Cleopatra was known to have bathed in wine, an indulgence one might expect of one of history's most decadent figures. These days, modern bathers have the same opportunity at Japan's Yunessun Spa Resort where owners have decided to branch out into exotic bathing options, creating some of the most unusual pools and spas found anywhere in the world.

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The spa/theme park is nestled in lush forest land in Japan's Hakone prefecture, which provides a beautiful backdrop for a dip in liquids not typically associated with human immersion. There patrons can not only use Red Wine Spa, one of the park's most popular attractions, but also the Green Tea Spa, where bathers get to relax in a pool filled with actual tea as well as a Japanese Sake Spa, a Coffee Spa, and a pepper-water filled Ramen Noodle Spa – all brimming with the genuine beverages and broths.

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Each of these unique baths also features over-sized drink containers associated with the chosen drink. A massive wine bottle feeds the wine bath, while giant faux noodles are suspended above the ramen pool. For bathers seeking less exotic treatments, the park also offers a number of theme spas such as the Roman-styled ancient bath and the God's Aegean Sea, where the vessels are filled only with water.

While visitors are welcome to the beverages poured from normal-size containers while they luxuriate, they are strongly advised to resist imbibing from the pools themselves.