For many pool builders, the hardest jobs aren’t new pool builds — they’re restoration projects. Best-case scenario: you’re simply resurfacing and adding new features. Worst-case scenario: You’re entirely gutting the backyard…and crossing your fingers that you don't run into any number of unexpected problems along the way.

In honor of the challenges a backyard renovation can bring — as well as the reward of completely transforming a backyard — Tara Manufacturing created the Ultimate Makeover Contest in 2010.

The contest has several goals: First and foremost, the contest seeks to honor the Tara dealer behind the most impressive backyard makeover. Equally important, Tara aspires to give homeowners a taste of the vast range of creative options for their backyard pools. Each entry is posted to Facebook and Pinterest (a hotbed for prospective pool owners) with a description provided by the builder. The project with the most likes, comments and shares will win a $100 gift card.

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“That’s what will help homeowners with inspiration for their pool. Homeowners see the possibilities and dealers find it easier to up-sell their customers and grow their business," says Thomas Kennedy, marketing director at Tara.

The social media posts will also help publicize everyone who enters, he adds.

“We are trying to help our dealers promote their business," Kennedy says. “In each post, we try to tell a little about the dealer and the project. We include their contact information, links to their website and Facebook pages and any details or special notes they want to include about the project.”

Last year, some winning entries reached over 4,000 people, making it a great free promotional opportunity.

To enter, dealers must complete an online form, attach before-and-after photos and provide an explanation of the submitted project. The contest is open to Tara dealers only. Submissions are open from June to August.


Cailley Hammel is Managing Editor of AQUA Magazine.
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