Scott Webb
Scott Webb has been with AQUA magazine in one capacity or another since April 2001; he now serves as executive editor. Scott has a degree from University of Cincinnati in aerospace engineering and lives in Madison, Wisc. To get in touch, email him at
  • Thursday, March, 19, 2009 Automatic pool cleaner buyers know what they are looking for

    "What we're finding is that consumers are researching their purchases more carefully than they ever have before. They are just very cautious about where they're going to spend their money. It means more to them now than it did two or three years ago."- Kevin Braidic, product manager

    That observation, while intended to address the automatic pool cleaner market, may summarize the...

  • Wednesday, March, 18, 2009 Facing the future in the pool and spa industry

    Scott WebbIt never hurts to look ahead.

    Yes, at the moment the big economic indicators are still dropping, but the day is coming when the great American economic machine will roar to life again. It's good to keep that in mind, always.

    It may be this fall, or it may be next year, heck, it may be the year after that, but it's coming. The headlines will once again speak of hiring...

  • Thursday, February, 19, 2009 Retailing saunas can add a welcome boost in sales

    At a time when many dealers are looking for products that can add to the bottom line, saunas are providing some retailers a welcome lift in sales revenue.

    There are several reasons. The sauna market is still relatively small, giving it more room for growth. And the sauna's size and shape are easily customized to fit attractively into existing homes. Its ongoing operation and...

  • Wednesday, February, 18, 2009 Redesigning the pool filter to provide better flow

    A major reason that cartridge filters have been increasing in popularity in recent years is that they are not backwashed - you just hose them off - and therefore they don't require a backwash valve.

    That valve has been a huge energy hog in the system for many years, primarily because it forces the water into extreme turns and changes in direction.

    That situation is...

  • Tuesday, February, 17, 2009 ICC broadens consensus on pool drains

    There are important mandates for public pools in the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act, but in terms of residential pools, VGB has meant little to date.

    From a residential builder's perspective, while it does say that only approved drain covers can be sold, VGB appears to be a federal law that offers some money to states in exchange for adopting safety codes requiring the...

  • Thursday, January, 22, 2009 Swim spas provide great motivation for aquatic exercise

    Exercise in a pool. It used to mean swimming laps, but for the homeowner with a 20- or even a 30-foot pool, lap swimming is mostly turns. And while that can get tiring (which is, after all the point of a workout) it's not very satisfying.

    Manufacturers now offer a variety of ways to achieve the effect of a swimming workout in a small volume of water. All of these different options have...

  • Thursday, January, 22, 2009 Is there a perfect pool service vehicle?

    Yes, it's only a machine used for transport - pistons and axles and a cargo bay - but the pool vehicle is also a trusty business partner that works in unison with the service pro to serve the customer and keep the day moving forward smoothly.

    It's not surprising that a certain affinity should develop between the two. It's even less surprising that there's a range of opinion on what...

  • Monday, December, 22, 2008 Colorimeter removes guesswork when testing pool water

    For decades, pool and spa professionals have poured their reagents and dipped their strips, and then stood staring at the result, trying to discern the finer distinctions of its shade.

    Only recently, however, have relatively inexpensive colorimeters or photometers come on the market that take the squint out of determining colors in water tests. The devices coming into the market today, as...

  • Monday, December, 22, 2008 Modifications to disability law could affect residential pool market

    Product markets rise and fall based on the votes of legislators. The Virginia Graeme Baker Act and the California Energy Commission's dicta on swimming pool pumps are just two examples of how legislation can affect the pool and spa industry.

    Sometimes, as in the case of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the effect is less direct, but powerful nonetheless. When the Act was...

  • Monday, October, 20, 2008 The latest trends in pool and spa construction

    If you're looking for a quick list of the building techniques and concepts that are currently driving the industry, look no further than the presentations and demos at this year's trade shows.

    Glass tile, new decking materials, fountains and the green building movement are among the topics drawing intense interest this year, according to Bob Baron, MAR BAR Family Pools, Ramsey,...