• Finding the Next Generation

    by Scott Webb March 2018

    The current weakness started out as the industry’s great strength — individual entrepreneurs building unique small businesses as the pool and spa market grew. Few of them grew particularly large; most of them stayed local. And for decades they created a rich national tapestry of tight-knit, often family-owned companies.

    But time passes unseen, relentlessly, and that whole generation — the generation that really built the pool and spa industry — has gotten old, and a lot of them are...

  • Mediterranean Inspiration

    by Eric Herman March 2018

    Juliet Wood and her fiancée Manuel Diaz see great opportunity in the world of pools and spas. This project, located in Duluth, Ga., an upscale suburb of Atlanta, presented a golden chance to demonstrate some design flair.

    The home features a Mediterranean design with a tile roof and stucco walls. The yard measured approximately 40 by 75 feet, relatively small given the client's wish list.

    Despite the fact that the space now includes a large cabana complete with a kitchen,...

  • Share Your Opinion, Enter to Win

    by AQUA Editors February 2018

    Update, 3/8/18: The SOI survey closes tomorrow! Please take a couple minutes to help us put the issue together — complete the survey and you can enter to win some cool prizes.

    It’s that time of year again…our State of the Industry issue is just around the corner.

    Our State of the Industry issue, one of our most highly-anticipated of the year, is an annual compendium of data and valuable industry insight broken up into four reports: Retail, Service, Hot Tubs and...

  • A Fiberglass Lazy River

    by Eric Herman February 2018

    For all of the innovation and creativity that has come to define the fiberglass pool industry, size has remained a limitation. Manufacturers point out that, after all, you can only ship shells up to a...

  • Resolving Conflicts Without Litigation

    by Eric Herman February 2018

    Does anyone ever really win a lawsuit?

    In the most literal sense, the answer is, of course, yes — technically speaking, there are always winners and losers. Yet we also know that achieving those outcomes often requires massive legal fees, countless hours of aggravation and, perhaps most of all, the corrosive damage to reputations and relationships as well as a lingering negative impression on consumers. Lawsuits are, by any common measure, a bad deal for everyone...

  • The World's First Living Backyard Umbrella

    by Eric Herman February 2018

    "The world's first living backyard umbrella" — that's what they're calling Living Canopies' patio-sized umbrella. It's a steel pole and frame that can accommodate a variety of different plants and...

  • Facebook’s Drastic News Feed Change: What It Means for Your Business

    by AQUA Editors February 2018

    Facebook has started to prioritize posts from family and friends over posts from businesses, and the change will drastically impact your business’s page.

    The new goal for the News Feed, as outlined by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, is to switch from presenting relevant content in the News Feed to presenting content that sparks meaningful social interactions among your family and friends. He then goes...

  • Tanning Ledges: A Fiberglass Must-Have

    by Jason Hughes February 2018

    {bglink 4680}The demand for fiberglass pools overall has more than doubled in the past decade. But more recently — within the last five years — there's been a major trend toward tanning ledges integrated into the pool design.

    In just the past year, two thirds of the pools we manufactured and installed at River Pools have included a wide ledge area. We believe this is partially because we intentionally developed our pool...

  • Customer Service in the Digital Age

    by Kathryn Howard January 2018

    Ten years ago, Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone, a device whose slogan promised to "reinvent the phone." In the decade since, smartphones would indeed live up to that premise: They're now our cameras, our alarm clocks, our calendars, our way of communicating. For many, grabbing the smartphone is the first thought of the day.

    As smartphones and tablets have grown more sophisticated, so too have customer expectations of the businesses they frequent. Today, your customers are more...

  • Design in Place: Desert

    by Eric Herman January 2018

    There's drama and an almost sculptural beauty in desert landscapes. Cacti, succulents and hearty brush plants cling to expansive flats, craggy mountains and deep arroyos struggle to draw and collect enough water to support life — all amid the intense heat, violent winds, blowing sand and intermittent cold that combine to form a forbidding but strangely delicate desert world.

    A pool placed here can be the most compelling of vessels found anywhere, both for its powerful aesthetics (as...