Sometimes you want a pool. And sometimes, you want a koi pond. With the flip of a switch, this movable flowerbed offers you the choice. The owner of this pool/pond combo project in the Netherlands preferred to reflect upon his garden and koi pond during the week, and open up a swimming pool for weekend visits by his grandchildren.

Using this system manufactured by Twinscape, that's what he does. The movable flowerbed, a variant of the company's movable pool floor technology, also serves as a pool cover. It is planted entirely with lavender and glides smoothly and silently without tracks along the graded pool coping on engineered composite wheels.

The garden/pool cover features excellent insulating qualities, retaining water warmth and extending the swim season even in this Nordic climate, according to Twinscape. Although this project is a garden, it could just as easily take the form of a movable terrace arrayed with a table and deck chairs.

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