Cailley Hammel
Cailley joined the AQUA team in August 2012, and serves as the magazine's managing editor. She commonly writes about the hot tub industry, marketing and retailing. Follow her on Twitter @CailleyH or send her an email at
  • Thursday, August, 08, 2019 All Wrapped Up

    In the pool and spa industry, a truck wrap is an essential part of marketing and branding. A wrap is an opportunity to advertise yourself and what you do, but it's also a canvas on which you can show off your personality. What's your company story? What are you all about? Your wrap can answer those questions and more, all in the time it takes for someone to glance at it while stopped at a red light.

    We launched the Truck & Van Contest last year to help highlight just how...

  • Tuesday, August, 06, 2019 Online Sales: Will the Big 3’s New Plans Provide Relief?

    "Why can I get this product online for less?"

    It’s an all-too-common question that has frustrated brick-and-mortar dealers for years. Products like pumps and motors — bigger-ticket items that offer a much healthier margin than staples like chemicals, making them an invaluable part of the bottom line — can be found online at lower prices than dealers can offer. On occasion, those products are even listed at prices below what dealers pay to buy them in the first place.

    It’s a...

  • Tuesday, July, 16, 2019 The Smart Sensor Revolution

    The IoT Movement is continuing to take America by storm. According to Statista, smart home devices — or internet-enabled devices that can remotely monitor and control areas of the home — are experiencing exponential growth, which is only expected to accelerate.

    That surge speaks to a near-universal interest in products that shoulder the burden of home ownership and in many ways lessen the impact of life's annoyances. Instead of manually sweeping the floor, you can deploy a vacuum...

  • Thursday, July, 11, 2019 A Pool That Defies Gravity…and Logic

    At the risk of sounding like Captain Obvious, when you're in the pool industry, you see a lot of pools. Here at AQUA, we're regularly impressed and dazzled by the creative ingenuity found in the projects we come across. That said…once in a great...

  • Tuesday, June, 04, 2019 Need Help With Your 'Help Wanted' Ads?

    From part-time retail staff to tenured industry veterans, finding new employees is an uphill battle. Today’s job market allows candidates to pick and choose — meaning businesses need to get creative when writing help-wanted posts.

    Here, we take a look at three help-wanted listings from pool and spa businesses that show how thinking outside the box can help snag more applications.


  • Tuesday, June, 04, 2019 Jacuzzi Partners with USA Surfing

    After years of campaigning, surfing is expected to make its long-awaited Olympic debut at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. To help athletes prepare to hang ten and stay in peak physical condition, USA Surfing has announced a partnership with hot tub giant Jacuzzi. Per the three-year agreement, Jacuzzi will provide portable spas at USA Surfing training facilities and competition sites.

    Hot tubs and sports go hand-in-hand: football teams use them in recovery regimens and divers use...

  • Thursday, May, 23, 2019 This Year's Must-Have Pool Floats

    Like the must-have toy at Christmas, everyone wants the season's hit pool float — a trend that's been ongoing for several years with no signs of...

  • Thursday, May, 23, 2019 The New Frontier for Vinyl Liners: Holographic Designs

    The vinyl liner industry has made great strides in recent years — customers who seek extra "oomph" from their liner patterns can choose sparkly, iridescent inks,...

  • Thursday, May, 09, 2019 Hidden in Plain Sight


  • Monday, May, 06, 2019 SOI Retail Report 2019: Strong and Steady

    Right now, life for the pool and spa retailer is going swimmingly. As we found in our SOI retail survey — which received a record-breaking number of responses this year — just over half of respondents feel "very comfortable" with the future of the industry. Sixty-three percent said their businesses are growing stronger. These encouraging numbers point to another promising season of high revenues and happy customers.

    At the same time, prosperity has not led to complacency. Pool and...