Kathryn Howard
Kathryn (called KT) is getting her feet wet in the pool and spa industry as the newest editor for AQUA. She joined in 2017 after spending a year in New Zealand where she acquainted herself with Kiwi cinema and Kiwi aviation history. A livelong lover of travel and books, she has a library card in four different cities. When she is not reading, writing or traveling, she is probably stuck and requires help. She can be reached at kathryn@aquamagazine.com.
  • Thursday, August, 09, 2018 Save the Frogs!

    Humans aren't the only creatures that use backyard swimming pools — frogs have been known to take the occasional dip. Unlike their human counterparts, getting out of the pool is no easy feat, and it often doesn't end well for the frog.

    "It never occurred to me that these pools are basically a trap for lots of backyard wildlife," says Rich Mason, a wildlife biologist and inventor of FrogLog, a product designed to assist frogs and other small animals in exiting pools.


  • Tuesday, July, 24, 2018 Patio Pleasures Shaken by Nearby Explosion

    On July 10, a giant gas explosion devastated the quaint midwestern suburb of Sun Prairie, Wis. According to the Associated Press, five buildings were damaged, 11 people were injured and one person was killed.

    Just two blocks from the explosion’s epicenter stands Patio Pleasures Pools & Spas. Luckily, the building was empty when the explosion happened because the store closed thirty minutes...

  • Thursday, July, 19, 2018 Pools by Day, Fun by Night

    Here at AQUA, we spend a lot of time discussing the in's and outs of your work life, but what about life outside of work? On our Facebook page, we asked you to tell us about the hobbies and passions you enjoy off the clock. We got a wave of responses that included everything from motorcycling to music to statue making!

    Have a hobby you'd like to share? Send photos to

  • Tuesday, July, 03, 2018 What Would You Do? Moonlighting

    Moonlighting: For employees, it may be considered a harmless way to make a few extra bucks on the side. For those who own service companies, it may be completely off-limits. What’s your policy on moonlighting? Industry pros share their thoughts.

    The Question:

    Jason Hanchey
    Aquia Pool and Spa | San Antonio, Texas

    “Moonlighting: Is it an instant fireable offense? Or do you allow...

  • Thursday, May, 31, 2018 A Homemade Pool Cooling System

    There's nothing like a refreshing dip in a pool during a hot summer day. But what do you do when the water gets too warm?

    Michael Bruvel, a homeowner in Australia, was haunted by this dilemma. Jumping into...

  • Tuesday, May, 29, 2018 Digital Wallets Will be the Norm for Generation Z

    While millennials came of age when smartphones were first introduced in the mid-aughts, their younger counterparts in Generation Z had smartphones as early as elementary school. It’s no surprise that they’re using smartphones for everything — including their wallets.

    The number of consumers using digital wallet services like Apple Pay and Venmo is growing. According to Juniper Research, users will rise to 2.1 billion by next year — a 30 percent growth from the 1.6 billion consumers...

  • Tuesday, May, 15, 2018 The Cutest Underwater Drone You’ll Ever See

    If you’re looking for an underwater robot, it doesn’t get much cuter than BIKI, a fish-shaped underwater drone that propels itself with a fin.

    BIKI’s features include an internal balancer, a 4K HD camera and wireless connection to a mobile device, where it can live-stream camera footage. BIKI can be remotely controlled, or it can swim around on a pre-planned route, making it a fun toy for children to chase in a backyard pool.


  • Tuesday, May, 08, 2018 "Suite" App, Bro!

    One of the next generation's greatest assets is their entrepreneurial enthusiasm. Armed with tech skills and a creative spirit, the young people coming into the workforce have a reputation for developing innovative tools.

    Some, like Cameron Craig, bring that...

  • Tuesday, May, 01, 2018 The Big Green Egg Phenomenon

    Do you know an EGGhead?

    It's not an insult, it's the designated name for a fan of the Big Green Egg, the kamado-style grill made by the company of the same name.

    EGGheads can be found around the world, from North America to South Africa, and range from casual grillers to professional chefs. They even have their own online forum where they exchange recipes and grilling techniques (eggheadforum.com).

    In the real...

  • Thursday, April, 26, 2018 Research Finds Millennials Prefer Shopping at Brick-and-Mortar Stores

    With millennials poised to seize control of the economy in just a few years, there’s good news for brick-and-mortar retailers: Millennials prefer shopping in physical stores. This is supported by two reports released by omnichannel analytics companies SmarterHQ and Euclid.

    According to Smarter HQ, 50 percent of millennials prefer shopping in physical stores. Euclid’s report is more optimistic: it finds 59 percent of millennials made a purchase from a physical store weekly — which is...