Scott Webb
Scott Webb has been with AQUA magazine in one capacity or another since April 2001; he now serves as executive editor. Scott has a degree from University of Cincinnati in aerospace engineering and lives in Madison, Wisc. To get in touch, email him at
  • Thursday, October, 02, 2014 The Backcountry Hot Tub
    photo of people in a backcountry hot tub by a lake
    photo of a hot tub in the woods photo of children in a small backyard vinyl-sided hot tub

    I built a backcountry hot tub once. We dug a hole next to a...

  • Thursday, September, 04, 2014 Outdoor Spaces, Comfy Places
    An inviting Spanish-style patio from Wiseman’s portfolio beckons visitors to relax and make themselves at home.

    Accomplished Landscape Designer Kate Wiseman puts her clients at ease with sincere and straightforward answers about the process of creating outdoor living spaces. Below, she describes an easy-to-understand method for getting the spatial

  • Tuesday, September, 02, 2014 Gottwald Calls For Focused Effort

    Members of the pool and spa industry gathered recently in Fort Worth, Texas for APSP’s Industry Summit, where Hundreds of industry CEOs and senior level decision makers, including top NESPA staff and board members, were in attendance. Through the speakers, Q&A sessions, meetings and networking events, Summit attendees were presented with opportunities to improve their companies and the industry through strategic and tactical means. 

    Perhaps the biggest news to emerge...

  • Tuesday, September, 02, 2014 The Outdoor Living Movement
    photo of an outdoor room near a pool
    This project, by Jimmy Reed of Rock Solid Tile, is a great example of the outdoor room.

    There’s nothing new about hanging out by the pool, but a growing number of consumers have hit upon the idea of trying to stay out there for long periods of time. They want to live life out there in the backyard. They...

  • Thursday, August, 14, 2014 Internet Sales Tax Back On Senate Agenda

    A bill to authorize states to collect sales taxes from out-of-state Internet vendors is back on the Senate Legislative Calendar. The measure, called the Marketplace and Internet Tax Fairness Act - S.2609, would package online sales taxes together with a separate issue —  a 10-year extension of the ban on taxing Internet access.  

    Those following the issue will remember the Marketplace Fairness Act, a similar bill launched last year requiring online retailers to charge...

  • Wednesday, July, 30, 2014 2015 Comprehensive Pool Code Now Available

    The 2015 version of the International Swimming Pool & Spa Code (ISPSC), the industry’s only comprehensive model code covering both residential and commercial swimming pools and spas is now available from APSP. 

    The ISPSC uses prescriptive and performance-related provisions to establish minimum safety requirements for public and residential pools, spas and hot tubs.

    “The ISPSC was developed by ICC members with input from a wide range of industry experts, which in 2012...

  • Tuesday, July, 29, 2014 POOLCORP Reports Record Second Quarter

    In a financial statement just released, Pool Corporation reported record results for the second quarter of 2014.

    "Our second quarter results were generally as expected, with solid sales and gross profit growth and improvement in gross margin, albeit with sales below target in certain seasonal markets. The ongoing recovery of replacement and remodel activity and market share gains continued to contribute to our growth. Likewise, our second quarter results evidenced our ongoing...

  • Tuesday, July, 22, 2014 Talkin' 'Bout Regeneration

    The idea of regenerative filtration is almost as old as The Who’s famous song from which this article gets its title, but the concept of extending filter life to avoid cleanings (and the water they require) has drawn new interest as drought headlines become more prominent.

    Regenerative filtration has been growing among large commercial systems for some time; they are commonly seen at waterparks and community recreational facilities, as they provide finer filtration than sand...

  • Thursday, July, 17, 2014 Housing Starts Drop 9 Percent

    According to a report this morning from the U.S. Commerce Department, U.S. home construction dropped significantly in June, a surprising sign of weakness for a sector that economists had hoped would recover momentum in 2014. Housing starts sank 9.3% last month to a seasonally adjusted annual pace of 893,000, the weakest showing since September 2013. Housing starts, sales of existing homes and home prices are leading economic indicators for the pool and spa market.

    It was the...

  • Tuesday, July, 08, 2014 The Drought Threat And Our Response

    Scott WebbThere are always threats to one’s livelihood. You’ve got global threats and local threats, fierce new competitors, spurious lawsuits, tax increases and truly great employees that one day just up and leave. The list goes on and on, all the way down to “may get hit by bus.”

    The latest, most pressing threat is drought, and what it might mean for pool...