Richard W. Rowland, founder and former owner of Insulated Pool Kits in Calif, passed away March 31 after a long illness. He served as a military frogman from 1960-61 and is a Master Mason of 40 years. Rowland was 74 when he passed.

“He built his first pool in the '70s in Enid, Okla., then built pools for his buddies in the oil industry,” says Rowland’s wife, Jeffrie. “From there he got in the oil business himself and later went back into masonry. A friend of his in Australia told him to look into a revolutionary way to build swimming pools. Illness forced him to retire early, but he still kept his head in the pool industry, staying informed and keeping up with all the news and new products.”

The Rowlands met on horseback in 1994 and married in 2002.

“He was a wonderful man, kind, loving and a good businessman," Jeffrie says. "He was very innovating in his thinking and very creative when it came to his work, both in the masonry side and in the pool side of his companies.”