• A Masterful Man Cave

    by Barrett Kilmer October 2018

    Bob Shehan is the owner of Shehan Pools, a high-end building firm in the greater Cincinnati area. His company, located in Florence, Ky., netted a Silver in APSP's Awards of Excellence this year for indoor custom hot tub design.

    Bob's pool career began after he graduated from the University of Kentucky, where he played football for the Wildcats and earned a degree in arts and education in 1992.

    "My dad had started the business in 1972 after researching how to build a...

  • Zodiac Pulls Jandy Products from E-Commerce Sites

    by Eric Herman October 2018

    In a bold move that could have far-reaching impact on the way many dealers in the pool and spa industry do business, Zodiac Pool Systems has announced that it is prohibiting internet sales for the Jandy Pro Series, a line that includes more than 400 products.

    In a Sept. 28 press release, Zodiac announced that the change is a continuation of its “trade series policy” it established in 2014, in which the company altered its warranty program in favor of the trade. The new policy, which...

  • How a Trust Can Protect a Pool Business

    by Phillip M. Perry October 2018

    James has run a successful pool business for over three decades. Things are going great, but he worries about the future. What if he were to suffer a sudden decline in health, like a stroke or heart attack? What about when he passes — how can he help ensure the wealth he’s built in the business is distributed to his children without squabbling? What about other threats, like lawsuits?

    If he should suddenly become incapacitated, who will run the enterprise for the benefit of his wife...

  • How to Measure Social Media Marketing

    by Barrett Kilmer September 2018

    Ask anyone involved in advertising, marketing or public relations what the hardest part of their jobs is, and it won’t take long for them to mention measuring success. If a customer has a single ad playing on the radio during rush hour and sales go up, even an intern can write a report detailing the campaign’s worth. But it’s usually not that simple.

    Hot tub dealers, for example, might advertise on radio and television, send direct mail to targeted customers, put inserts into Sunday...

  • Got Good Work? Enter the Shotcrete Awards

    by AQUA Editors September 2018

    The American Shotcrete Association is accepting entries for the 2018 ASA Outstanding Shotcrete Project Awards program. The awards are meant to demonstrate exceptional examples of shotcrete placement of concrete and to promote the shotcrete industry as a whole. The winners will be recognized at an awards banquet held in conjunction with the 2019 Shotcrete Convention and Technology Conference, Feb. 25-26, at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort in Fernandina Beach, Fla.


  • Is Wellness Working?

    by Eric Herman September 2018

    Back in 2016, spa manufacturing giant Watkins changed its name to Watkins Wellness. It was an attention-getting move that not only demonstrated the company's commitment to the wellness message, but was also in many ways...

  • The Humble Slide, Amplified

    by Eric Herman September 2018

    For some products, form and function can be difficult to marry, and for years, waterslides have largely fallen into that category. While slides add big fun to many an aquatic environment, they also typically rank among the more visually awkward features.

    Enter Splinter Works, a British manufacturer that has introduced a line of waterslides that completely reinvents the concept. The company was formed in 2009 as a collaboration between design pioneers Miles Hartwell and Matt...

  • Hot Looks in Hot Water

    by AQUA Editors September 2018

    Hot tub design has come a very long way from the days of wine barrel tubs and the early portables. The industry now features vessels that complement and harmonize with architecture and landscape design in ways once reserved for their concrete counterparts.

    Back in our July issue, Senior Editor Eric Herman discussed how portable and pre-manufactured hot tubs have evolved in aesthetic design in recent years. The main point was simple: Where in-ground concrete hot tubs have...

  • The AQUA Truck & Van Contest Returns

    by AQUA Editors September 2018

    After sharing the winners of the first-ever Truck & Van contest, we were flooded with feedback. In particular: “When is this contest coming back so I can enter?”

    Now, in fact — we’re excited to announce we’re bringing the Truck & Van contest back for another spin.

    This year, entries will be accepted on a rolling basis through June 1, 2019. (If you're planning a wrap redesign sometime this...

  • New Mini-Movie Promotes Trade and Technical Careers

    by AQUA Editors September 2018

    For a generation kids have been told they had to go to college to get a good job. Technical schools rebranded themselves as colleges, and hard trade skills and job experience were de-emphasized in favor of classroom instruction and theory. But as pool and spa professionals know, there are good careers in the trades, and if more people knew about the potential more would be choosing that path. The problem is that too few do, as anyone who has problems finding good help knows all too well.