Ted Lawrence
Ted Lawrence, POOLCORP Corporate Retail Category Manager, has been in the specialty swimming pool industry for more than 24 years and is known as a leading authority on omnichannel retail. With his experience and proven methods, Lawrence coaches hundreds of small independent as well as large multi-store chains on how to skyrocket revenues, increase consumer loyalty, plan for the future and reach the next level. He is an award-winning international presenter at dozens of industry events globally.
  • Thursday, July, 25, 2019 How Painting is Like Retailing

    Many of you who have read my past articles know that I love to look at parallel industries to see how they can relate to pool and spa retail. The industry model I love most is grocery, mainly because it is one of the most evolved businesses there is. With single-digit net margins, they must take advantage of every little detail to become profitable. But this time is different. I’m in the middle of doing extensive renovations to my home and, while up on a ladder, raising a brush toward my...

  • Thursday, May, 10, 2018 4 Trends Specialty Retailers Need to Know

    Specialty retail is an amazing market to be involved in. Pool and spa retailers are considered “specialty” since we focus on a particular niche of products and cater to the most coveted demographic in all of retail: the mass affluent and emerging affluent consumer.

    This demographic is one most industries strive to reach. Those who fall in this demo have an annual household income of over $75,000, with an average income of over $180,000, and are the target of every luxury brand that...

  • Tuesday, February, 27, 2018 Why Retailers Must Embrace Change

    Change. Most people don't like it — we are creatures of habit who enjoy the comforts of our daily routine. But when it comes to shopping, especially at our favorite retailers, we don't just expect change — we demand it. As consumers, we reward retailers who continually add to their product selection, change the look of their stores and keep their websites up to date.

    Change is clearly a good thing for your business, but be careful. Too much change can do more harm than...

  • Tuesday, February, 20, 2018 Why Small Talk Matters

    Communication, especially small talk, is something that has changed substantially over the last decade. It’s not just verbal any longer — communication takes place via emails, texts, print and, especially in today’s world, social media. (Even my 78-year-old father is now a master at social media!)

    But what about the old-fashioned way of speaking? When was the last time you stopped to train...

  • Tuesday, November, 28, 2017 Sell the Products AROUND the Pool

    Attention pool and spa retailers/builders looking for new revenue streams: Let's talk about complementary products.

    To be in the pool industry today means you need to look beyond the pool and consider yourself an outdoor living retailer or builder. This would include all items found around the pool. In...

  • Tuesday, December, 06, 2016 The Pool Retailer’s Off-Season Checklist

    It probably feels like yesterday when you were slammed with summer business — the phone ringing off the hook, your techs’ schedules filled with maintenance requests and repairs. Now that you made it through, you’ve probably been enjoying some hard-earned time off. Maybe you’re even going on one of those supplier vacations, right?

    While you entirely deserve a chance to breathe, don’t make the mistake of cutting out work entirely. Even though it’s the slow season, there’s still much...

  • Thursday, October, 27, 2016 Tips for a Better Trade Show

    Here we are again: Another amazing season has closed, and now it's time to start getting ready for 2017.

  • Wednesday, October, 12, 2016 Outdoor Living: What’s Trending Right Now

    We've really come a long way in the pool and spa industry.

    When I first entered this business, the vast majority of builders and retailers were selling what I call "boxes of water," or rectangular pools with hoppers and diving boards. Some would even advertise themselves with slogans like, "We sell everything from the coping on in."

    Life was pretty good, but life was simple — even a bit bare-bones. The consumer's backyard was left with nothing around it, no landscaping,...

  • Tuesday, September, 13, 2016 How to Win With Webrooming

    When I go talk to brick-and-mortar retailers or give a seminar at an industry event, I always hear about one topic: The internet.

    "The internet is killing my business," they say. "It's not like it used to be."

    Many are frustrated. "The consumer comes in, I test their water and they leave to buy online," they say.

    Some retailers talk to me about showrooming, or the consumer practice of visiting a brick-and-mortar retail store to see, feel and touch the product before...

  • Thursday, June, 02, 2016 Sensory Sales for the New Consumer