Steve Goodale
Steve Goodale is a second-generation swimming pool expert located in Ontario, Canada. You can learn more about Steve, as well as swimming pool construction, maintenance and repair from his website:
  • Thursday, June, 06, 2019 The Lifecycle of a Robotic Pool Cleaner

    For many swimming pool owners, the path to researching and buying new pool equipment can be a frustrating experience. If you don't know what to expect with your new purchase you may find that you are unpleasantly surprised with how it works out for you. In an attempt to help you understand what to expect with your new robotic pool vacuum, consider this article as a strategy guide to walk you through the stages of life for your new piece of expensive swimming pool equipment.


  • Thursday, January, 10, 2019 15 Lessons All Service Techs Learn in the Field

    As with anything, there's an impressive learning curve when it comes to the pool and spa industry. There's the technical side, like learning the nuances of water chemistry and the equipment pad, but there's also a host of lessons you simply won't learn in a classroom.

    That's where I come in. To better prepare up-and-coming service techs for the wild adventure that is pool service, I put together a list of just some things you'll come to learn on your route.

  • Thursday, December, 20, 2018 Effective Immediately: New Rules for the Industry

    One of the winners in Pleatco's Perfect Pool Guy/Gal Contest was none other than AQUA's own Steve Goodale, who was awarded the 2018 Industry Leadership Award. After taking home the prestigious honor, Goodale shared a few thoughts (or, rather, "rules") that he would like to propose as an industry leader. We...

  • Tuesday, August, 07, 2018 How to Size a Pool Heater

    Whenever I talk to another pool professional about calculating heater size, I usually see their eyes glaze over. Not that sizing a pool heater is super difficult, but if you want to do it right, you need to do some calculations first.

    Similar to pumps, sizing heaters isn’t usually “calculated.” It’s usually a matter of picking a model you’ve used in similar applications. For example, if you’re working on a pool with an attached hot tub, most installers would suggest a 400,000-Btu...

  • Tuesday, July, 10, 2018 Pool Step Repair

    A very common problem with concrete pools in cold northern climates is failure of the steps, most specifically the top step.


  • Tuesday, June, 12, 2018 Protect Your Pool From Saltwater

    The higher concentration of salt required by saltwater systems has the potential to damage equipment and fixtures, a point that is often glossed over by people selling such systems to pool owners. The higher salt concentration results in greater conductivity of the water, which accelerates a process...

  • Thursday, April, 26, 2018 Rites of Passage For the Service Pro

    Every industry has idiosyncrasies; the swimming pool industry just has a lot more of them. It's really on a different level than say, the grocery industry. The largely unregulated nature of the pool and spa market allows for, and even encourages, unique characters to pick up a pole and call themselves service professionals.

    But while almost anyone can say they're a qualified service technician, it's experience that separates the pros from the posers. In order to provide a benchmark,...

  • Thursday, March, 15, 2018 Pump Troubleshooting for Pool Openings, Part 2

    In Part 1 of this story on common pump problems at pool openings (find Part 1 here), we discussed causes and remedies of priming problems and what to do when the pump will not turn on. In Part 2, we’ll finish with what to do when the pump starts but then unexpectedly turns off, and when the pump runs rough or just...

  • Thursday, February, 15, 2018 Pump Troubleshooting For Pool Openings, Part 1

    In the next few months, pools throughout the North will be opening, which means pool pros will soon encounter troublesome pumps that do not seem eager to come out of hibernation. The advice in this two-part article is specific to the common issues found with pumps when opening a pool after an extended period of time.

    Common Pool Pump Problems At Opening:

    Pump will not prime

    Priming a pool pump is the process in which the pump begins to draw water from the pool...

  • Tuesday, September, 26, 2017 Common Misconceptions About the Pool and Spa Industry

    Swimming pool and spa owners often make assumptions about the pool and spa industry and its workers that actually contribute to their negative experiences of pool ownership. Obviously, those who are willing to take on the financial burden of pool ownership see the value and benefit in having their own pool. But despite...