Children love to share their larger-than-life dreams: of ice cream cones the size of the moon, or unicorns and fairytale kingdoms. While adulthood tends to quiet this childlike sense of wonder, Maryellis Bunn decided to indulge those over-the-top ideas. That's how she and business partner Manish Vora fulfilled a childhood dream: A swimming pool full of sprinkles.

To clarify, this is a life size, 3-foot deep swimming pool filled entirely with sprinkles. Well, sprinkle substitutes. Vora told the New York Post a confection factory offered 8,000 pounds of real sprinkles for the project, but for sanitary reasons, she opted for 11,000 pounds of plastic sprinkles instead.

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The sprinkle pool is part of the Museum of Ice Cream, an exhibit that debuted in New York City last July and re-opened in Los Angeles, Calif., from April 22 to May 29. In addition to the sprinkle pool, the exhibit also features ice cream-inspired art installations, samples from local ice cream makers and a glycoprotein pill that makes sour things taste sweet and sweet things taste sour.

Even with a taste bud-tricking pill, nothing can be sweeter than five-and-a-half tons of sprinkles to swim in, even if they're made of plastic.

Kathryn Howard is Assistant Editor of AQUA Magazine.