America’s Swimming Pool Company is excited to announce the 2017 ASP Veteran Program is open for entries. The program, now in its third year, seeks to thank a distinguished veteran for his/her service by helping them get their own ASP franchise off the ground — and waiving the franchise fee.

(For perspective, 2016 winner Brad Baglio's $65,000 franchise fee was completely covered by ASP.)

ASP is proud to honor and reward deserving veterans who, according to CEO and Founder Stewart Vernon, make the perfect franchise owner.

“We have franchise owners from just about every branch of the military,” Vernon says. “Since franchising ASP in 2005, we discovered that military members are accountable multitaskers who thrive when following a proven plan. Our veteran franchisees tell us they love service-based models like ours because they have a structure in place, a set of rules to follow and a need to fulfill a duty – just like the military.”

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Jef Flournoy, vice president of sales and development at ASP franchising, says this year's contest extends beyond the grand prize winner.

In addition to our annual Veteran Program, we offer 15 percent off the franchise fee to any qualified U.S. military veteran who becomes an ASP franchisee," Flournoy says. "We look forward to helping countless veterans realize their dream of business ownership by becoming an ASP franchise owner in 2017.”

For veterans interested in participating in the 2017 ASP Veteran Program, please visit to learn more. Entries are accepted through Veterans Day on Nov. 11.