Abigail Carpenter
Abigail joined AQUA in 2018. A Wisconsin-native, she graduated from Augsburg University in Minneapolis, Minnesota where she served as arts and entertainment editor for the campus and community newspaper, The Echo. She joins the trade magazine world after nearly a year of reporting experience in the Madison area. When she isn’t indulging in her love of books, you can find her on Lake Wisconsin, perched on a sandbar with a fishing pole in hand or getting lost again at Devil’s Lake. 
  • Wednesday, August, 14, 2019 What Would You Do: GPS Tracking Software

    GPS tracking software lets business owners keep an eye on their service vehicles wherever they are to ensure the fleet is operating efficiently. How do you track your work vehicles? Industry pros share their insights:

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    David Nelson
    Nelson Pool & Spa Service | Napa, Calif.

  • Tuesday, August, 06, 2019 A Rooftop Pool at Notre Dame


  • Tuesday, July, 09, 2019 Meet the Mermaids of Israel

    The stories of half-fish, half-human creatures of the deep go back thousands of years, inspiring classic movies like Disney's "The Little Mermaid" and Tom Hanks' "Splash." Now, legend has it a community of mermaids is washing up on Israel's social scene.

    Together with fellow mermaid-lover Michelle...

  • Thursday, June, 27, 2019 What Would You Do: Water Test Fees

    For retailers, the busy season means one thing: Water tests, and lots of them. While everyone can agree recurring water tests are a critical part of pool and spa care, many are divided on the issue of charging for them. What is your policy on water testing? Industry pros share their insights:

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  • Tuesday, June, 25, 2019 The Grill Market is Heating Up

    Even in the below-zero temperatures of the harsh Wisconsin winters, you can find Ken Griep, a longtime grill enthusiast, in his backyard cooking up some grub.

    Behind the grill is an inground pool, covered up for the offseason, and his hot tub, still in full use through the winter months. For Griep, the grill is a welcome addition to his backyard. He has his smoker, his gas grill and his charcoal.

    "Of course, during the winter months, gas is more of a convenience for a quick...

  • Tuesday, May, 28, 2019 What Would You Do: Drug Testing

    This year, our State of the Industry survey asked if drug and alcohol abuse is a problem in the service field. We found that 31 percent of industry dealers consider it a background concern but not a pressing issue. While some employers have a zero-tolerance drug policy, others do not implement regulations on recreational drug use if it does not affect job performance. Should there be a drug policy at the workplace? Industry pros share their insights:


  • Thursday, May, 16, 2019 This KFC Bucket-Shaped Hot Tub is Not a Joke

    Editor's Note: As of this article's online publication, the KFC Hot Tub campaign has closed. It surpassed its campaign goal of $46,683 to raise a total of $53,909. The hot tub is available to purchase (so far, only three are available) at $13,311 and is expected to ship in August 2019.

    Like a...

  • Monday, May, 13, 2019 Diving for Cookies

    You won't find Girl Scouts Troop 40348 behind tables stacked high with delicious cookies outside a local grocery store. Instead, as the nation's first Scuba Troop, the girls conduct their cookie sales at the bottom of a swimming pool. Choose pickup — which involves putting on your own scuba gear and diving below — or...

  • Monday, May, 13, 2019 SOI Hot Tub Report 2019: Full Steam Ahead

    Steam is rising from the portable hot tub industry. It was another generous year in spa sales: 88 percent of survey takers reported sales either increased or stayed the same last year. Dealers remain optimistic about the growth of the industry and credit strong sales to a growing economy, investment in social media marketing strategies, lead generation campaigns and more.

    Dealers are clearly working hard to establish the health and wellness benefits of hot tubs, but is the Hot Tub...

  • Monday, May, 13, 2019 Saunas: The Sensory Experience

    The use of the sauna has long been known for its health and wellness properties, but over the last several years in particular, mounting evidence has confirmed those assertions. Just last year, a study from the Mayo Clinic found a link between sauna use and lowered risk of vascular diseases, neurocognitive diseases and nonvascular conditions like pulmonary diseases, among a host of other benefits.

    With health benefits well established, sauna manufacturers are finding consumers are...