• Performance-Enhanced Ponds

    by Barrett Kilmer January 2007

    Bill Goddard, owner of Goddard Construction Services, is a very busy man. When I reached him on his cell, he was watching his crew doing a dig and he told me he was heading to his office where he'd be better able to talk. "Should I call you back there." I asked. Not necessary, he said, he was just steps away from it. Bill's a guy who literally takes his office to...

  • Moving Water

    by Elissa Sard Pollock November 2006

    The slope of this property was ideally suited to the homeowner's request for water in transit over varied elevations, recalls David Klohr, Jr. from Smart Pools & Spas in Las Vegas. "The customer came to us knowing he could do something neat with that kind of slope," he says. So David Klohr, Sr. presented a 3-D rendering, and the job began.


  • Bright Ideas

    by Elissa Sard Pollack November 2006

    Swimming pool lighting can be as simple as a single white bulb in the deep-end wall, or a Vegas-style multicolor show choreographed to light up grottos, spas, fountains, trees, patio areas and more in sweeping swaths of changing colors.

    Something in between those extremes describes the lighting in and around most backyard pools today. And the effects may be...

  • Landscape Lessons

    by Barrett Kilmer November 2006

    The award-winning backyard designs featured in the pages of AQUA are often the result of highend builders paying as much attention to what surrounds the watershapes as they do the pools and spas themselves. Some builders may feel that creating these beautiful and botanically balanced backyards is beyond their ability, but at least one landscape designer says that's not the case. All they need is a little professional help, and it won't cost their customers as much...

  • Shelve It!

    by Karen Erstad September 2006

    Randy Beard, owner of Pure Water Pools in Costa Mesa, Calif., says most of his clients who know about beach entries want one. And who can blame them. They're beautiful, kids love playing in them and adults enjoy lounging in them. But the gentle, gradual slope that makes them so appealing also takes up a lot of space. Unfortunately, not every backyard can accommodate a...

  • Put To Rest

    by Karen Erstad September 2006

    What's not to like about automatic covers. They make pools safer, they reduce heating and chemical costs, and generally make the pool easier to maintain. Plus, they're not hard to use, which means they'll actually get used. "If something is not convenient, even if it's a good idea, people just won't do it," says Wes Mathis, co-owner of Pool Cover Specialists,...

  • A Thinking Environment

    by Karen Erstad September 2006

    A backyard where you can escape everyday stresses sounds like an ideal environment to many homeowners. The owner of this pool and spa in Scottsdale, Ariz., definitely wanted a tranquil space. "He wanted to be able to go into his backyard and have the whole environment remove him from everyday thinking," says Judd Smith, owner of Tahitian Pools in nearby...

  • The Frugal Googler

    by Barrett Kilmer August 2006

    It's easy to forget how quickly the Internet has become an important part of our everyday lives. Only 10 years ago, someone could utter the phrase "information superhighway" without drawing derisive laughter. And Google was still just a funny word fifthgraders heard in math class (and it was spelled googol, BTW). A mouse was something most people didn't want...

  • Beneath The Surface

    by Lindsay Renick Mayer August 2006

    Jon Temple, right, with Shane Geiger, left, leads by example.

    Through word of mouth alone, Tempool, a pool plastering company in Jacksonville, Fla., will have enough business to stay busy for at least the next 20 years.

    And it's not just because of the incredible rate at which the housing market is currently growing in the area. Tempool owner Jon Temple...

  • And Now For Something Completely Different

    by Becky Strauss July 2006

    Imagine, if you will, your clients this summer lounging by the pool you've just built. What does it look like. Perhaps there's intricate tile work, or beautiful stone decking surrounding the sparkling water. If it were a natural swimming pool, though, you might instead envision your clients sharing the water with a luscious assortment of aquatic plants, perhaps a pebble...