Looking for new products? Look no further. Here we have a leak detector, a drowning alarm system and a spa cover/day bed, to name a few.



Natural Chemistry
Cleanse Weekly is a concentrated blend of naturally-based enzymes and phosphate removers that breaks down non-living, organic contaminants such as body oils, cosmetics, suntan lotions, hair products and more to reduce scum lines and provide clear, sparkling water. Cleanse Weekly works as a continuous cartridge filter cleaner; as the name suggests, this product is designed to be added weekly to spa water.
naturalchemistry.com | (800) 753-1233



Salt Support System
Cell Cleaner is a simple-to-use dry product that dissolves minerals built up on the cell plates of salt chlorine generators, loosens and removes calcium and magnesium deposits on salt cells. Simply add Cell Cleaner to water and let it soak cells for 20 to 30 minutes. Ideal for service professionals and convenient for consumers, Cell Cleaner is available in 1-lb. bags.
saltsupportusa.com | (800) 333-0400



Core Covers
The Vertex Daybed by Core Covers is both a spa cover and a daybed. This dual-purpose product is constructed with drop-stitch fabric to prevent water absorption and features hundreds of threads per square inch to make the cover incredibly strong.
corecovers.com | (855) 763-7450



Inter-Fab's In-Spa table is a 30-inch round table mounted on a 6-inch bronze anchor. It can be easily removed without tools, works in multiple water depths and assembles in minutes. The In-Spa table can also be retrofitted into a one-and-a-half-inch diameter umbrella anchor using Inter-Fab's proprietary Adapter. Available in 11 colors.
inter-fab.com | (800) 737-5386



A computer vision-based drowning detection system, the Manta uses cameras and artificial intelligence to detect drowning. Once detected, the Manta sounds an alarm and sends alerts to the homeowner's mobile devices. Manta is solar powered and works 24/7.



Thursday Pools
Thursday Pools proudly announces the innovative Lucky 7 Skimmer. Specifically designed for fiberglass pools, the built-in seven-degree angle makes extra extension collars obsolete. It's easy to install, improves skimming function and allows for optimal water levels. The wide mounting plate also provides a polished look. Compatible with most fiberglass pools.
thursdaypools.com | (877) 929-POOL



The VILO pinpoints vinyl liner leaks by sending a small electrical charge throughout the pool, allowing the user to find the leak wherever the charge goes to ground. False positives (from equipment like skimmer screws or lights) are ruled out by a pool scope. The VILO LeakTronics LT1000 Amplifier powers the receiver, and the transmitter requires four AA batteries.
leaktronics.com | (818) 436-2953