What’s new this month? New chemicals, a fitness spa and a cauldron-shaped hot tub, to name a few.

Natural Chemistry

Natural Chemistry's Instant Conditioner stabilizes chlorine from UV sunlight loss. An alternative to granular cyanuric acid, it begins protecting chlorine the instant it is added to the pool. Instant Conditioner is a salt with pool-friendly pH, so it will not damage pool surfaces or equipment. This product is ideal for outdoor aquatic facilities.
naturalchemistry.com | (800) 753-1233



SpaPure's Stain and Scale Preventer softens hard spa water and prevents staining and discoloration caused by metals in the water. The product not only prevents cloudy water due to elevated calcium levels, but it also removes fresh metal stains without scrubbing. Regular use of this concentrated product prevents scale from forming on spa surfaces and sensitive equipment.
spapureusa.com | (800) 333-0400



Leisure Concepts
Retailers can now place orders 24/7 with Leisure Concepts' online dealer ordering system. SKUs are listed by category, making it simple to click the desired product, enter the quantity and submit the order. All orders are confirmed within 24 hours with a phone call from a Leisure Concepts representative and then shipped directly from the company's facility.
leisureconcepts.com | (800) 469-2428



SeaKlear is re-introducing Chitosan Clarifier. This naturally based product uses chitosan, derived from shellfish, to clarify cloudy pool water while simultaneously improving filtration. It removes excess oils and lotions to reduce scum lines. SeaKlear Chitosan Clarifier can be used at the same time as shock in pool or hot tub water.
seaklear.com | (800) 753-1233



Cauldron Hot Tub
The Cauldron Hot Tub is a unique new hot tub concept that blends old-world charm with modern thinking. At first glance, it looks like a traditional cauldron suspended by chains over flames, but it's actually buried two feet underground, anchored to a concrete foundation. The heater, pipes, blower and filter are located on a nearby equipment pad — the flames below the tub are decorative and do not heat the tub. Measures 6 feet wide and seats up to eight people. Ideal for customers who want a dramatic, rustic focal point for the backyard.
cauldronhottub.com | (575) 421-0128



The ADA-compliant SAE-LR-42-300 is a pool lift with a 42-inch anchor setback and a 300-pound weight limit. Designed for in-ground anchoring, the pool lift features 360-degree rotation, wall clearance up to 26 inches and deck to water clearance up to 15 inches. An optional solar charging station can extend the life of the battery. Available in two designer colors and comes with a five-year warranty.
icaaquatics.com | (800) 737-5386



DuraChlor now offers an EPA-registered herbicide called Blast It that stops nutgrass from growing behind vinyl pool liners and other sensitive surfaces. Simply apply 7 pounds of Blast It for every 1,000 square-foot area before installing a liner. Ideal for both inground and aboveground liners, Blast It is formulated to sterilize nutgrass seeds before they can germinate and will not crack, soften or discolor vinyl liners.
durachlorpool.com | (800) 333-0400



ControlOMatic announces a new mobile app for its Pool Warden controllers and chlorine generators. The app provides all the functionality found on the PoolWarden desktop interface and acts as the interface for all ControlOMatic products, including the Pool Warden single- or dual-pool chemical controllers, which monitor and control pH, ORP, temperature and flow in swimming pools and spas.
controlomatic.cardtapp.com | (530) 205-4520



PDC Spas
Vitality series fitness spas are space-conscious, budget-friendly and available in 12- and 15-foot models with a 56-inch depth. Every fitness spa offers an exercise area and resistance current powered by three Synergy Pro jets. Standard features include a non-slip MotionMat, LED lighting, hydrotherapy seating, standing massage columns and a 35-year structural warranty.
pdcspas.com | (800) 451-1420



Spec Chem Direct
Spec Chem Direct's 30 Day Clear Blue Cubes is four products in one: clarifier, phosphate and metal remover and filter enhancer. One cube treats 30,000 gallons for 30 days and can be used with all filter types. Provides filtration enhancement down to 0.5 microns, removes stain-causing metals and undissolved particles. Environmentally safe and 100-percent biodegradable. Just drop in the pump basket and it dissolves within 24 hours.
specchem.net | (425) 443-0082