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Scott Webb has been with AQUA magazine in one capacity or another since April 2001; he now serves as executive editor. Scott has a degree from University of Cincinnati in aerospace engineering and lives in Madison, Wisc. To get in touch, email him at
  • Tuesday, August, 06, 2019 An Answer for Colorblind Service Techs

    Rich Tarricone, owner of Aquatic Pool Systems (Sarasota, Fla.), has enjoyed a long and successful career in pool service, watching his company prosper and grow and winning the 2011 Pleatco Perfect Pool Guy award. He’s also enjoyed the pride a father feels as his son, Tim, enters the family business, but that family succession faced an obstacle: Tim’s growth as a service pro was hampered by his inability to distinguish color in water tests. He’s colorblind.

    As many as 8 percent of...

  • Thursday, August, 01, 2019 Wireless: The New Frontier In Pool Lighting

    Walking in the door after a day at work, today's homeowner may lay his phone on a charger to juice up for the evening. There's no wire connection, but electrons are moving and a current is being generated inside the phone to build potential in the battery.

    There are a number of devices that are charged in this way — through the air, without the copper wire that for over a century was the only way to transmit electrical power.

    And now there are pool lights on the market that...

  • Tuesday, July, 30, 2019 Fiberglass Pools Taking Market Share from Gunite

    One of the biggest stories of the last few years in the pool business has been the growth of fiberglass pools. Estimates suggest fiberglass has garnered up to 17 percent of the new pool market (that figure is higher in fiberglass' Midwestern heartland, and lower in the gunite strongholds of the South and West). Overall, those market share numbers have been on the rise for the last decade, partly because fiberglass is taking business from gunite.

    The reasons are manifold, says Rick...

  • Wednesday, July, 03, 2019 A Backyard Aboveground, Neat as a Pin

    The backyard aboveground has been around for a long time, but it's never been quite this … cute. And tidy. One might be tempted to say "tiny," because this pool comes from Tiny in a Box, the people who have become famous for delivering tiny homes. And they sell this pool as a "Tiny Pool," but in fact even the small size...

  • Thursday, June, 27, 2019 Ontario’s Provincial Logo Raises Questions

    Sometime back in 2006, a small gathering of bureaucrats sat in a conference room in Ontario and gazed at a design proposal for the new provincial logo. It was a semi-abstract image, the artist said, of a trillium (flower) bloom.

    It was a busy day, the logo looked like a flower — and Canadians especially...

  • Tuesday, June, 18, 2019 Can ‘Reverse Internships’ Help Grow the Labor Force?

    Baby boomers are retiring at a rate of 10,000 a day — taking their technical and institutional knowledge with them — leading to a shortage of skilled workers. But thanks to an innovative collaboration between pool pump manufacturer Nidec and Ranken Technical College in St. Louis, Mo., more young people are learning about pool pumps and plumbing every day.

    In 2017, Nidec installed a test stand for pool and spa pump motors at Ranken, and since that time, students in the school’s...

  • Thursday, June, 13, 2019 Check Out This Crazy, Funny, LEGENDARY Video!

    The Legend is calling on AQUA readers to share your craziest, funniest stories from the working world of pool and spa pros! Maybe you’ve got a customer that drinks from her own pool. Maybe you’ve got a route dog that can empty a skimmer basket. The best stories will be featured in the September issue of AQUA. If your story is chosen you will receive lifetime Legendary status, AQUA glory and some sweet swag.

    Send your story to

  • Thursday, June, 06, 2019 New App Keeps Sales Process Organized

    The pool salesperson has long had a wide selection of design software and apps from which to choose for drawing up pools and estimating costs. However, according to Mark Richter, vice president of sales for Pool Pro Office, there's never...

  • Thursday, May, 23, 2019 Upselling Spas in the Internet Age

    There was a time when someone contemplating a hot tub purchase had little more than personal experience to draw on. The prime source of hard information was the salesperson at the local retail store and the brochures that might be found there. Those days are long gone, of course. Now when a customer walks through the door, a salesperson regards a prospect armed with hours of website study.

    Amazingly enough, one of the principal drivers of this change (along with convenience) has...

  • Tuesday, May, 21, 2019 SOI Service Report 2019: Overdrive

    With the North American economic engine running at about 3,000 rpm with pools and spas going in faster than any time in the last decade, the service sector as a whole is cruising into the summer of 2019.

    Not that service depends to a great degree on construction. It depends on the overall pool and spa base and consumers' love of convenience, but still, adding more installations at a rapid rate only helps. And new pools provide a service department's best opportunity to lock in a...