• WAHC 2018 Dates Announced

    by AQUA Editors January 2018

    Organizers of the World Aquatic Health Conference invite industry pros to save the date for this year’s event: October 10-12 at the Charleston Marriott in Charleston, S.C.

    The WAHC is an educational conference designed to help aquatic industry professionals discuss, learn and network with like-minded people. Each year, attendees report having gained new information and valuable connections that directly benefit their field of...

  • Cauldron Hot Tubs: Old World Charm for the Modern Age

    by Kathryn Howard January 2018

    It's one of the most imaginative designs in the history of pre-manufactured spas – something that evokes films and cartoons and magic — and by the designer's admission, it came straight out of Hollywood:

    "It came out of those old movies from Abbott and Costello where the cannibals boil the...

  • Boost Your Net Income

    by Erik Taylor January 2018

    Have you ever heard that phrase, "Time is Money?" Yeah, I have too. We all know what that means, but do we actually apply it in our pool businesses? If not, we are leaving money on the table, plain and simple. If you are not as time efficient as you would like, then read along and see if you can't save some time and make more money!

    Below we'll work through a few scenarios and see potentially how many pools a day poor time management is costing your company. For easy math we'll use...

  • Simple Control Solutions for Simple Pools

    by Eric Herman January 2018

    Pools built 20 or more years ago still number in the millions and many, if not most, still rely on the most elementary systems — a pump and filter, perhaps a heater and a light. There might be an automatic pool cleaner for convenience or deck-mounted slide for panache, but the simple pool remains the foundation of the industry.

    The prevalence and importance of the "simple system" is not lost on service professionals who tend to the needs of aging systems. As an example, Steven Ward...

  • APSP Water Conservation Efficiency Standard Approved by ANSI

    by AQUA Editors January 2018

    The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals announce that the American National Standards Institute has approved its ANSI/APSP/ICC-13 2017 American National Standard for Water Conservation Efficiency in Residential and Public Pools, Spas, Portable Spas and Swim Spas.

    This Standard covers methods and technologies to increase the efficient use and conservation of water. It applies to both new and existing facilities to address water use by pools, spas, portable spas and swim spas,...

  • Aerial Views Can Help Sell Pools

    by Kathryn Howard December 2017

    When the first consumer drones debuted at the Consumer Electronics show in 2010, no one knew they would take off. But according to the Consumer Technology Association, more than 2.4 million personal drone units were sold in 2016, and sales are only expected to climb in the years to come. Business Insider, for example, projects sales will pass $12 billion in 2021.

    After their introduction and wide acceptance from hobbyists, drone technology immediately began filtering into industries...

  • Distributors: The Middleman's Role

    by Eric Herman December 2017

    They are some of the most familiar and iconic names in the industry: SCP, Superior Pool Products, Hachik and PoolCorp, to name a few. Some are national in scope while others remain regional. Many that once helped fuel the industry no longer exist and have been long forgotten.

    Big or small, familiar or obscure, pool and spa wholesale distributors occupy a crucial niche — whether a retailer, builder or service company, you most likely buy the vast majority of your wares from a...

  • 7 Ways to Incorporate Ultra Violet in the Backyard

    by Cailley Hammel December 2017

    What does the future hold for backyard design? As it turns out, it’ll likely have something to do with the color purple.

    Last week, Pantone announced its new Color of the Year: Ultra Violet. This “dramatically provocative and thoughtful shade” was chosen for its complexity, counterculture sensibilities (Prince was an early pioneer of Ultra Violet, after all) and mystical qualities. As Pantone writes on its...

  • Builder Rivalry Tempered By 3 Wishes

    by Kathryn Howard December 2017

    Like many pool and spa businesses, Eagles Pool Services (Moncton, New Brunswick) has a local rival: Waterworks Pools & Spas. Regularly bidding for the same jobs is enough to create a sense of competition between firms, but according to Eagles Pool Services owner Cory Eagles, there’s a shared history, to boot. Years before, Eagles worked for Brad Cross, Waterworks’ project manager, before starting his own company.

    “We were both young at the time,” Eagles says. “Probably didn’t...

  • Making the Shade

    by Eric Herman December 2017

    Whether we realize it or not, shade is one of the most important exterior design elements. It provides protection from the sun, shelter from rain and relief from the heat. Shaded areas are often the most popular gathering spots in the yard, garden, deck or patio, and structures that provide shade can be used as architectural or even sculptural design elements.

    They can be simple and inexpensive or elaborate with costs that rival any other line item in a project. And making the shade...