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Scott Webb has been with AQUA magazine in one capacity or another since April 2001; he now serves as executive editor. Scott has a degree from University of Cincinnati in aerospace engineering and lives in Madison, Wisc. To get in touch, email him at
  • Tuesday, September, 29, 2009 Profile of spa and hot tub dealers surviving in a tough economy

    No need to dwell on the latest economic news. What matters is what a dealership does today to stay active in the market and sell merchandise.

    AQUA talked to several dealers that are taking in truckloads of spas and selling them to customers at a time when that takes a little more than it used to.

    Case #1: Orley's | Medford, Ore.
    Heat is still in style

    There are several factors behind the steady progress at Orley's despite the countervailing economic winds. As...

  • Tuesday, September, 29, 2009 Marketing automatic pool covers in a tough economy

    It's no secret that the automatic pool cover is a growth-oriented product, well-positioned for the future. And the reason is clear - its principal benefits are energy conservation and pool safety at a time when the most prominent market drivers are, coincidentally, energy conservation and pool safety.

    But like every other segment of the pool market, the recession has forced a...

  • Monday, September, 28, 2009 Retailer uses Google Earth to sell automatic pool covers

    Scott WebbFor a living, as a means of securing food for the kids and my wife's ongoing support and admiration, I call people in the pool and spa industry - retailers, distributors, service people and manufacturers.

    All kinds of people. Some are reserved and suspicious, others brisk and officious. Some are rude and condescending. Every once in a while, you run across an...

  • Monday, September, 28, 2009 Award-winning pool in Medford, Ore.

    From any breathtaking point of view, this Tuscan-style pool in southwestern Oregon is stunning. But drawing just as many gasps from visitors are its surprisingly ordinary building materials and low price tag - the pool and landscaping together ran about...

  • Monday, August, 31, 2009 How filters and chemicals work together to keep the pool water clean

    The vision that forms in the head of every pool owner when swimming season is mentioned is that of sparkling water - beams of sunlight reflecting off its surface and passing unhindered to the bottom and back as if through fine crystal.

    They yearn for water that not only reflects and transmits light like a pane of clean glass, but that is free of bacteria and germs that cause...

  • Monday, August, 31, 2009 Control capabilities for pools and spas has exploded

    In a small town, deep in the mountain crevices of central Colorado, there's an innovative pool building company offering a new service. For the first 90 days after a pool is built, it will provide constant vigilance to make absolutely certain nothing goes wrong with the new acquisition.

    It's free; all part of the package. (After 90 days, a check will be required.) The company, Colorado...

  • Friday, August, 28, 2009 Award-winning residential pool in Lake Forest, Ill.

    Every pool is a challenge. In this case, the competing exigencies were a finely appointed, yet multi-functional pool, a relatively small space, and a need to reflect the graceful character of the home and neighborhood - something understated, yet with details...

  • Thursday, August, 13, 2009 Help Customers Focus on a Trouble-Free Pool and Spa Opening

    Many homeowners think of pools in terms of two seasons: summer, when the pool is being used, and the off-season, when it's closed. During this off-season, homeowners tend to think of the pool as if it's in storage, like the floats and beach balls that typically surround it, waiting to be dragged out again in the late spring.

    But that's not a good model because the water in a pool — and the organisms...

  • Wednesday, July, 29, 2009 Pool and spa service technicians need education

    Like many young professionals, Sean O'Brien had a problem. He'd embarked on his career with admirable diligence, but his performance and pay were limited by a lack of training.

    "When you start out," he says, "you're only learning the business through what other people tell you, and whatever you can figure out yourself through trial and error."

    In addition to the...

  • Tuesday, July, 21, 2009 Award-winning residential pool and spa in Jonesboro, Texas

    There are several truly ingenious features to this enormous, 1,500-square-foot (that's just the main pool) aquatic installation.

    Perhaps the most cunning of these is the emergent rock bridge and spa, which seem to rise from the...