What's new in industry products? A sectional sofa for the pool, a customizable pool slide and stain remover, to name a few.

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Rico Rock
This one-piece waterfall has water cascading from both corners with shelves for kids or pets to sit in and enjoy. The unit can be equipped with a propane-fed fire feature for a dramatic, nighttime effect. The unit features a realistic rock design and includes a hidden area that holds the propane tank. Designed for renovation projects, this product is an easy, two-person installation.
ricorock.com | (888) 717-3100



Automatic Pool Covers
Automatic Pool Covers' Under Track System provides an unobtrusive automatic pool cover. It is designed for pool consumers that want an automatic pool cover that is safe but doesn't interfere with the pool's aesthetics. The installation incorporates the AutoGuard system seamlessly fastened to the pool and secured in a discreet encapsulation under the decking. This pool cover fits hundreds of shapes and sizes.
automaticpoolcovers.net | (800) 878-5789



Rocky Reel System
Rocky's Clear Coat finish is for pool owners that want their swimming pool reel system to blend in with the concrete surroundings. Rocky's has launched the Clear Coat finish on its two most popular residential reel systems: #3A and #4A.
rockys.ca | (800) 663-8705



With a newly redesigned look, DuraChlor's Spot Stain remover is a powerful product that helps service professionals renovate pools. This thick, concentrated gel cuts through heavy metallic stains and scale on vinyl, concrete, ceramic, fiberglass and painted surfaces. Blended with surfactants and wetting agents, this product's greater viscosity helps it cling to surfaces for deeper cleaning.
durachlorpool.com | (800) 333-0400



The Sensorex S465 and S420 Series' advanced sensor technology delivers accurate measurement over a range of 0-14 pH or +/-1000 mV for ORP. Sensors use Sensorex's proprietary polymer sensor reference gel for longer service life. Both series employ a 1/2-inch NPT connection for easy installation. The S465 models are supplied with a BNR connector, while the S420 models are available with a 30-inch or 10-foot cable length. Advanced signal shielding reduces noise for more accurate communication with process control systems.
sensorex.com | (714) 895-4344



BRIXX, designed by Lorenza Bozzoli, is DEDON's first fully upholstered collection. The collection features defined shapes with playful accessories including three different sized module seating units, various shaped pillows and cushions and a triangular side table. This modular collection can be positioned in a multitude of configurations and the open design with free floating pillows allows for a versatile 360-degree interaction that accommodates the loungers' needs.
dedon.us | (877) 693-3366



Almost Heaven Saunas
Almost Heaven Saunas' Patterson model, part of the Elements series, is an indoor sauna that seats up to six people and conveniently fits into the corner of a room. Made from high-grade spruce, the sauna offers multi-level seating, a full-length backrest, extra-wide benches and the ability to slide out the bottom bench, allowing for a customizable sauna experience.
almostheaven.com | (888) 355-3050



Ledge Lounger
Like Ledge Lounger's signature in-pool chaises and chairs, the Sectional can be used on the pool's tanning ledge or Baja step and also works great on the deck. It consists of four modular pieces: middles, corners, ottomans and tables that snap together to form endless configurations. Made of high-quality materials and available in customizable color options, the Sectional is an eye-catching addition to any poolscape.
ledgeloungers.com | (888) 749-5336



Cordelia Premium
A high-grade and quick-dissolving pool salt, Cordelia Premium Pool Salt is processed through mechanical evaporation for water purity. Cordelia Premium Pool Salt is packaged in stackable, upright 25-pound cube bags featuring easy-to-carry handles and reinforcements on all sides to prevent bag tears or spills.
cordeliapoolsupplies.com | (203) 772-3350



Cali Bamboo
BamDeck is made of 60 percent reclaimed bamboo fiber and 40 percent recycled plastic. Planks have a matte surface and come in both wide and standard width options. Ridges on one side provide for non-skid installations and pattern creativity. BamDeck is low maintenance, easy to install and is backed by a 20-year residential warranty. Visit the website for colors and options.
calibamboo.com | (888) 788-2254



KLAFS Microsalt
SaltProX compacts Microsalt dry salt inhalation technology into a light, handy and battery-operated device. With invisible grinding technology, the Microsalt SaltProX generates a fine salt aerosol that is negatively charged with the triboelectric effect. Regular inhalations may support the immune system. Winner of the Plus X Award in four categories: Innovation, High Quality, Ease of Use and Functionality.



S. R. Smith
S. R. Smith added a new pool lift offering to its comprehensive line of ADA aquatic lifts. The aXs2 is a 360-degree rotational pool lift that features a sleek and compact design that requires minimal deck space, making it ideal for public and hospitality swimming pools. The aXs2's powder-coated frame provides extra protection from harsh aquatic environments, and its fully rotomolded seat with flip-up armrests and LiftOperator Intelligent Control System make it exceptionally user-friendly.
srsmith.com | (800) 824-4387



Introducing the award-winning 4-inch LED Bubbler with precision RGBW LED technology. This patent-pending water feature includes a premier beam-focusing lens. The lens focuses the LED light directly on the "flume" for maximum LED light transfer and eye-popping brightness with minimal wattage. It is serviceable from inside the pool with quick disconnect for service without pulling 150 feet of cord. The integrated Smart Sync Technology is compatible with most major pool automation. Installs in gunite, fiberglass or vinyl pools.
c-m-p.com/brilliant | (800) 733-9060



Inter-Fab created a series of six pre-designed BYOS2 landscape slides. Now installers can charge premium custom slide prices without the custom slide hassles. The River Run series allows installers to know the landed cost immediately, with no more custom quotes. Sizes include 19-, 23-, 24- and 29-foot linear foot lengths, each with the option to turn right or left. Available in 10 colors.
inter-fab.com | (800) 737-5386