Scott Webb
Scott Webb has been with AQUA magazine in one capacity or another since April 2001; he now serves as executive editor. Scott has a degree from University of Cincinnati in aerospace engineering and lives in Madison, Wisc. To get in touch, email him at
  • Sunday, May, 17, 2009 Award-winning residential project in Dallas

    "They wanted to accomplish a lot in a fairly tight space."

    That was the mission and the caveat for Southernwind Pools, AQUA Choice 2009 winner in the Concrete Pool or Pool/Spa Combination category. Meeting that goal within the strict confines of the property required ruthless spatial planning. Access to the yard was further restricted by several 70-year-old oak trees that...

  • Wednesday, April, 15, 2009 The best filter media for pool customers

    The various filter media can be compared in terms of performance and cost, but which of them is nature's favorite?

    It takes a moment of reflection to realize that these three selection considerations - price, performance and environmental impact - are becoming virtual coequals in the minds of consumers.

    This is driven in part by a rise in the prices of energy and resources,...

  • Sunday, March, 22, 2009 Avoiding the Pitfalls of Vanishing-Edge Pool Construction

    Although pools with water spilling over an edge have been built for decades, the concept is still new to many homeowners and even some builders. And where there are novel building concepts there is the possibility of calamity.

    Such calamity can take the form of angry, vengeful customers and actual litigation. Lew Akins has seen plenty of it. As a 35-year veteran of the business with experience in different kinds of pool construction, he serves as an expert witness in pool building...

  • Thursday, March, 19, 2009 Award-winning pool and spa project in Houston

    Even the greatest works of art remain static over the centuries, but the exquisite play of light on water changes with every instant. It is at once complex and simple, incident and reflection, as the smallest ripples re-create the masterpiece, again and again, all...

  • Thursday, March, 19, 2009 The franchise concept and its use as a pool and spa retailer's exit strategy

    A good number of entrepreneurs in this industry have accomplished what they set out to do - build a successful retail business.

    They began with a dream - sometimes with little else - and grew their stores into healthy, profitable enterprises. With that dream fulfilled, and often with their golden years before them, they find themselves considering retirement, at least from the pool and...

  • Thursday, March, 19, 2009 Automatic pool cleaner buyers know what they are looking for

    "What we're finding is that consumers are researching their purchases more carefully than they ever have before. They are just very cautious about where they're going to spend their money. It means more to them now than it did two or three years ago."- Kevin Braidic, product manager

    That observation, while intended to address the automatic pool cleaner market, may summarize the...

  • Wednesday, March, 18, 2009 Facing the future in the pool and spa industry

    Scott WebbIt never hurts to look ahead.

    Yes, at the moment the big economic indicators are still dropping, but the day is coming when the great American economic machine will roar to life again. It's good to keep that in mind, always.

    It may be this fall, or it may be next year, heck, it may be the year after that, but it's coming. The headlines will once again speak of hiring...

  • Thursday, February, 19, 2009 Retailing saunas can add a welcome boost in sales

    At a time when many dealers are looking for products that can add to the bottom line, saunas are providing some retailers a welcome lift in sales revenue.

    There are several reasons. The sauna market is still relatively small, giving it more room for growth. And the sauna's size and shape are easily customized to fit attractively into existing homes. Its ongoing operation and...

  • Wednesday, February, 18, 2009 Redesigning the pool filter to provide better flow

    A major reason that cartridge filters have been increasing in popularity in recent years is that they are not backwashed - you just hose them off - and therefore they don't require a backwash valve.

    That valve has been a huge energy hog in the system for many years, primarily because it forces the water into extreme turns and changes in direction.

    That situation is...

  • Tuesday, February, 17, 2009 ICC broadens consensus on pool drains

    There are important mandates for public pools in the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act, but in terms of residential pools, VGB has meant little to date.

    From a residential builder's perspective, while it does say that only approved drain covers can be sold, VGB appears to be a federal law that offers some money to states in exchange for adopting safety codes requiring the...