Scott Webb
Scott Webb has been with AQUA magazine in one capacity or another since April 2001; he now serves as executive editor. Scott has a degree from University of Cincinnati in aerospace engineering and lives in Madison, Wisc. To get in touch, email him at
  • Thursday, February, 02, 2017 Time-Saving Cartridge Cleaning Tips

    When it comes to cleaning, the cartridge filter is the middle child — not as easy as a sand backwash, but not as messy as a D.E. grid spray-down.

    Still, despite the relatively straightforward process, a few tweaks can make this job a little more thorough and a lot faster. And over the course of a year, shaving just five or 10 minutes from a process that is performed hundreds times can literally save a week or more of work.

    Tal Millican, a sole proprietor service pro in the...

  • Monday, January, 09, 2017 Opinion: APSP/NSPF Merger Breakdown a Shame

    When I first got word that the two most prominent industry associations were going to combine forces, honestly, I was inspired. They were attempting something heroic — reaching beyond their own individual interests for the good of all.

    More than just the practical benefit of representing the industry with a more powerful, unified voice, this was leadership. It was showing us how it's...

  • Tuesday, January, 03, 2017 2017 Economy: Ready to Roar

    I couldn't be happier to greet the New Year and shove that old one out the door. I've never been one to dwell on the past, but I'd deliver this Parthian shot to 2016 as it departs: it was marked by more foolishness than most.

    Baby 2017, on the other hand, like any newborn holds promise — especially for the pool and spa industry.

    More than most industries, in order to thrive, we depend on a feeling of affluence and security in the middle class. They need to be...

  • Tuesday, October, 11, 2016 Sand Filters: Tips for Top Performance

    It's the simplest of the pool filter media, a material with which anyone who's ever walked on a beach is familiar. And generally speaking, the granular medium just lies there filtering out gunk, but there are still a few sand pitfalls to watch out for and a trick or two you can use to boost filter performance....

  • Friday, September, 30, 2016 AOE: It's Gallery Month

    October is Awards of Excellence month at AQUA, our opportunity to show off fabulous pool and spa designs from builders across North America.

    We set aside this time to focus on the devoted work of the artists whose creations took honors in APSP's annual Awards of Excellence contest. I use the...

  • Thursday, September, 01, 2016 Born in the USA: The History of Portable Spas

    We didn't start the fire that warmed the spa. No one can take credit for discovering the wonderful sensation of easing down into hot water.

    Long before the Romans built their hot tub palaces and made soaking together a social custom, one has to assume that stone age man discovered geothermal pools, slipped off the bearskin, sat down in the steaming water and said, "Honey, let's live here."

    No, we didn't invent hot water immersion here in North America, but we did invent the...

  • Thursday, September, 01, 2016 AQUA Celebrates Four Decades

    Forty years ago this month, we started out in the magazine business. We were Spa And Sauna magazine then. It was September 1976, the Olympics had just concluded, Bruce Jenner was in the headlines…

    Obviously, some things have changed.

    For example, Spa and Sauna magazine became AQUA. We changed the name to reflect the fact that most North American spa dealers were leisure aquatics dealers;...

  • Thursday, June, 16, 2016 Hot Servers Heat Paris Pool

    For years, the role of computers in recreational water has been growing. From smartphone apps that turn on spa heaters to CAD-based design programs and 3-D virtual renderings to online shopping for pool supplies, computers have become an omnipresent feature of the pool and spa business.

    Until now, however, they had not been used to heat pools.

    That is about to change. A pool at the Butte aux Cailles centre, a health and wellness facility located in one of Paris' historic...

  • Tuesday, June, 14, 2016 Test For Success

    Good news: Pool and spa retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada continue to report growth this year from pool and spa sales to accessories and outdoor living products. But the biggest challenge to industry retailers remains protecting their share of the market against competition from big box retailers and online merchandisers.

    In the battle for today's pool and spa customer, too many retailers try to take on the behemoths head-to-head in the price arena, the home stadium of Amazon...

  • Tuesday, June, 07, 2016 APSP and NSPF: Leadership On Display

    Back in April, APSP and NSPF made the biggest industry news in years when they sat down and hammered out a bold and radical proposal to rationalize and unify their organizations.

    And here we are, several weeks later — the promise is made, the headlines have been splashed and now, the hard work lies before them. They must be murmuring to each other over the water cooler, "Can you believe we signed up for this?!"

    Imagine yourself, you, Mrs. Pool And Spa store owner, or you,...