pre-manufactured spas – something that evokes films and cartoons and magic — and by the designer's admission, it came straight out of Hollywood:

    "It came out of those old movies from Abbott and Costello where the cannibals boil the...

  • Thursday, December, 21, 2017 Walkin' 'Round a Pool Store Wonderland

    As we’ve discussed time and time again, one of the best ways to battle big box stores and e-tailers is to make your store an “experience.”

    For mom-and-pop stores, that may be easier said than done. However, some retailers are taking advantage of the holiday season by decking the halls with elaborate displays that help draw in...

  • Tuesday, December, 19, 2017 Aerial Views Can Help Sell Pools

    When the first consumer drones debuted at the Consumer Electronics show in 2010, no one knew they would take off. But according to the Consumer Technology Association, more than 2.4 million personal drone units were sold in 2016, and sales are only expected to climb in the years to come. Business Insider, for example, projects sales will pass $12 billion in 2021.

    After their introduction and wide acceptance from hobbyists, drone technology immediately began filtering into industries...