Mario Rossetti
Mario Rossetti has been in business for more than 35 years as a business owner, business consultant and as a director of sales and marketing for international companies. Now, as the founder of Rossetti Enterprises, he offers sales and management training and is a fixture at pool and spa trade shows. To sign up for his free e-newsletter of tips and sales advice, click here.
  • Thursday, March, 23, 2017 Mario Rossetti: Selling Value Over Price

    I am often asked to help companies locate exceptional salespeople. These companies are trying to find salespeople who can create brand recognition by selling value and not price. This is a noble, but very difficult undertaking; especially in our current market conditions.

    In these cases, the companies' former salespeople had not been able to grasp the value concept as they continually complained about the high price of their products. When they persisted in comparing their prices to...

  • Tuesday, November, 08, 2016 Want More Sales? Obey the Law

    Selling is an art. It takes skill, training, time and expertise. It takes tenacity and more tenacity. Most understand this. However, many do not recognize that obeying the law can also help increase sales and profits.

    Obey the law

    I’m talking about the Law of Reciprocity. This law is a social or physiological rule of sorts that demands people give back an equal or even greater amount than they receive. In other words, people feel obligated to repay others for gifts, favors...

  • Tuesday, September, 27, 2016 You Might Be Disrespecting Your Customers — And Losing Sales

    Think about it: Would you show open disrespect to your prospects, customers and clients? If you did, how long would you stay in business? Would they accept open contempt from you and still buy your products and services?

    Your gut answer might be, "No, of course not. I'm never inconsiderate to the people who come to my store." But you'd be surprised by just how common, and how easy it is, for salespeople to fall into the trap that is being discourteous to their customers....

  • Tuesday, May, 31, 2016 What Should You Do When Customers Haggle?

    I am a value-centered guy — meaning I believe in value over price. One reason for this is that I believe it is easier to justify a higher price than a lower price. Don’t believe it? Go ahead and see how many justifications you are able to develop to rationalize selling cheap products.

    "OK," you say. "I get that, but they keep asking for more."

    One of the concerns that I have been hearing recently from clients is that some prospects seem to want just a little bit more. I'm...

  • Thursday, July, 02, 2015 The Meaning of Independence

    The 4th of July is just days away. Independence Day. This is America’s day to celebrate independence from Great Britain and the formation of a new country. It is the time when our Founding Fathers decided that enough was enough and that we needed to become a separate and independent nation.

    What is independence, anyway?

    The definition of independence as defined for kids by states it this way: (noun) in·de·pen·dence \...

  • Tuesday, May, 26, 2015 Remember Your Country

    Yesterday was Memorial Day. It’s a day when we should have taken a little time to reflect upon the sacrifices that so many in our military have made to keep us safe and free. We should remember the Revolutionary War, which was the basis for the founding of our great country; the War Between the States that began righting the wrongs of past generations; the First World War, the war to end all wars; World War Two, a true global conflict which actually saved the world from the domination of...

  • Thursday, April, 09, 2015 How to Retrain a Mature Sales Force

    “How would you recommend retraining a mature sales force to revitalize the effectiveness of their presentations and improve sales success (ratios)? I am having them do role playing in the group. This results in a negative backlash from the salespeople and also criticism from management for my creating an ‘unhappy’ team.” 

  • Tuesday, December, 02, 2014 A Message for Pool Salespeople

    Recently I received an email from a person on my newsletter mailing list. He told me he was about to quit his sales position. He claimed that leads had almost ground to a halt and that when he was able to schedule an appointment, he was not able to convince the prospect to make a decision. I immediately called him to discuss his...