Since their birth 20 years ago, emojis have popped up in every communication channel from text messages to Facebook, Instagram and more. While they are largely limited to personal conversations, new data shows you should be using them in business interactions, too — especially when it comes to paid social ads.

According to a 2016 study by Twitter, emojis have been proven to boost ad effectiveness. When a branded emoji was used in a social ad post, engagement increased by 10 percent.

The results for Facebook and Instagram were even more promising. Data included in the Pattern89 Data Co-op showed that return on ad spend for social ads with emojis was 8.81 for Facebook and 7.80 for Instagram. Posts without emojis performed worse, with ROAS at 6.96 for Facebook and 5.66 for Instagram.

With numbers like these, business owners should be giving emojis a chance. Any social media post accompanied by a visual, whether it be an image, video or an emoji, will perform better and should increase customer interaction. And with the holidays fast approaching, the emoji could be the boost retailers need for more effective marketing campaigns.

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Abigail Carpenter is Editorial Assistant of AQUA Magazine.